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  1. Love it, though its already overshadowed by Zero and Kiwami already, to me. I just can't wait for more. Hope 5 sells well...
  2. The only problem I have, is that the logo I saw a while ago, was really lame looking, to the point of looking fan-made. Other than that, optimistic as usual.
  3. Yakuza Dead Souls. I like it, but not many agree with me. Deadly P. and the Dead Island series, as well. Resident Evil 5, since it was an okay game, by Resident Evil standards.
  4. Probably wanted to send her to Cool eg.
  5. This choice depends solely on what you like to play more. Stealth, fultoning fuel and animals, being able to non-lethaly take down enemy soldiers, base/resource management, interesting conclusion to the MGS franchise? MGS5 is for you (unless you're just jumping into the series, then I highly suggest playing the others first, as it ties them all in, including MG 1&2 and MGS4.) 3 main characters/intertwining story arcs, heists, suburban open world , and flyable planes? GTA V is for you. Apocalypse setting, like Fallout, like the looting system, and being able to switch perspectives? Fallout 4 is for you.
  6. Even if its short, as long as its good, its fine. I'd rather a good, short game, to a long, ok game.
  7. I didn't have a bad time, I stayed Determined.
  8. This review is about a game from the past that holds up today, Sly Cooper 3: Honor Among Thieves for the PS2. Despite being a PS2 game, it's still a good game by today's standards. Sly 3 reminds me of when games were about having fun and laughs. Things I like the most about Sly 3: Having 3 playable main characters, each having their own playstyle (stealth, brawn, and brains) and a different special character that can be used in each area. Comical writing and effects. Being able to drive RC cars, fly planes, sailing in a pirate ship, and insulting guards' mothers with a camera that gets around with a grapple hook. Graphics: The graphics improved from Sly 2 and they still hold up today, despite being a PS2 game. The art style is very cartoony/comic book like. Even beating up enemies, cause them to have visible sound effects. Music/Sound: Characters are full of personality and are voiced by voice actors that bring their characters to life. Extras and guards have enough personality, that immerse you in their world. You can hear footprints and noises easily, which is good for a stealth game. All of the soundtracks fit the area you're in, giving the world life and personality. The music also changes if you alerted the guards. Cinematics: The cinematics are different from most games. Each area usually starts and ends with a cutscene that resembles a comic book. They are very stylized, making it seem like you are reading a comic book that is coming to life. While you are on missions, you are also treated to in-engine cutscenes like most games and binocular cutscenes, which are similar to codec calls from MGS. Sometimes, when you complete missions and before the final mission of the area, Bentley, the brains of the group, narrates a slideshow, showing what to do next, as if you are taking part in the heist yourself. Story: Writing in the Sly games have always been great and Sly 3 is no exception. Sly 3 is about Sly Cooper, a master raccoon thief with ancestors from around the world. Unlike most thieves, Sly and the Cooper Gang only steals from other thieves, refusing to steal from anyone else, believing anyone other than thieves to be too low of a challenge. Dr. M, a mysterious primate, is trying to break into Sly's family vault and turned Kaine Island into a near-impenetrable fortress. Sly, wanting to open his family's vault, travels across the world to enlist the help of other thieves to break into Kaine Island. Content: Sly 3 has a lot more content than Sly 2. Before you can start the first true chapter, you will have to practice your basic mechanics in a training room, called the Hazard Room. You can go back to it, to practice your moves, whenever you want. A majority of the game is spent as Sly sneaking around taking reconnaissance photos and stealing items to prepare for the final mission of each area. When things get tough, another character can be used to do things Sly cannot do by himself. Near the end of each area has unique boss battles that can be beaten using specific tactics. This Sly game is the first to have local 2-player multiplayer. When the game is finished, there are also challenge missions to beat. Controls: Controls in the Sly games have always been easy to perform. You can run to get to areas faster, but running makes noise, alerting guards to your presence. Most of the platforming consists of jumping and hitting the circle button, making it friendly for new players. Takedowns and pickpocketing are still easy to pull off, though the button commands are different from Sly 2. Gameplay: The gameplay is fluid and never seems slow or clunky. Unaware guards are easy to defeat, however alert guards take more hits and chase you around. As Sly, you can stealthily pickpocket coins and treasures from guards. He can also climb and walk across ropes. Bentley can use his wheelchair to attack and fly around and gadgets, such as bombs and sleep darts. The Murray can pick up guards, throw them, body slam, and can deal more damage than the others. Each area is open and you can use which character to explore the area, but jobs are character specific. Coins can be used to purchase upgrades for each character, giving you access to more attacks, abilities, and ways to explore the world. Conclusion: Sly Cooper 3: Honor Among Thieves is one of my favorite games of all-time. The stealth-platformer is fun to play and there is a lot of stuff to do in it. It still runs well and nothing seems outdated. All of the characters make you root for them, laugh with them, and hope for things to get better when things go wrong. Pros: Funny charactersGood writing/storyFitting musicComical effectsNon repetitive gameplayOpen worldGood stealthEasy to jump in to the seriesUnique art designPunsCons: Only one difficulty (For some)Hazard Room gets a little sparse later onIt ends If I had to give this a rating, I would give it a 10/10.
  9. Digi-Joe.
  10. Welcome to the AJSA. Hope you make a ton of puns. A skele-ton.
  11. I'd say my favorite recent Platinum is The Binding of Issac: Rebirth. The only way you're getting it, is through luck, dying, retrying, and tons of rerolling. It's basically Dark Souls. I almost platinumed Demon's Souls, but I need to find that one rare sharp stone thingy. It's drop rate is 0.01%. If I had to say most rewarding plats, they'd be: MGS 2 and 3 (Vita and PS3 (as soon as I find the disk, somewhere)), Payday 2 (took forever to grind to 100 and get everything, with uncooperative coop), Yakuza Dead Souls (I like zombie games, Dead Souls mode has zombies with no knockback and if you have too many zombies when they knock you down and they will, you will be stuck in an endless stompfest until you die), and the Sly trilogy (they introduced me into the stealth genre and helped me master my sneakiness in both games and real life).
  12. I had a tough time choosing my title, but this fits me the most.
  13. Just wondering, is it Joe's first video or his first video with Angry Review in it?
  14. I don't think anything could be worse than the movie known as Storage 24... XD
  15. Add AJSA in the message, so I know who's sending me a request. PSN ID: Monstercar29