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  1. Hey there guys. I'm back with a new Episode. People seemed to like the Previous Episode and I appreciate the support given . For those who don't know about the series, this is a series where I tell you about a Mortal Kombat character's Origins,Powers and some Trivia. This Episode's character is none other than the champion of Mortal kombat Liu kang. Leave suggestions and ideas down below and also which Character should I do next?
  2. Haha same here, he is awesome
  3. Yeah Kung Lao is good hopefully that he will come back , Because I like him too
  4. Hey there guys. I really enjoyed making and sharing the last video which was Mortal kombat x Quan chi breakdown. So I decided to make more and I'll probably keep doing them because they are fun to make and I enjoy sharing my opinions and discussing them with other people Today I think there is a possible hint for Kung lao aswell as kenshi Tell me what you guys think about it
  5. Hey guys I made a kind of fun breakdown for the trailer of Quan chi if you have the time check it out I would appreciate any feedback you guys have
  6. NO! it seems this is the best reaction
  7. I Personally would not get it just because I have been saving only for the game I'm planning to get the game. Looks awesome tho
  8. Lol, I couldn't hold myself from laughing at him even after it ending I kept laughing
  9. I know this is a gaming forums but here is a funny video that is not related to gaming it's a prank call that I did hope you guys enjoy and give some feedback http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1-BSfNTsgec
  10. Yeah it is overrated but so is alot of things people will say something is good if it holds something valuable for them gta has been with us through years and we had alot of good memorys with it that's not to say it's bad it's a good game just overrated
  11. This is just BS this will comeback on youtube and it will comeback very bad for youtube it will bad.
  12. No you are not alone my friend It has bugs but that was not the sticking point for me because every game has bugs
  13. The game was a great stealth game it felt original but the story was not all that great I'm hoping they would improve on that and also maybe make it an open world game it would be fun jumping at people from buildings in freeroam.
  14. Nice review. and it's not late it's called a retrospective review and I agree this game wasn't so great and after you play it once you wouldn't want to play it again at all.
  15. If you think about it he would actually make a good public speaker ranting for half an hour and making everybody laugh.