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  1. I currently have Raptr which i used to find very cool, but i haven't used it in quite awhile. When i tried to set it back up, I have to verify my PSN id once again, and it won't work. Ive tried everything to see my current games and trophies but to no avail, so my question is: Does anyone know of a good social networking site for gamers that you can easily sync your PSN ID to in order to see you games and trophies? Thanks!
  2. You guys hear this fucking shit? http://www.ibtimes.com/heists-coming-gta-5-next-gen-rockstar-release-new-info-1718577
  3. I am kind of feeling the same way about the heists. I don't even care anymore, and pretty well lost interest. The game has been out since October 2013 and ever since then Rockstar has been hinting at heists. I am sick of reading that "it's coming soon". I haven't even played the game at all since February. I don't know. I have been anticipated new content for so long that now I don't care.
  4. I was looking forward to Star Wars 1313, but since LucasArts is done, and the game is now scrapped, the only game that I have on my radar is WatchDogs. It looks like an original concept for a sandbox game, and has caught my eye since I saw the first footage of it. Not sure what else is even coming out that I am excited for, and I am also curious about the PS4 titles this year. I am wondering if there will be any games that will actually get me to actually purchase one
  5. I have actually fixed this issue, so if anyone is actually having the same problem, listen up! All I did is from the main PS3 screen I went to games and then my save file, and deleted the last couple of saved missions, so when the game loads back (Story Mode) up it loads the next previous one which has Trevor. Meaning if you want to go back to load a certain part in your story mode, just delete all the previous saved files before the one you want. Hope that helps your gameplay, for now.
  6. Just recently I have wanted to go back into the game, and load up an earlier point in the game so I can replay the last heist and keep Trevor. Problem is that when the game loads, it loads forever! Even if I actually start the game over from scratch, it just loads and loads. I have read online, players have been having this problem as early as last week, since the latest update. Have any of you had this problem, or know any information if Rockstar is planning to fix it?
  7. I have noticed this lately, and not sure if it is me or not but when I actually find a sweet ass car like a Lamburgini I cannot save it in my garage or go to the custom shop to respray it. When I do either I get a notice saying that the car is too hot and cannot be changed or saved. How can I possibly save this car and keep it without paying for it?
  8. I love Christmas too, but I do agree it is so damn commercial. Every store, and mall is begging you to buy stuff, and everyone talks about what to buy others. It is always about money which destroys the season for me. The part of Christmas that I enjoy the most is just sitting at home with my wife cooking a meal together, and relaxing with some Christmas movies, or old specials. I hate visiting family because they also bitch and complain, and cause Drama which I cannot stand during the holidays.
  9. Speaking of job joining, what has been actually pissing me off lately is I will join a game, or job and almost immediately I get kicked out! Do people actually vote you out? If people just want to do a game with their friends why don't they just do a private session and invite them? It kinda sucks that I get voted out just because I'm not friends with someone.
  10. By "game days" I mean making an entire day or weekend dedicated to gaming. I'm talking pillows and blankets on the floor. Pop and chips, and the entire day you just barrel through some of your fav games. You guys ever do that? I love taking one entire weekend and playing a little Red Dead, then some GTA V, and of course some Star Wars and Marvel Pinball for good measure. Maybe order in that night?
  11. I was just in the mood tonight to restart Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare from the beginning and might do the same for RDR. You guys ever want to replay a game from the beginning, and just start fresh? Just curious? What games have you done it for, and want to?
  12. I'm not in a big hurry either. I have not seen anything other then possibly "Watch Dogs" that peaks my interest, but I think that will be available for PS3 anyhow. I am quite happy and content with my PS3, and I am really not thrilled with having to pay for online when I can play for free now on PS3. Once GTA VI, or Red Dead Redemption 2 is released on PS4, then yes I will have to buy it.
  13. Just wanted to bump up this topic. I'm curious about what other people's opinions are. I also wanted to add, I wish you could also have the ability to add a police scanner in your car, and listen to the cops all the time while driving as they are called for the "crimes" of other players online.
  14. I have been on a GTA V high all Christmas holiday and have been playing a TON of online games to rank up. Anyway, seems like everytime you hear people on their mics , they are all kids! Not the odd one, I mean like TONS of kids. Majority really. Anyone else notice this? I am only 36 years old, but damn I have never known so many kids being allowed to play a Mature rated game before.
  15. I was considering getting a PS Vita over the summer, but ended up getting a used PSP. I just wanted to try a portable gaming system again for the first time since my Sega Game Gear. I was surprised to find out its almost impossible to get memory cards for it. I ended up getting a 4GB one. It is also hard to find movies and games as well. Yeah, I should have researched it or just went for the newer model. I know the Vita has some apps like Facebook and Youtube which is neat. I don't know all the games, but wish I could play that Uncharted game for the Vita.