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    Alot of things.
  1. It's a fun game trust me it's worth it. i got it off a plus sale on psn awhile back. now i have to get a ps4 for the updated version
  2. Nintendo Doing Megaman More justice than capcom will ever do.
  3. Who saw the Nintendo Direct? i just saw it not to long ago and the hypest thing I saw was all the Megaman's together showing Nintendo cares more about Megaman that Capcom. What were your thoughts? Anything you like or hate?
  4. I am getting a PS4 Because of that alone
  5. Hey Everyone Check out My Man Trelior As he Takes on Startropics A Hard NES game that is very interesting. If you have any feedback about his videos leave a comment on his video. Thanks dooods!
  6. Gotta think about how to evolve it you only can do it once so it is rare
  7. A Wide Variety of games for everyone to check out : http://www.youtube.com/user/jay4gamers1 Also check out my group channel : http://www.youtube.com/user/SaveStateShow To keep some update on what's going on Check out my FB page : https://www.facebook.com/pages/Jay4gamers1/141228805979646?ref=hl
  8. My partner Group is holding a free online tournament for anyone to enter. If you want to enter please go here: http://anbufightclub.com/HeartofBattle http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KT4TWuzJNQ8&feature=youtu.be
  9. Anytime. I really love this game and i know alot of other people do to
  10. Also for any PS3 People there is a tournament going on that you can win 80$ just by signing up. http://anbufightclub.com/HeartofBattle
  11. Wow never knew anyone wanted left for dead so bad that they crashed the system and they had to shut down steam
  12. Recently Sony's patch messed up having pad's and Sticks work for this game now they fixed it and added a few new things to where they can act a lot better. Now from a glittery start to a flowing move the game works! update your ps3 if you haven't yet and re-enjoy capcom vs snk 2!
  13. yea it just sounded weird doing that...better than capcom's SFXT ordeal though
  14. Patents is a virtue
  15. Never give up i say that you need to get back into it and try to get farther hell i'm going to redo my file on Xcom since i've pretty much screwed it up but i learned from my last mistakes and i'm going to improve on it. Thank you for liking the topic to :3 im glad i have others that understand the pain of loss in this game T.T many losses to