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    Music and gaming.
  1. Vampire The Masquerade: Bloodlines
  2. Name in GW2: Frost.7425 Characters name: Matt Shadows, Selene Angelus & Agalloch Race: Human & Sylvari Class fav. Thief Server: Underworld (EU) I would like to go to server: I would like to keep my character an stay in Underworld I like WvW the most.
  3. Zhong Kui ultimate is annyoing... Ah Muzen Cab, Mercury... and ofc Loki... Loki annoys the crap out of me >< *Vanish!* > backstab > *VANISH* ...
  4. I'm playing APB since the closed beta and its getting worse and worse I have a major lag every time I encounter an enemy.. I really like the game but I think I'll quit soon...
  5. I like Smite better, I think it requires more skill than LoL if you play ranged etc. And with the Third Person perspective you can have a strategic team fight unlike in LoL everyone basically spamming skills and no one have an idea where he is.... idk maybe I'm wrong about LoL because I didn't played that much with high levels but that's my opinion... Smite made me like mobas just like jrfromny above me said. The only thing I find bad in smite is the lack of gods (for now) and some of them are broken / OP in the first week after their release. After all smite is still in Beta.
  6. I lost my saves from DA:O and DA2 and fortunately they making this Dragon Age Keep thing that allows you to create previous saves based on what you choose so you don't have to play the previous games
  7. Skyrim or World of Darkness universe
  8. Video games? no... Lags? Hell yeah!
  9. Brutal Legend imo
  10. Hi guys I'm new to AJSA and I wanted to know if there's a Angry Army guild in GW2? Anyway, I'm looking for an active guild and people to play with. My homeworld is Underworld..
  11. Feel free to add me. Frost.7425 )
  12. Co-op would be nice but it would take away the all "lone survival" thing... Vehicles, larger maps, larger variety of mutated monsters and a proper shooting mechanic.