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    Video games, comic books, pro wrestling, music(mostly metal and rap), and making terrible jokes.
  1. I've meant to play the Sly Cooper series for a while but haven't gotten around to it. I have played a bit and seen some playthroughs on youtube, so judging from what I do know about the series this looks pretty good. I like how the characters look and the voice acting seems good. Sly Cooper isn't what comes to my mind when thinking of games to be made into movies, but when thinking about it, it is a solid idea for a kids movie and I enjoyed the trailer. Hopefully, it turns out good.
  2. My most recent one was when I started playing hearthstone. I was practicing with the basic druid deck, was gonna play a starfire and decided against it, clicked on my hero thinking that would send it back to my hand and took the 5 damage straight to the face. Not my finest moment.
  3. I had an immense amount of fun with vanilla Skyrim, it was pretty much the only thing I played on my 360 for a couple months until I'd logged over 200 hours on it. I found the world immense, beautiful and fun to explore and found the gameplay simplistic but fun and the different weapons and magic allowed for enough variety to make me want to play through it more than once which is a rare thing. I'm generally a one playthrough and done kind of guy, but knowing there were sidequests and stuff that I missed had me wanting to play it more. Best RPG ever? Probably not. There are RPGs I hold more dearly than Skyrim, but when it comes to sheer amount of playtime, I've never put more hours into a game and that does earn it a place as one of my personal favorites. Even now, having not played Skyrim for quite a while and now having it on pc, I'm planning to mod the hell out of it and give it another playthrough.
  4. I don't necessarily agree with all of Todd's list or that 2013 was the worst year for music, but it's his list and not mine. I despise most pop music anyway, I'm more of a metal & rap guy. Anyway, it was an entertaining vid as usual. Despite not liking pop music, Todd is one of my favorites on TGWTG. I always look forward to his stuff.
  5. I do not care for 8 at all. It's just a pain in the neck to use. 7 is a better PC OS in just about every way.
  6. stare at the
  7. That was pretty funny. From this and Table Flip and Steam Rolled, Barry seems like a pretty cool dude. I like the rest of the grump crew as well. Arin doesn't strike me as a "pretentious hipster douche bag", just someone who has different tastes than I in certain aspects. I don't always agree with what he says but I don't take it as anything more than a difference of opinion. He seems like a nice guy to me but If you wanna hate him, well I guess you're free to do so. Anyway, Hot Pepper reviews are pretty entertaining but I'm not subscribed to them at the moment, so thanks for posting the video op.
  8. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cLyxmD_UAK4
  9. Double Dragon 2: Wander of the Dragons on the Xbox 360. Double Dragon Neon was an amazing beat em up, the best side-scrolling beat em up I've played in years. So, it looked like Double Dragon was primed for a comeback, right? It might have been, but then this disaster hits xbox live and ruins everything. Wander of the dragons is an awful, awful game that should never have been released.
  10. So, I totally win this, right guys and gals? Wait, don't answer that. Here's a gif of a dancing kitty that's totally not meant to distract you so that you don't post.
  11. As others have said, the story is the best thing about the game. In my opinion, Infinite has the best story of any bioshock game and the gameplay isn't nearly as bad as some people say. I found the gameplay to be sufficiently enjoyable whilst delivering a fantastic story. The story is separate from the other bioshock games so you don't have to worry about that. The other bioshocks are good though, so if you do get infinite and like it then i'd recommend checking those out. I rate Infinite as my Game of the year runner-up. I loved the game, so If you ask me, you should definitely get it.