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  1. EpicALLv01 liked a post in a topic by IDSpike in Is the Ultimate God Pack worth the money?   
    It depends who you are.
    If you don't play a whole lot and wanna just have full access so that you can jump into a smite game here and there without being limited on what gods to choose from, then yeah it's probably worth it.
    Personally, I don't mind not having access to certain gods and see unlocking them as a reward for earning favour and would rather spend any actual money on the god skins you can't buy with favour.
    That's my take on it, anyway. Hope it was somewhat helpful.
  2. IDSpike liked a post in a topic by Andelion_K in Is The New Tomb Raider A Different Game?   
    I have to admit that I've never actually played the old Tomb Raider games.. It's sad, I know.
    Anyway, I bought the reboot during the Summer Sale and I really enjoyed it! 
    Yes.. and no. 
    I understand the Uncharted angle, as the game does throw some scences into your face which are very Indiana Jones-like, but unlike Uncharted, in Tomb Raider you actually don't feel like you're an immortal superhuman being while thoses scences are happening. The devs did a very good job in making you feel like you HAVE to do this right or else Lara will die in gruesome, terrible ways.

    I completed the game in about 15 hours, and the only real complaint I have is that at the start of the game, Lara shoots someone and she's all like

    Aaaand the game then proceeds to turn her into Agent 47 in the very next part of the level and she doesn't give a fuck. Then again, I feel like Far Cry 3 had the same kind of problem. 
    All in all, well worth the purchase!
  3. IDSpike liked a post in a topic by Twisted Chi in Is The New Tomb Raider A Different Game?   
    I really really enjoyed the new Tomb Raider. It hasn't much in common with the older ones (I only played 1 and 2). The controls are way better, I liked the story (appart from some strange choices in story telling) and the graphics are really great. There isn't much real "Tomb raiding" though. Most of the time it is good platforming and shooting which also works good but also has its falws storywise
  4. IDSpike liked a post in a topic by Twisted Chi in Was 2013 the year with the worst games.   
    There is no "worst" year. Every year has had very bad and very good games. While I agree that many games are rushed out way too fast there have been and always will be good games. The "problem" is that due to the internet and masshype the bad potatoes of the stash are way more known then back in the 80s f.e.
  5. IDSpike liked a post in a topic by Sigma081 in Epic Cartoon themes   
    There will never be another X-Men theme this god-like:

  6. IDSpike liked a post in a topic by Nytefury in Why is Joe full of it? CAPCOM bribes him, fyi.   
    Ok, so I am going to go through what you have said, and completely rip it apart.
    You claim Joe has been bribed yet offer absolutely no proof, you claim to be a Capcom ex employee but have provided no evidence of that either. You haven't written anything that would make anyone here think you have been employed in the games industry, ever. But let us put that aside. From what I have seen of Joe, I know of occasion's where if there is any appearance of bias he will stay completely away from it. One example that comes to mind was War of the Roses. The devs looked after Joe and several other reviewers by organising a bit of a tournament, and as mush as Joe appreciated what they did for him, he stayed away from reviewing it so as to not give the appearance of a biased review (which I think we all know Joe would have enough integrity not to give a biased score to mislead his fans).
    As far as the claims of metacritic go that is laughable, many of us don't even like metacritic because of the way it gives "weighted scores". In addition, no one at any time, in any officer or non officer position has asked anyone else to go to a review site and give a certain score. I would think if there was some conspiracy to up-vote or down-vote something on any site like metacritic, I and my fellow officers would have heard about it... Whoever is reading this post right now, no matter who they are, has never been asked to vote anyway for Joe or the AJSA. So essentially you have put forth a conspiracy so secret, that absolutely no one knows about it....
    Claims that Joe rips off his reviews from IGN scraps is laughable. You know you are writing to people who can actually think for themselves, and won't blindly think "Oh this random guy who says who lies about working for Capcom, says Joe uses IGN scraps, so it must be true!" What on God's green earth makes you think a passionate and creative gamer like Joe takes his cues from IGN....
    Everything you have written here is baseless not only because you have not provided any evidence, but because I am in a position to know better, and I think everyone can see through your lies pretty easily. Finally, let's take a look at DMC on Metacritic, since that is the example you have used. Joe gave it a 7, which is lower than every single critic review (lowest was 7.8, IGN gave it 8.9). The average user rating was 6.5, so Joe was off by half a point (and considering Joe generally doesn't use decimal ratings, he was on the money), and you call him a sell out? I am so sorry the rest of the world doesn't think the game deserves the rating you think it should get....
    Since you have decided to be slanderous to Joe and the AJSA, insulting to those who have been open minded enough to say "ok, we hear what you are saying, show us the proof", with which you responded between insults "I am an ex Capcom employee" (again with no proof, as no one has ever misrepresented themselves on the net ever....) you have been rewarded with a parmaban for your hard work, and we hope you enjoyed your stay with us in the AJSA.
  7. IDSpike liked a post in a topic by Twisted Chi in What are you listening to right now or play the f***ing guitar?   
    I'm done with Gangnam Style but this fits somehow... Reddit did this to me
  8. IDSpike liked a post in a topic by Lhotse5 in Borderlands 1&2 favorite character   
    For my character, I've always played Gaige The Mechromancer

    As for NPC's, I always like Tiny Tina.

  9. IDSpike liked a post in a topic by Sigma081 in What is your favorite Anime Intro?   
    I always thought the .hack opening was pretty cool.

  10. Sgt. James Hetfield liked a post in a topic by IDSpike in What are you listening to right now or play the f***ing guitar?   
    This probably the best christmas song ever made. Just saying.

  11. Nya` liked a post in a topic by IDSpike in The next three Avatar films to be made in New Zealand.   
    I'm highly unsure of this. It could go either way. Maybe because they're planning so far ahead, they're able to craft a good series of movies worth watching with good continuity. On the other hand, it could very well turn out to be just another milked franchise.
    I liked Avatar, I thought it was a solid, fun Sci-Fi movie that did what it wanted to in a competent way. I don't really think it needs a sequel but I'll reserve judgment until we see how it turns out.
    If you don't like Avatar, that's fine, but I don't think the "Avatar is Pocahontas" thing people who dislike the movie throw around is a very valid criticism unless you hated Pocahontas too. 
    Media is iterative, almost every movie made draws inspiration or ideas from something done before. Every musician draws inspiration and influence from what they listened to. Every video game builds upon what came before it.
    Was Avatar an original concept? No, it wasn't. But you don't see people yelling "Dawn of the Dead did it first!" or something stupid like that every time a popular zombie movie comes out. 
  12. IDSpike liked a post in a topic by Nya` in The next three Avatar films to be made in New Zealand.   
    I for one am glad he is going forward with this franchise, he's got nearly 20 years tied up into it and I absolutely loved the first movie and can't wait to see where it goes.
    P.S. The story base behind Avatar is one which has been told a thousand different ways, this was just a new way to experience it. That doesn't make it a bad story, it's a great story that is older than cinema itself, he just wanted to tell it his own way, I personally think it was the coolest one yet.
  13. Frozen_arow liked a post in a topic by IDSpike in Anybody fan's of WWE :D   
    I do like Sandow and agree he deserves a push. I was so very disappointed when he lost his money in the bank title shot in a terrible way. 
    With the Divas, they could definitely be better, but they're getting there. AJ is awesome and they've got some really talented women in NXT. I don't like the Bellas, I personally find them rather annoying but I'll give them credit for at least trying to get better. 
    So, yes the Divas division needs work but the future at least seems hopeful.
  14. IDSpike liked a post in a topic by Divergence in A 'Merry Christmas!' Theory   
    I don't care anyway a holiday well wish is expressed to me. Overall its just a person wishing you well during whatever "celebrating" event it may be for and I don't consider it a bad thing regardless of religion or faith. I can always use a good word from another so im fine with it.
    Seeing as that's my view I don't really understand why people take offence by it... Its like saying "Good Morning" or what have you. A pleasantry to suit the season.
    I think there are far better things to gripe about than whether someone says "Merry Christmas" or not.
  15. IDSpike liked a post in a topic by Legolas_Katarn in Youtube becoming more Anti-User   
    Enjoyed Jim's video on it
  16. IDSpike liked a post in a topic by Lord Baldur in Youtube needs to be taken down a peg   
    I 100% disagree. with you, sir. Silence is consent for these people and time and time again, complaining and protesting is what prevented a lot of shit things to occurr. Everyone on Youtube should Vlog. Everyone here. Everyone should like and promote videos that explain it. Everyone should post in the forums, go into the chatrooms, discuss this with friends, do something. Hell even the gaming companies think this is a load of shit. Whether this is a lazy-ass bug or people making copyright claims to property they do not own, we can have a voice. The last thing we should do is nothing. Evil occurrs when good men do nothing.
  17. Nasty Note liked a post in a topic by IDSpike in Youtube becoming more Anti-User   
    Which goes to show how misguided and out of touch they are.
    They don't realize that these videos do far more good than harm. If you're game is good and people see that because of a favorite youtuber, they end up buying it when they otherwise may not have. Even if the game is bad, if a youtuber covers it, there will be people who will buy it out of morbid curiosity just to see how bad it really is.
    It's just really disappointing that these big companies are making youtubers the enemy rather than realizing the benefits they provide.
  18. IDSpike liked a post in a topic by Frozen_arow in Games That You Want or Want to get developed   
    I would love for bioware to either reboot the Jade Empire or Knights of the old Republic series, ( I don't count the MMO). As for games that im looking forward to I really want to get Destiny. 
  19. Sigma081 liked a post in a topic by IDSpike in Youtube becoming more Anti-User   
    I Don't understand how these companies can think it's a good idea to basically say "Yes, we want you to put time and effort into a video to advertise our game for free to your fanbase but you don't deserve to get paid for it.". That's absolutely ridiculous, it's not like the money they're getting paid is coming out of these companies pockets. The greed is just so infuriating.
    It's FREE advertising to potentially millions of people, why try to stop it? 

  20. IDSpike liked a post in a topic by Twisted Chi in Do you think that the wii u sales will increase once they release super smash bros, mario kart 8 and bayonetta 2?   
    What Nintendo really needs to do is get a new IP. They just release game after game of the same frachises,which are always great and I love them, but still they need something new and shiny
  21. IDSpike liked a post in a topic by Twisted Chi in What are you listening to right now or play the f***ing guitar?   
  22. IDSpike liked a post in a topic by Landslide in Ohh damm we turning member's !   
    You know shit got serious when Chuck Norris gives you a thumbs up!!   
  23. IDSpike liked a post in a topic by islelyre in Mass Effect Next teaser pictures!   
    if thats all you think they can do in a universe like this then wow
    Sometimes I think people shit on the ME3 ending not because it bothered them but because everyone else was up in arms about it. There are endless opportunities to start from in the next Mass Effect and even if it was just another man out to save the galaxy I'd at least give it a shot.
  24. IDSpike liked a post in a topic by Berserker in Mass Effect Next teaser pictures!   
    You think that was what the first 3 games was about? 'Cause Shepard killed humans too.
    Sarcasm and ME3s ending aside, hows about we wait until the reveal before we pass judgment? Be fair, Mass Effect 3 was a phenomenal game right until the ending, I see no reason why Bioware couldn't pull off another fantastic game in that universe.
  25. IDSpike liked a post in a topic by Divergence in Christmas is coming!!   
    I may sound odd to a lot of folks but I really enjoy giving gifts to others.
    Granted they aren't expensive or anything, im far from rich, but I tend to buy my co workers gifts every year and I just enjoy doing it. Since my work history began its just something I have done. So I do look forward to that.
    Oh, and as opposed to Christmases past. I was actually good this year and didn't give or tell my mother what her gift was. She really is like a kid around the holidays and im a pushover so I very rarely can hold myself back from giving in.