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  1. oh i got what you said, just rememberd that one random dude that came to watch my stream said that and left, was kinda funny imo
  2. hello kitty island adventure. Trust me, that shit is scary
  3. To quote a dude who visited my stream once: "How lifeless do you have to be to watch someone play a game" Still tho, i enjoy my streams from time to time
  4. For those who want to change their crosshair and find it hard to find the right commands here is a handy tool for you http://www.krisskarbo.com/csgocrosshair/#alpha=200/color=5/color_b=192/color_r=193/color_g=114/dot=0/gap=0/size=5/style=2/usealpha=1/thickness=0.5/outline=0/outline_draw=0
  5. Sorry guys, havnt been active due to family reasons. Will get in touch with yall soon
  6. Both a movie and a game tell a story in a totally differnt way. Its like saying who is better at eating, a panda or a koala. They both eat, and they have a special diet so you cant compare those two imo
  7. as long as they dont put awsome stuff in the trailers that isnt actually in the game, i can forgive them
  8. Cause on communities you get freshly baked skittles and nice warm cola. Plus it gives you a warm and fuzzy feeling inside when you shitpost the forums
  9. Pc gaming has its flaws. Honestly more times i got pissed off at the pc when i wanted to play a game ( for example try playing oblivion on a pc with 2 screens, wont work ) then when i was playing on console. Doesnt mean consoles are better tho, no infact we all know consoles are not even worthy of standing in the light of our glorious pc master race light. But you get the point
  10. its splinter cell without guns during the dark ages
  11. You should, i own, all 12 books the 6 by herbert and the 6 by his son