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  1. It's even worse that we have to download that...
  2. Since when did sonic become a falling simulator..
  3. Welcome, very informative you are..lol
  4. Welcome! I'm trying to get into Dota 2 soon, maybe we can hang there. Steam name is White at the moment.
  5. Thank you for listing these sites ... shadow of mordor for $21...I was just about to get it when it was on sale for $40. Good thing I waited.
  6. Yeah I am kinda that I will have some time to catch up on some other games before this game releases.
  7. Welcome aboard. Feel free to hit me up for a chat. I joined this forum a while back and just got way too busy to have any free time. Been getting back to gaming again slowly (used to game a LOT back in high school) and I am dying to go social gaming this time around.
  8. Just get the standard edition of the games, no?
  9. This might be the push I need to get this game
  10. Depends on what you have a budget for, what you wanna do, and where most of your friends will be playing. Me personally, I went PC instead of ps4/x1 even though my friends were on ps4. I made this choice because I want to do IT as a career and figured the best way to learn is to work with my own PC. This really helped me get a push into beginning my studies. So consider all the factors first. Like most people have already said before me, PC does cost a little more, but the games are a lot cheaper thanks to sales. However there will be issues that come up with your PC and a game you get. If you will have the patience to deal with those issues then go with PC. If you don't consoles it is, at least you'll get to play with your buddies. You don't wanna miss out on them.
  11. I already got my free xbox one from a company christmas party which I exchanged for a ps4, so I'm happy. Wouldn't mind new boots or shoes, but I'm not too excited about wearing new things to work (very dirty and hazardous to clothing) Oh and I also want world peace and no more hunger for anyone!
  12. wondering this myself Have been having the mmo itch, I know I won't have too much time to play them so that'll probably be a huge factor in deciding on one for me.
  13. Dragon Quest 8 I'm still praying for a DQ similiar to it on main consoles with awesomer graphics and onlineless
  14. It must be a lot healthier for you. He can still pc game with the controller