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  1. 2 was my favorite as well. However, 3 definitely had interrupts. The main one I can think of involves taking out a certain breakdancing ninja on a certain base. Side note...even though 2 was definitely the best with character building, it did suck that everyone's (not actually everyone's) loyalty involved Daddy/Mommy issues. But still, they were well written enough to make it tolerable. But hey...at least they're just ripping off Farscape with Andromeda.
  2. At least with a XIII remaster, the amount of resources required would be rather low. I imagine that XII's remaster is definitely going to take a larger team. XIII would really just be bumping up the graphics a little (like The Last of Us: Remastered). It would, hopefully, not get in the way of other projects. Besides...I just want Square to hurry the hell up with KH3...and fucking make Agni's Philosophy into a full game. That world seemed really interesting (and it would, you know, be it's own thing, unlike Vers...ahem... FFXV)
  3. The Old Republic is technically free. I also personally liked Star Trek Online, though it was rather repetitive. There was also a pretty cool Fantasy MMO called Karos Online. Additionally, Perfect World is gorgeous and has an amazing character customization setup.
  4. The fact that nothing Persona related is here disturbs me greatly. I figured this was going to be the case, but it's still disappointing.
  5. I agree about that. Dragon Age:Origins would have been nearly impossible at times without the party control, even more so for Awakening.
  6. I am curious to know what people think in regards to direct control of party members in rpgs. Personally, i prefer having no party control over characters in games such as Persona and Mass Effect. I feel that it helps add to the feeling of the game being "your" story. I know that some prefer direct control over party members, often citing Persona 4 as a prime example. While party control makes the RPG more strategic, I just like the sense of individuality to one's character. One of the few exceptions for me is the Final Fantasy Series simply because it isn't "your" story so much as the ensemble's. Anyone have an opinion on this?
  7. The only Persona game that I have not played is Revelations:Persona (the first one). They are one of the quintessential JRPG, if not rpg series in general, out there. They have fantastic stories, characters, and soundtracks. The gameplay is top notch for the most part and they are willing to go into topics that many games do not. I highly recommend them! I would also recommend that you play Persona 3 prior to Persona 4. From what other people have said, it is hard to go from 4 to 3 in terms of gameplay. Personally, I see no issue with the transition. However, 3 is my favorite so I am somewhat biased.
  8. Whenever I play a game, at some point or another I think about what it would be like as a TV show or film. I was just curious what games people thought (If actually directed and written well) would be good for the small or big screen. Here are some of my personal picks: 1.) Persona 3: I think Persona 3 could actually make a decent TV show or mini series. Assuming that people would be willing to look past the fact that it revolves around teenagers, it could be a very dramatic show with occasional bits of humor (I imagine it as being somewhat like Firefly in terms of humor-drama balance, maybe a bit darker sometimes). If a production team could make a great balance of the day cycle and the dark hour, a show could be successful. Some of the more odd aspects, like Koromaru, would probably have to be cut out. I also imagine that the characters and story would have to be westernized. Additionally, adaptations of Persona 4 and Persona 4 Arena could come out afterwards. 2.) Lost Odyssey: I see this as a miniseries more than a show. I found the story of the game (which revolves around immortals) to be quite interesting. The show would be a drama, of course. The only issue I see with this would be that people don't seem to really get into fantasy adventures on the small screen. However, as a miniseries, it could possibly be appealing. 3.) Dragon Age: This would make a solid trilogy of films. While it would have a hard time shaking the appearance of being a GoT or Lotr copycat, the story would be able to hold up. I imagine that characters and storylines would have to be streamlined in order to make a more coherent and less time consuming story. For example, I imagine that Oghren would have to be cut out of the story because he isn't vital. Additionally, if they wished, there could then be a TV adaptation of Dragon Age 2. The story just wouldnt work as a film. 4.) The Darkness: A movie or miniseries. This would probably be very similar to the crow. Now, the crow is based on a comic book. However, I think that the story of the game would fit a live action adaptation very well. The character is sympathetic and the story is very good. Additionally, everyone gets their dose of violence because, let's face it, people like violence. I'd support a film adaptation of this...especially if they did it instead of a Crow reboot. 5.) Fable III: I know, i know. Fable 3 "sucked". Personally, while I was disappointed, I didnt think it was that bad. The story could actually work on film if it was modified. It could easily be a two parter kind of series. The first film would consist of your ascension to the throne. The second film could then, assuming they were willing to flip the story around a bit, consist of the segment of the plot in Aurora and then the fight against the Crawler. However, I think the main reason I want a Fable 3 adaptation is just to see an actor (Michael Fassbender, since he was Logan's voice actor) give the "this is my Albion" speech. So, what do you think. I know I didn't really give much support to each idea, but if there are any ideas you have feel free to suggest them.
  9. I'm going to go with the easy route and say The Last of Us and Bioshock Infinite. TLOU had a great story, graphics, voice acting and a fantastic soundtrack. However, I feel that Bioshock also had that as well as better gameplay. Personally, I just cannot decide.
  10. So far, I have tried WoW, Lord of the Rings online, Star Trek Online, The Old Republic, Karos Online, Perfect World, Runescape, Everquest, Wizard101 (I was bored and curious) and Pirates of the Caribbean online (See Wizard101). I've tried a few others as well that I just don't remember the names of. Of all of these MMORPGs, I would have to say that WoW is the best. With it's massive world and finely tuned gameplay, it is a more enjoyable experience. After WoW, I'd say a tie between STO, ToR, and Perfect World.
  11. The games I care about the most at the moment are Dragon Age: Inquisition and Persona 5. That is all I need to occupy 2014's end and 2015.
  12. When the Moon's Reaching The Stars kinda grew on me over time. I don't necessarily like it but I think it has a very "mall" feel, so to speak. It's weird but the music from both games, while sometimes annoying, is so catchy. I can agree with pretty much all of that, especially about 4 being the better game, at least in terms of upgrading what was already great about 3. In regards to 5, I really hope Sega doesn't do too much. Mainly, I just hope they localize it. I don't really know the details of Persona sales, but if they are anything like Valkyria Chronicles (Which I doubt), things could end up pretty bleak.
  13. Yeah, the wasting mp thing was definitely a problem. I think one of the main reasons that I didn't suffer that much was simply because I play P3P more than P3. It addressed a lot of those issues.
  14. Gameplay was definitely an improvement. I never really had the A.I trouble in 3 that some complained about. However, I also did most of my playthroughs on portable where the gameplay is more like 4.
  15. So, I was randomly reading some comments on a post related to Persona 5 and I was wondering how people in the AJSA felt about the Persona series. Namely, which game they prefer. Primarily, the debate is between Persona 3 and Persona 4 since they are the most recent. Personally, I prefer Persona 3. While the series in general is just plain fantastic, I have much more of a connection to 3. I discovered the game when I was in a very dark time. I had been very angry and melancholy, especially with regards to myself. However, Persona 3 introduced me to a dark atmosphere where I could find positives in my darkness. It gave me an uplift, even though it's plot was very dark. I've played through it about 5 times (Including a female playthrough on the PSP). I also played 4, and while I found it to be very good, it didn't match 3 quite as much after a while. It was great, but just not quite what I wanted. Additionally, feel free to talk about what you want in the next game. Personally, I am hoping for a darker plot like Persona 2 and 3. The red and black color scheme of the trailer and the shackles left me thinking it will be. I would also like for a more urban setting like with 2 and 3. What about you guys?