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  1. 7 Years later after making this account on this website I just want Joe and OJ to know I still love them and watch their content. I have spoken.
  2. Yes i have been playing this alot lately when i can! surprised theres no ajsa CS GO section yet
  3. I Loved the original Cod,Cod 2. My mine was blown away when CoD 4 came out and i stay up with the franchise with MW2 but after that i kinda stopped buying the games since i went to boot camp and I didn't think it would be a new experience like it was for CoD 4. After saying that my room mate bought the new game and i really enjoyed the compaign and the new extiniction mod with aliens. Seeing that i did not pay 60 bucks for the game though i found it entertaining and did not judge it hard but if i had paid the full price i probably wouldn't be feeling the same way.
  4. Hello i am no wizz at computers and i came across this problem trying to make an avatar picture for this account. The max space for a picture was 50kb and no matter how small i made my picture i had it was always larger then 50 kb. Is there someway to make the picture take less memory other than making the resolution smaller?
  5. Well ive never really joined a clan/group before but i really enjoyed angry joe's shows and i really trust his reviews. I can't say ill be a heavy hitter in the committee but i decided to join and see what happens. Also im in the military Usmc and i probably will be inactive for months at a time and i hope this wont get my account deleted.