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  1. He can watch Log horizon too. for SAO As long he doesn't watch the 2nd half it should be fine
  2. I play this often on Midgardstorm, As of the latest patch 2.5 leveling another has become easier with dungeons and Levequests. I voted yes we'll see what happens. PS: theres a lot of content end game, similar if not more than vanilla WoW
  3. FFXIV! >.>;; j/k How about RaiderZ or some free to play mmo?
  4. I recommend it, You aren't forced to group, I leveled most of my classes/jobs solo while doing some fates because it was quicker back before the Now with patch 2.1 things have gotten a lot more funner than before, you can level up with dungeons a lot faster than with fates, Don't like grouping with PUGs? then do leves quests for the solo experience which is also good, but it can get repetitive. The story quests were well done and fun to watch the cut-scenes, the problem is, well a lot of people when you do a dungeon that has story cut-scenes will get pissed off because they want to finish the dungeon as fast as possible this does pose a problem, but with the new patch you can make your own party and do dungeons with friends with no one bothering you about cut-scenes. Gameplay, in FFXIV is one of the best I’ve seen in MMOs recently; sure Guild Wars 2 gameplay was fantastic but it got stale and boring after a while plus the lack of good content hindered that game, and it’s not arena.net fault either. DPS job never felt so engaging were you have to move to do proper damage , use certain combos, unless you’re bard, bard is a class that is incredibly easy to play, but it’s also not just a DPS class but a support class too, you need to be aware of people’s TP/MP and sing them the song of your people. Tanking in FFXIV is a lot more fun than in any other MMOs I’ve played, it feels like you’re a force defending your party from enemies, you have to be constantly paranoid and thinking always something will go wrong, while this sounds discouraging it isn’t the tank has to always be active and pay a lot of attention to your hate meter, it’s not just spamming Halone combo, you must use all your hate inducing tools available to you to properly tank. I’d speak about healers but I never really play about healers, but from words from my friends, it’s a fun class that doesn’t get boring. Give it a shot for a month, if you don't like it for whatever reason, that's cool, there's other mmo out there that you will find more appealing. Also always join a MMO where you know people or have friends, the experience will greatly improve.
  5. This one will ALWAYS be my favorite. Now I want Tostones..
  6. Personally, I want to buy a few EA games, like BF4 and the new Dragon Age, but I just can't trust them, I know the problems with BF4 on PC (i am unaware if they have fixed these issues) but I just can't trust them with up coming games because I have a feeling the games are being rushed, they will get ridiculous DLC prices, and we will pay 60 (or more with taxes) for incomplete buggy games.
  7. Heya! and yeah since november when I signed up Close! it's Brave Express Might Gaine.
  8. My opinion on her would be that.. I would actually care if she wasn't a con-artist/scammer who uses the flag of feminism the make a quick buck. I'll say this, for a big Kickstarter campeing she had, her videos aren't well done either as she uses footage from other gamers, and most of her " points " fall appart when you find out she hardly played any of the games she claims to have played. <.< guess thats my first post here. Hi guys.