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  1. the human ring does that. also, if you wear the phantom ring as a host it says you are a phantom.
  2. the problem now is that i would have to play the game over again though for that ending and my next playthrough is gong to be on ps4 where i already have the trophy from before the game came out. oh well, good luck to everyone else trying to get it then!
  3. well i dont think my entry counts, but i just beat the game. however i did not get the trophy for the ending you specified cause i wanted another one that i hadn't seen yet. proof of completion: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198022223590/stats/374320/achievements/
  4. it's fine, i think it'll be fun to see who can get it first...i wont be waiting to invade and impede their progress....
  5. so i guess i dont count since ive already beat the game......3 times. jk i know i've had the game eaerly so iits not fair
  6. 400!?!?!?!?!??!?!??!!? damn....
  7. don't worry arget, just 3 more days!
  8. so after beating this game 2 and a half times, THIS GAME IS AMAZING........thought i should put that out there. I know arget hates me for it <3
  9. so i hear you can make a japanese account and play it this week with jap texts but english voices....MUST NOT CAVE IN
  10. discussion

    so as far as i gather, this game is more single player than multi. which means running into other people will be really hard and there's supposedly no name tags or anything over players so you might just mistake them for AI.
  11. don't worry, im not going to be that guy who spoils everything for others. I didnt spoil anything for bloodborne and i won't do it for this.
  12. I gave in and watched, and i'll be getting the game early again cause lesser known stores are awesome LOL.......not to be brag or anything...
  13. discussion

    10/10 would buy just to hunt down stick.
  14. i watched all the videos that peeve and vati and the rest of them put up, i need this in my life like noawz
  15. Oh dear god you named it that. Ill join, i just dowbloaded it after playing it on pc a long time ago. Im basically starting fresh here.