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  1. I do prefer PC. About genres..they don't matter.
  2. Hey guys, I was wondering if you could give me ideas for games. I am really bored and I need a game I can get into fast. Doesn't matter if it is single player or multi player. Also doesn't matter when it was released, it can be even from 10 years ago.
  3. Hi and welcome to the AJSA.
  4. Hello and welcome to the AJSA. I wish you luck with your studies.
  5. Hello Grazal and welcome to the AJSA.
  6. Why do you need so much RAM? Anyway welcome to the AJSA.
  7. If you still want to join TES:Online beta test (not sure if it's for a limited time time period but it shouldn't be) redeem your code:http://www.curse.com/betas/teso-beta-key-giveaway
  8. If you still have that Arkham City I would like to have it.
  9. Hello Djuka and welcome to the AJSA.
  10. Guys Steam if giving L4D2 for christmas. Just go to the L4D2 page click Install Game and it will be added to your library. Merry Christmas. Edit: Good luck to the people that want it because the servers are down. It may be because of L4D2.
  11. I have a Hearthstone beta key willing to give away. I guess it will be first come first serve. If you are not interested in the game or you have the game please don't ask me for it. Cheers Edit: Taken
  12. Funky indeed. Welcome to the AJSA.
  13. I haven't played it yet, but I will be definitely checking it out.
  14. I hope it is good. Really loved Mega Man.
  15. He should probably go to court. I mean he is loosing money becouse of that stupid system. I'm 100% with him.