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  • Birthday 07/01/1993

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    Video games of course, history, military tactics, soccer, movies, and the best; LAN parties. :)
  1. Thanks guys for the feedback. Its hard to keep simple, but we will try our best. My hope is that we could give some of you guys a copy to test it out yourselves and give feedback, or even if Angry Joe ever has the time, for him to try it. I guess that is a bridge we can cross later, but until then, we plan to start December 11th. I will try to keep some basic updates about it on here for everyone. Thanks again guys for the advice.
  2. I have always wanted to start a game company, and in the last few months, I actually have a crew who really wants to do this. I am really excited for all of us, and my goal for us is just to create a completely functional game with minimal errors. Even though we all might as well have no experience making games, we want to make something we can call our own. It is not our intention to make a selling product; something more like a resume piece. If it does really well, that's a bridge we will cross later. We have ideas, but we are having a hard time keeping are ambition from making this project unreasonable. I was wondering what makes a good game for you? What ideas would you like to see? Hopefully this can help us keep a certain focus while developing. Any advice or opinions would be greatly appreciated, and I couldn't personally thank you enough. Thank you again, PloKloon
  3. So sorry for posting twice. Don't know how that worked.
  4. Why is Google+ bad? Isn't very similar from other social media? And personally, people post a lot of hate in the comments... I think its easier for Google to contain them this way. Not saying it would or is a pain in the butt though.
  5. I never have used Google+, but is it that different from other social media? I think they also did it to monitor comments. Every video had its share of really... aggressive comments that didn't even relate to the video.
  6. They will make a new Fallout. I fear Bethesda has different priority's though. ;(
  7. That's what I hate about being a light tank on random matches... I feel like no one cares that I scout out targets. If you guys want to add me, my in game name is Panzer4Tiger, NA servers. I would love to get some training in.
  8. Thanks guys!! Plan to have some fun with you guys for a long time!
  9. I thought the singleplayer was really short, but overall good. Multiplayer was a major overhaul. I still think Reach is the best. Best thing Halo 4 did though is the assault rifle and SAW. I don't think I've ever been into FPS gun porn until Halo 4. lol Hope they get rid of Spartan Ops and bring back Firefight. Only have seen Spartan Ops played, but it looks really shallow. Also debating if I would buy a Xbox One JUST for Halo. Haha Didn't they announce that the trailer at E3 wasn't Halo 5 though?
  10. Now I have to play Fallout 3 and New Vegas!!! I would love to see some Co-op with some fellow Wastelanders!! Lets check out that fridge on the horizon boys!!
  11. I would love to join you guys!!!! Just started tier 4 Leopard tank. Love scouting!!!!
  12. I would like to say that I am super stoked and excited for joining you guys! I love the community Angry Joe has created, and I wouldn't be ashamed if he was my brother!! *cough* Anyway... I can't wait to play with you guys! Some of my games I love to play: Battlefield, World of Tanks, Total War, XCOM, Civilization, Mount and Blade, FTL (Faster than Light), Mass Effect, The Witcher, FIFA.... I have to many! Anything that requires strategy or teamwork makes me buy! Can't wait to meet and play with you guys! This December I will be on a lot more, getting my new PC. Hopeful Commanding Officer and Supporter of AJSA, PloKloon