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  1. Yeah, now that I've read some of these, you could call it more of an advertisement and 30USD is definitely pushing it, but to respond to a few of you in no particular order: I believe there is a legal limit of how much a game can cost ($60 in the US). remember that there used to be N64 games that went for over 100USD. That changed because it was too expensive which, in my opinion, attests to the fact that this sort of thing can't possibly become the norm because it's controlled by our wallets. Nothing happens unless enough people want it to. Being a Fighting game fan as well, I have been exposed to this issue time and again, the most recent being Ultra SF4 (and the rest of the SF$$$ series). I believe this is the 4th (?) iteration that will be released at full price (I think there'll be a digital upgrade version, but obviously that won't be cross platform). These updates usually include new characters and some rebalancing. This seems to be dying down a little finally, my point being that we are paying more for less each time, and it's gotten to where only the most dedicated fans are gonna buy the new stuff. eventually we will get what we want (coughs in KI's general direction) because, believe it or not, there tend to be enough people that want this sort of thing that it might linger about longer than you think is logical. Looking back, I don't see much of a rap sheet for Konami, so maybe we should bite a little less hard at this mistake. I tend to give the benefit of the doubt, but even I have my limits (Capcom), but I'm not so sure this is it. In summary: blah blah blah backpedal, blah blah blah stand by my argument, blah blah blah something about Capcom. :3
  2. Hi, I thought it was clear that this was going to be a demo. I, a long-time MGS fan, went to the store knowing this, and payed $30.00 for it. If anyone was misinformed into thinking that it was a full game, I feel bad for you :/ (maybe you can still recoup some losses at Gamestop or somewhere). In my experience, gamers who have never experienced an MGS title will, much like AngryJoe, skip the amazing pre-mission audio cassette tapes on the main menu. They are delivered audio-book style and amount to about an hour and a half of listening. The main attraction here is Paz's stuff. It is by no means a full length novel, but good lord is it good (and it will amount to a full length audio book in Phantom Pain if it continues this trend). I implore you to go back, sit back, relax, listen to the cassettes, and then play. If this does not at least change your impression of the value of Ground Zeroes, or if this does not sound appealing to you at all, then MGS may not be for you, and here's why: Those audio tapes greatly intensify the gameplay and give you a lot of detail into all of the characters you will be interacting with. This kind of story driven gameplay is what MGS excels at, and now we have a new outlet of much needed character development. Previous MGS games delivered most of the story and character development through lengthy cutscenes accompanied by codec conversation. Many of the codec conversations were completely optional, and only served to flesh out the characters a bit more. AngryJoe mentioned disappointment that he didn't get to experience those cool codec moments, but I think the cassette tapes aim to replace that feeling, and boy do they hit the mark so far. This alone made me feel like it had earned a good bit of value towards the price tag, keeping in mind that this is all before I hit the "start mission" button (I have no doubt that this is the intended way to start things off but, like the aforementioned extra codec conversations, it is completely optional). I'm not a business person by any stretch of the imagination and by no means do I believe that Kojima is a "can do no wrong" dev, but I think we might be overreacting about the price tag just a little bit. Maybe it costs 3x more to create a current gen demo than it did to create previous demos, so the price has to go up. Perhaps Kojima only intended for core MGS fans to buy this demo and his marketing people compensated for the low intended sales numbers. Let's not gloss over the fact that many games ask for $80 or more for limited editions and collectors' editions containing figures, posters, artbooks, etc. Think of Ground Zeroes as something like that. I payed $80 total for MGSV ($30 for Ground Zeroes plus $60 when I buy Phantom Pain). There will likely also be limited/collectors' editions of Phantom Pains with extra stuff, but that kind of thing doesn't appeal to me much, so I won't buy it. Do we see collectors' editions as unacceptable attempts to gouge our pockets? Some might, but I don't for the sole reason that it is completely optional. I don't have to spend that extra money to get my game. I think what I want you to take away from this is that this demo was made for ME and people LIKE me! QUIT BUYING MY STUFF! Maybe watch a few twitch videos and then maybe buy Phantom Pains when it comes out.
  3. I prefer to have the disk, but for no reason other than habit. When it comes to pc games i tend to go digital (steam/origin/gog), while for console games I like to have the disk so I can have my collection on display for company :3
  4. The story mode was really fun, and online was fun for a while but it got a little boring; It'd be nice to have the level editor by now because doing missions with random people got boring pretty quick and just messing around in the world didn't hold my attention long. can't wait for pc release and the immediate mods that will follow
  5. I haven't gotten too deep into anime yet, but here's my top 5 right now: 1: Hajime no Ippo 2: Full Metal Alchemist 3: Attack on titan 4: Gurren Lagann 5: Mushi shi I could really put these in any order and replace them with other stuff haha
  6. I'm still a hybrid gamer; I like all the consoles right now (yes, even Wii U) and I built a gaming pc about a year ago. Really the only console i'm not interested in is the psp/ps vita line haha. I'm exited for a lot of next gen games, but until i pick up a system or 2 I have a lot of Steam games to finish.
  7. 1: Best Friends Play (The Sw1tcher): hilarious; I also listen to their podcast 2: Maximilian (YoVideogames and other stuff): got me back into fighting games :3 3: Chris Smoove: hilarious playthroughs; you'll be quoting him for weeks!
  8. Well if you like fighting games like MVC(Marvel vs. Capcom), it's a pretty good title, especially for $10-$15. It's pretty accessible to people new to fighting games (easy to perform combos and supers) and you can have fun with it right off the bat, but playing online you'll probably soon realize that button mashing won't get you far. Overall, I really like the game, but it's one that you'd have to play to get a feel for. Hop on for a while and give it a try this weekend!
  9. 'ey everyone, I go by Ragamajiu in most games I play; I enjoy all genres of games and am currently trying to wriggle my way in to the fighting game scene (SSFIV & Skullgirls on PC and KOFXIII on PS3). There's an awesome local gaming place in my area that already has 5 PS4s and will be getting some XBones on release day, so I'm gonna be playing some Killer Instinct . I'm Ragamajiu on Steam and PSN, so feel free to add me and we can play some vidja games! Glad to be in the 'rmy!
  10. I'm paying for 50/10 but i'm told i have wireless interference and will have to pay an extra $80 for an expert to mess with router settings. Dat brand new internet comcast lag . That being said, I had at&t before and got 0.5/1. Apartment complexes these days, tsk tsk tsk. Also, there's a shiny new 300GB bandwith cap. Luckily my roommate only uses the internet to watch youtube on his phone .
  11. I tried out WoW for a little while at the request of some of my friends, and it was pretty fun when we were all playing together, but the single player grind was really boring. I quit after the first month at lvl 60 ish; TOS games have amazing single player, so I'm confident that I could enjoy ESO even if my friends don't join me for a while. I think P2P is good for an Elder Scrolls title, especially because it comes from such a prestegious line of big budget console games. Anything that comes from "console status" we'll say to an MMO scene should be P2P to maintain the title's quality; once I graduate and get a job, I'm definitely going to start playing (assuming it doesn't go F2P in the next few years), but for now, i'm content with the knowledge that something this awesome exists. Time to go play some free Tera!
  12. 1) Killer Instinct theme 2) Metal Gear Solid 3 3) Zelda (any)