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  1. SC Name+Handel is Xelon. Really looking forward to flying around in the DFM.
  2. Common sense is something many people lack these days. It's also funny to see that watching violent Movies apparently doesn't do anything, which many are from time to time rated 13+ etc. Right now it's "in" to blame Videogames for everything, even that kids don't go out and play with friends... As long as this doesn't go batshit insane with Legislation etc. I don't really care what those Reports claim and say. Just as you said, those Age ratings are there for a reason. Edit: I've played some "bloody" Strategie games when I was younger, and I always got nightmares after playing them, and mostly for every other game that was "over" my age rating. Dunno it's something that's just different from kid to kid, my parents looked down hard on Age ratings in everything which in retrospect I'm glad about.
  3. Well I've had the Logitech G35 for about a year now. Never had any trouble with it. And to me personally the Sound/mic are very good. and it has Surround aswell. Price is at roughly 100$ right now though I only checked a local Page. Edit: I've got the Wired Version, which is alright regarding weight, dunno about the wireless one.
  4. I hated steam back in '06 when I had to download the content over the Internet even when I already bought the disc and had the game in my hands. But nowadays I'm cool with it, mainly because when I uninstall a game for whatever reason I won't have to get a new CD-Key for the game. And also Steam Sales.... which should be a default reason to like Steam.
  5. This regulation if it goes through will be about the same as the Bananas directive way too spesific. It'll just end up hurting the F2P market in a bad way. What the EU should really care about is to getting the bloody Copyright update rolling.
  6. Game Theory explains it rather well I must say. Overall you can go by the old saying: Money makes Money which can be translated seamlessly into Views make Views. From a personal standpoint I feel like Pews makes vids mainly for an Audience spanning the age of 12 to 18. Many past that age don't watch Pewds because of the style how he does his playthroughs which as I said target mostly 12-18 year olds. (not true for everybody ofc) I don't dislike Pewdiepie personally nor that he struck gold and is a rich man now. I just dislike his very loud and annoying fans which run around on the internet and proclaim that he's a gaming god.
  7. Well if you arn't using multiple screens you're paying extra for nothing. And SLI is always that weird thing that when games arn't optimized for it it's more of a pain than anything else. Also for a gaming PC 32GB RAM is way over what you need. On the matter of soundcards I'll give you this video: Overall if you don't use many many screens or use this rig for mining/other things next to gaming it's a waste of cash.... But then when I get my new Cards and stuff I'm wasting cash aswell so it's not really a difference.
  8. Yes because Kickstarter and Pre-orders are the same thing..... Either way Pre-Ordering is something that you shouldn't do, or well not whine around when you find out the game is garbage.
  9. I won't be buying it because it's EA. Right now it seems like you can get bored of the game really fast with that few modes around. I feel like what will make or break his game is how compelling the story is. Right now I'd say this game was overhyped for what it would be.
  10. Well I don't see much changing since the competition (hint: Battlefield) isn't really making any notable progres either. If Ghosts hadn't had this many problems I'm sure people would have been jumping around on BF4 even more for it's bugs and glitches of which some are still around. I personally can't belive that the next installment of COD will bring much improvement if any at all.
  11. The Sakura imo stole the show. We haven't seen the other models but I'm fairly certain that this gun will come far in the competition.
  12. yea MWO is quite the grind now. Back in Closed Beta, near the end imo the cash system worked just fine. you earned roughly 100-200k without premium. Now you barely manage to get 200k with premium. (still had about 30 days from the Beta) And... well the (8?) maps and three similarish missions get boring really fast. I just play from time to time when I don't feel like playing anything else. But even then I don't manage to stay longer than 5 matches.
  13. *DFM launch, day one, CIG HQ" "Unbelivable!" Chris: "What?" "The DFM didn't crash when we launched." Chris: "That can't be right, something must be wrong." "Well we did invest quite some cash into the Servers for them to have enough load." Chris: "Unacceptable!" *Shuts down half of the Servers and crashes the DFM* "This is a proper launch, now get to fixing stuff." And I'm really looking forward to SP, better to not do episodes imo, rather play it at once than having to wait for episodes.
  14. Well prepare yourself for some new installment in '15 ladies and gentlement. No way that M$ just buys all the rights to just keeping it lying around afterwards. Ofc I could be wrong but it would still sadden me to see that ending being spoiled by the greed for more Cash.