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  1. I know bashing on EA is a meme at this point but people do need to understand that the issues they are having with the game is on Biowares head, not EA and when it comes to reputation? yeah, that's not really going to matter since diehard fans of the company will defend and buy their games regardless and spend a good chunk of money on microtransactions which just tells me that it's going to be doing fine for abit but they will be suffering from low population issues and "we aren't earning millions" for some time, since developers essentially only care about profit margins. Yeah, I can see the 'low profits' thing being a huge issue for them and EA will try and step in at some point to save the game. Since they thought this would be the next Apex Legends or something. If you want my take on the future, I think EA will be doing damage control on anthem in the coming weeks or they'll toss the game under the bus in-favor of Apex. Either way, i'm glad I don't work for Bioware cause they might have to cut jobs if sales numbers are too low.
  2. Anthem's release has no doubt caused a rise in purchases for "Origin Premier" due to 'Anthem' (full game) being attached to it. But I don't think many went that route due to what I've read online since most gamers don't bother with origin deals since Steam is essentially the 'go-to' platform for them. As for it's ability to sell? Yeah, it already pretty much has sold 'well' in retrospect due to people buying the pre-orders due to getting suckered into the hype machine. If you look at Origin Access right now and sort by 'most popular' you'll see that Anthem is at the top of the list and is at the top of everything. Infact you can't really go anywhere on Origin without seeing the bloody game in all honesty but that's just because EA is trying to push Anthem as one of it's 2019 flagship products. If I were to guess at how many they sold, I think around the 1 million marker would be the generous estimate while around the 500k mark would be the low ball. Most consumers don't do much research into a product. If it looks interesting or reliable enough they'll buy it, most don't read others critiques cause everyone tends to think they always know what's best. But if a 'famous' person or even someone they know starts to diss on the product in question then the person will listen and due to how everyone was essentially praising the game like around a month ago. Most prob bought the game without thinking and i'm starting to see many on twitter are seriously regretting their pre-purchases and are actively seeking refunds which most will prob not get cause of reasons. https://twitter.com/search?vertical=default&q=anthem refund&src=typd Either way Bioware has already made some bank on this and considering how people are still actively defending the game on social media platforms: https://twitter.com/bioware/status/1097921022894891008 (read the conversations between users) you can easily surmise that the company will make even more bank when the game finally launches then after the game is released in no less then 3 days you should begin to see some serious negativity spreading across the web but by then it'll be too late and they would of already had enough $ to make this whole endeavor worth while. Then after a few months pass of patches and such they can just 'win back' some users who decided they didn't like it by just fixing X issue or adding X content into the game, this works for many Massively Multiplayer products. No matter how I think about it, the product will no doubt still sell well enough and have enough of a following that'll last for a good while until the next robot flying looter shooter comes around.
  3. Meh, I think this is just a matter of perspective. I find myself enjoying looking at code and models all day, It's like reading a book for me in all honesty.
  4. anything, post anything. Idc about what it might be. All ideas are welcomed here
  5. I played the first one and beat it. The ending for prey 1 is not even a ending, it's just a "hey, get prey 2 to see how this story ends" kinda deal. In other words a massive cliff hanger. The game had a unique style, in both gameplay and story. I was actually looking forward to the sequel but after waiting for years and years, I then began to piece the pieces together. The sequel was never gonna be released. Now, with Bethesda confirming this now. It doesn't change much at all. I still feel bad about this unique world going away. But, hey. That's just how the bizz is...sadly.
  6. no clue, but I know that is a rather popular instrumental piece for rock and roll fans.
  7. Personally, I think microtransactions have yet to be properly implemented into games. Right now, companies are just using microtrans as a another means of sub model. This is done by implementing things into the $ shops that are a require component in the game. Take aracheage and the labor points potion and bonus for patron members. Once companies finally find the "ohh, we can get more cash if we use it like this, instead of this." then micro's will be alot better than they are now. But for now....meh. We just gotta wait
  8. meh, I like how my dreams are now. strange, weird, and telling me the future plus giving me advise. Thanks but no thanks, mate.
  9. I'm a paying member of crunchyroll too. If anyone wants another guestpass you can ask me too
  10. I was really looking forward to this game. But now I am boycotting it permanently
  11. that's cause High Def Pirate Vids of the movie are out
  12. Uh.....good try
  13. what are the bugs? Is it as bad as arkham origins and the ''My Alibi'' bug? or is it like dark souls 1-2 and the glitches which allow you to beat the game in under 30 mins?
  14. dark souls 2 for now, until I get regain my lost progress because asus had to delete everything on my lap. Curse them >.>
  15. this is the phone I use...planning on upgrading soon. But, having a hard time picking phones