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  1. Strange. I thought that was pretty funny and a wildly accurate description of the over-the-top despicable nonsense that people (myself included) generally enjoy indulging in throughout the GTA franchise. I thought it was the funniest part of the show, really. GTA is ridiculous and it is self-aware of that, just as the players are (unless they aren't, in which case they should be mentally examined).
  2. I liked how the developers had a substantial voice in being able to provide insight into their games and their development. I also liked how easily accessible the show was through the stream on VGX's website. While I like Joel McHale and I understand his humor, he seemed out of place and a lot of it fell flat. Had he been the exciting, engaging, and clever Joel he was on The Soup, it would have been much more enjoyable. The production seemed kind-of sloppy and rather unprepared. I'd like to see more games content, less random concerts, and an overall more exciting production. Perhaps more community integration.
  3. Shh, go back to 4chan
  4. Is this even possible?!
  5. Super Meat Boy. Kill me now.
  6. Hell yea, Crysis. Such an underrated series. Here's mine. The wallpapers cycle on an hourly basis between a series of Deus Ex, Half life, Portal, L4D2, Bastion, Crysis, Thomas Was Alone, Far Cry 3, Minecraft, and Paper Mario themed backgrounds. It just happened to be on a rather sleek Deus Ex one:
  7. Let's see...PC, PS4...what's missing? Ah yes, a Pokemon Machine. 3DS it is.
  8. That was quite the welcoming. Also, I second the movement of incorporating my block of cheese into today's most popular games.
  9. I will be getting it for PC because I honestly have no interest in owning either of the new consoles. Even if I was interested in the next-gen consoles, there is not enough room in my current living quarters for a console setup, and I would get a PS4 over an Xbox One any day. So, PC it is.
  10. Your shibe signature pleases me greatly.
  11. Allow me to welcome myself to this community, as it is unlikely that this post will get any attention anyway. I'm writing this purely out of narcissistic tendencies. I'm a PC gamer who found his place in PC gaming after his brothers wouldn't stop hogging the damn household consoles. Then I began worshipping Gabe, drooling over hardware that will become arbitrarily obsolete in 18 months, and played through the original Half-Life 20+ times despite it being released when I was 3 years old. Then I started taking an interest in Source Engine mapping and modding, but I've been way too lazy and unmotivated to make anything of it, other than this pathetically popular block of cheese. Realizing that this is all I have amounted to, I began to feel feelings of self-loathing and worthlessness, but that didn't matter because I could just keep playing video games. So there's my entire life. Literally all of it. See you around.