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  1. I'm playing it right now on PC. It's fun, but my god is the driving horrible.
  2. How that shit still exists is beyond me. With bullshit music and movies, I get it. There are plenty of tards out there who soak it up because it's popular and easy. But QTEs? I will donate both of my livers if you can find me one person who thinks it adds to the experience.
  3. I have a mancrush on Spacey, that sly sexy bastard. He can do no wrong in Hollywood. I used to say the same thing about Ian McShame until I saw Lovejoy, so please, no one go out of their way to prove me wrong.
  4. I haven't been here in a minute, but the new CoD trailer brought me back to have a peek at unscripted reactions. I've been up all night savoring many a gin and tonic, so I'm going to do myself a favor any bullet point whatever the fuck it is I came here to say -I'm grajiating from OSU Sunday yaaaaay -I miss AJ's reviews on the Tubes. I kept waiting for him to trash more the of the next gen titles that were blatantly pushed for release, but to no avail. -The new CoD game actually looks good to me after seeing the trailer a couple hours ago. I haven't been a fan of CoD since MW1, but honestly this one appeals to me so far, if not for just the storyline. I think it's mostly because I envisioned Frank Underwood pulling the strings. -Flavored sparkling water is awful.
  5. I liked those when I could use them, pretty damn good set, especially for the new/holiday price points. The imitation surround wasn't bad at all. Unfortunately when I built my new computer over a year ago, the Logitech drivers decided not to play well no matter what combination of solutions/drivers/software I tried. Sadly, Logitech was no help in the matter, which sucks because I love their peripherals. I had to downgrade to Creative Wraths, where I learned that Creative Labs doesn't make headsets for people with fatass heads.
  6. It's a single-player only game, it's not worth the release price. Things like Skyrim and Fallout are the only SP only titles that can pull off such a pricing scheme because they have the reputation of immense content to back it.
  7. Sennheiser G4ME Zero. When I'm going for light gaming without a mic, I use my Sennheiser R170.
  8. I've spent a couple hours playing beta since getting my key last night, and it's maybe worth $20 on a Origin/Steam sale down the road, with all DLC that will inevitably come out. Like others have said, it's fun for short bits, but it's not something I could see myself sinking hours into at a time. There isn't much variation in the combat and doesn't feel like there will be much room for improvement in that area. My greatest peeve so far is I can see a bit of BF4 issues seeping in. If you watch the kill cam vids, you'll see what I mean. There's a disparity between what you see when you die versus what the kill vid shows you, and not a small difference. That being my most major gripe with BF4, there's no way I'm going to go through that shit again.
  9. What do you mean you were 'forced' to buy it? If they didn't have the cash in hand, there's nothing compelling you to not tell them to go fuck themselves and walk out.
  10. Triple-ply TP. Food and water can go fuck themselves.
  11. Aion was pretty bad. I had enough when the exploiters started crying and making hackusations, Granted, I was using a detection bot to thwart their stupid exploiting attempts, they most certainly had it coming. It was their just comeuppance.
  12. Great, noobs with straight pulls. I could always use the fodder.
  13. Oh god, no more E-Trade baby bullshit. If I see a talking baby in a commercial, I make a mental note to never do business with that company. I want to see more like this, even though it's fake. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XOmsd54BICk
  14. I finished Dexter not long ago, so now I'm looking for something new but without much of a back catalog since I don't have time to catch up. I've started with a few episodes of Longmire (thinking it was set in older times since I didn't read the synopsis, since Deadwood is one of my favorites of all time.) I'm also thinking about looking up The Blacklist. Spader looks pretty badass in the previews.