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  1. Not disappointed but i agree that nothing has been interesting so far in my kind of 'taste'. Im into Thief / Outlast if you ask me for what im really excited of all known titles so far.
  2. This.Personal preference is what i would say as well.It's not about what is the best but what you really want/like/etc
  3. Is this possible on ps4 like in ps3? I do not know if there is chat lag with the wireless on ps4, but knowing also how many people had headaches or pain on their ear on ps3 using a bluetooth headset after 10-15 minutes i never got one and bought a logitech with a usb which works perfectly for me, and from a health perspective i do prefer this instead of wireless.I haven't got mine yet and this is important in my opinion.
  4. If this is true and gonna destroy everything from excitement! Full support!
  5. I'd say in a few months.I believe it's the best time to avoid any problems for sure from the rush of making them fast for all people around the world.
  6. None from the above.I like some but not going crazy about them so i won't choose one.
  7. Never said it was news!Im not a die hard fan of knowing everything on time,so yeah...
  8. Is this is for sure i have no problem about it after all.
  9. Agree.I hope my love for Killer instict comes true in another console!Hoping
  10. If it is 5$ for the whole year i still have no problem to pay for it,as many of you said that their online can be much better and improved which is a good thing and i understand that.I never cared much for the free games of PS+ but maybe on ps4 will be more interesting than ps3..for me of course..!
  11. First game.On that roof...i still remember that!
  12. Mortal kombat and killer instict. Crash Bandicoot 1,2,3 amd CTR. Super mario in general but mostly all stars on snes. Resident evil 1,2,3 Medal of honor 1 + 2 mostly There are many more games but these marked me since i was a kid and still there are a lot of great games being made.
  13. That's a lot for me but i choose Mortal kombat deception konquest soundtrack as my number 1.