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    Custom Pc's, Gaming, Bit of HTML and Java scripting and History (mostly from 1411 to 1991).
  1. wrong section
  2. Still waiting for this game to came out
  3. Is it this one of his art works ? This was his motive
  4. I read comment from people who read this book, and book about how he tells his experience about ww1 about Vienna and their people and other stuff about his live, it could be a really interesting read.
  5. I also have seen this book in kids school library
  6. Also keep your distance away from strange lakes in wind (crocodiles)
  7. Played a lot of warband and played Napoleonic for about 20 hours i could get into a game and play for at least a 5 hours a day because game is really really good and fun i don't play it right because i don't know good servers.
  8. isn't Aussies = Austrians ?
  9. I am not saying its that bad in Russia near Moscow and Europe Russia is alright, but in middle Asia (Siberia) that place is horrible. Horrible weather, horrible conditions seems no one cares.
  10. For deadly drug ingredient are legal thats blow my mind ... Damn Russia
  11. Yes watch the video ... Government left them to die. no police nothing everyone is importing drugs from Afghanistan rotting to death.
  12. I seen this on reddit a while ago i think you want to watch this. 20% of city addicted to drugs even people making rehab cults .... People don't won't to live in that place so they just experimenting with drugs even if they kill them they don't care.