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  • Birthday 09/03/1986

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    Gaming, movies, music, reading
  1. I'll probably wait till the consoles drop in price a little bit. And when more games come out
  2. Worst game of all time for me is Final Fantasy XIII and XIII-2 (I haven't played Lightning Returns yet). All the characters (except Lightning and Sazh) are annoying and unlikable (especially Snow)!. The story makes no sense, the gameplay sucks, and also everything else. Worst Console...the R-Zone...no comments.
  3. I got it on the day of release and I'm still playing right now! I'm on the fourth playthrough since I wanna go through and try out all the classes. So far, thief is my favorite
  4. The Last of Us, inFamous 1 and 2, Heavy Rain, all three Uncharted games, Metal Gear Solid 4 are good ones to start with.
  5. As a TMNT fanboy, I wanna give this movie the benefit of the doubt and review it after I see it.
  6. I admit I've been subbed to his channel for a couple years and honestly, I've found him entertaining cause he's being himself and going it his own way. Lately, he's been cutting back on certain jokes and all, but hey. I'm probably one of the few that prefer his non-horror vids anyway.
  7. Pretty good so far. The ice and snow are melting away, and I'm completely addicted to my new PS3 lol
  8. I mostly rage quit on my NES games lol. The game that makes me cry was the Walking Dead game. So much happens in it, connecting to the characters and feeling what they go through...
  9. Even though I have this game on the PS3 (And by far my favorite on the system), it sounds awesome to see what they'll do to it for PS4, besides adding the DLC onto it and sharper graphics.
  10. I usually go through a lot of games if I miss something, but mostly I enjoy replaying games. One that comes to mind right now is Stick of Truth due to wanting to try all four classes out and finish all the side quests.
  11. Welcome aboard!
  12. None so far. I got it as a gift from a friend of mine and it still works great! Hoping it doesn't succumb to the red ring lol
  13. Greetings, Angry Army!! I'm AkariJ from Alaska and a massive gamer like everyone here. It's an honor to be here! Big into 360 and PS3 gaming at the moment.