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  1. What is your favorite genre of game and why. Mine is probably strategy, although i'm not that good at them, because you have to plan your every move and guess what your enemy is doing or what units they have that can counter yours. I also enjoy building my army from scratch, going up the skill tree and developing new tech to help beat the enemy and secure a victory.
  2. I was first asked this question by my friend who said he loved single player and he didn't play much of multiplayer. I my self prefer a balance between the two by making the single player re-playable and making the multiplayer addicting. (E.G. GTA V)
  3. I prefer imperial guard if you hadn't guessed already
  4. Newer than dawn of war retribution has better graphics, a 3 man wave survival, co-op campaign and of course tyranids. why retribution over the other 2 dawn of war 2's? because retribution added relic units and imperial guard. this expansion, unlike dawn of war 2 and chaos rising, does not require windows live to play. The races featured are: Space marines, orks, eldar, tyranids, chaos and imperial guard (tau commander featured as DLC for wave survival mode). personally I prefer Dawn of war soulstorm and dark crusade as they feature larger scale battles and base building. Pros: Good graphics Smart A.I. CO-OP campaign 3 man survival 8 player skirmishes army customization Cons: Multiple bugs freezes from time to time simplified combatsmaller scale battlesbalancing issues less content not many game mode options
  5. Why? because its a fun strategy game based in the Warhammer 40k universe. Soulstorm has all the races in 40k tabletop except tyranids. Dark crusade however is a lot less buggy than soulstorm but only contains: Space marines, chaos, orks, eldar, imperial guard, necrons and tau. but who needs dark eldar and sisters of battle anyway.... Pros: Strategy gameset in warhammer 40k universetons of content army customizationlarge scale battles 8 Player skirmishes lots of game mode optionsCons: Old game (2007)few bugs(soulstorm) Balancing issues Bad A.I. (Depends on difficulty) Crashes often (steam version has fixed this problem)
  6. What feature do you always look for in a game? (E.g. Customization, multiplayer, co-op, mini-games etc...) and why.
  7. This was one of my favorite games when I was younger but to my surprise not many people I knew had heard of this game. What I want to know is have you guys heard of it?
  8. I cannot choose mine I have too many good games If you can choose what would yours be?
  9. Does anybody know how to stop the annoying frame rate drops on battlefield 4 (Xbox)? I have tried installing it but it didn't seem to change much.
  10. Do you guys like Warhammer 40k? if so what race do you play as?