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  1. I could always use another Dark Souls-esk game to play.
  2. If I remember correctly Tod also said that they had two other games in development. Honestly, I hope that it isn't announced so soon. I want to forget about it and have another Fallout 4 reveal. At least I can replay Skyrim on my PS4 in October and clock 600+ hours into that.
  3. Should you really expect anything different at this point with these types of games? I'm with Bleeding on this, they can push it back to make it better or to improve it. My hopeful thinking on this is why I haven't lost faith in Mass Effect yet. As long as Guerrilla doesn't start to push the game back multiple times to the point that the game is just another fable such as Half-Life 3, then I'm okay with it.
  4. Yeah man, no problem. If your feeling up for again lets gank some for fools sometime.
  5. Pm when your ready
  6. I can help some time
  7. Welcome to the site. Enjoy your stay.
  8. Holy... No words. I'm expecting you to keep us updated Bleeding
  9. I was thinking more like me equipping the blue sentinels item and using the dried finger with any other item that can cause an increase in invasions.
  10. Congrats man, that couldn't be an easy feat. You should have asked to see if it was possible to cheat the system to get summoned. I would have helped if possible.
  11. Words can not describe the badassery that I just witnessed.
  12. I guess I'm in, though massively behind everyone elsr. Going to need to bring my A game.
  13. Cool. Wish it was available from the start. The figurines usually can be bought by them selves later on. Maybe I'll get it then.
  14. That list is getting longer with only one name.
  15. I don't think it does... If your pre ordering it at game stop, try asking an employee.