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    Gaming,Anime,College and Destroying walls u.u
  1. Already said when i mentioned the "rise" i was talking about 4k slowly approaching like a 50 year old boner u.u steams
  2. i could understand if it was full of cinematic s but it just caught me off guard u.u this better look beautiful when its done
  3. Just bought this on green man for 42 dollars and was wondering if anyone knew why it was so big?
  4. Im building up for an auction but im mainly doing the sweepstakes
  5. If anyone has codes from the soda caps they aren't using could you email or gift them to me
  6. Only shows with the hooking effect are good and this show starts off with it from start to finish hell even the manga has the hooking effect :3
  7. As long as it has lot's of quest to do i'm fine with it.
  8. Those to be continued moments were like the best part
  9. Anything like final fantasy 14 is fine I really enjoyed it
  10. Killzone would have been mind blowing on PC u.u
  11. Killzone would have been mind blowing on pc :/
  12. I miss the days of games that were actually finished when they were released u.u
  13. As pc gamers we have the power u.u
  14. sword art online was good up until episode 7 from there i just lost interest u.u
  15. when i say on the rise i mean like a midget rock climbing (Really far off but on the way)