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    North Carolina
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    Anything Superman/Justice League or basically superhero related, I'm your guyy.
  1. Hmm... My top 5 moments in gaming. (Not in any order, may contain spoilers) 5. When the Joker says "Escape? I don't want to escape. I'm having way too much fun." (Arkham Asylum) 4. The first leap of faith as Altair. (Assassin's Creed) 3. When you find out the main villain of the game is actually Cole from the future. (Infamous) 2. Seeing the Joker die with a smile on his face. (Arkham City) 1. Seeing New York on fire as one of the foot soldiers. (Modern Warfare 3) (and no, I'm not a COD fan but
  2. Ohhhhhhh HAHA I read this as pirate, as in ARGHH, games
  3. "Ah a new arrival!! Its a shame about my Gatekeeper but I'm so happy!!! I could tear out your intestines and strangle you with them!!" Obviously from the almighty Sheogorath of the Elder Scrolls series haha
  4. Would anyone want to start a SMITE clan or party with me? It would be awesome to play with some of the Angry Army!
  5. I have to say a game called Too Human. It had a great concept but the controls where clunky and you attacked with the right stick... I know, weird right? It had an amazing concept and good characters, all and all a decent RPG but i would love to see it rebooted and given a good control set up.
  6. "Those" moments in games, from my experience, in Batman Arkham City, when you first kneal at the spot your parents died and playing the tape that Strange left there. Made just go: "Woah...."
  7. Gotta say, when i saw Captain Britain... I lost my shit hahaha
  8. Alright. I want to open this subject up to the community because I am generally wondering what everyone thinks. Everyone has their opinions on every superhero, and I personally love talking and discussing why Superman is better than Batman, why Thor can beat up the Hulk, or why the Black Lantern Corps is the best best lantern core and I eat it up, reading people talk about the subject. Thanks guys, but keep it clean, friendly, and above else try to avoid cliches. Haha I mean I love discussing why the Justice League is better than the Avengers as much as the next guy but I want to read someone discuss whether Black Adam or Electro is the best. I know I just said something about cliches but I am a die hard Superman fan. From beloved comics like Kingdom Come (my pic actually), to the 2001 TV show series Smallivlle to videogames like Injustice: gods among us. I love Superman not just because he is maybe the most powerful hero in all of Marvel and DC and the fact that he is practically the poster boy for superheros in general, but because of what he stands for. He inspires hope through truth, justice and the american way and he is supposed to be a standard, a roll model for the rest of us to try to live up to. He also alone has the power to combat the most powerful villains in the multiverse like Drakside, General Zod and the Crime Syndicate. He is the best, nuff said.
  9. Weellll to pick from the HUGGGEEE amount of series in DC comics, my favorite is a toss up between The Blackest Night or Injustice: Prequel Comic