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  1. I struggle to socialize online as i find it hard to connect with people I can't see. I also do not like talking on the phone, possibly for the same reason.
  2. I always read the full thread before i comment, however i rarely comment on mega long threads.
  3. No need!
  4. With steam showing ever more interest in Linux and PlayStation 4 and Xbox one arguably doing the same thing, plus Nintendo doing their thing. Who cares, Microsoft can RIP in piece.
  5. The official steam group i think is http://steamcommunity.com/groups/AJSAGaming#members
  6. Good idea, 10 man points for Certifiable.
  7. Fable has gotta produce one last good game and end on a high.
  8. Hi Hired_Mark, welcome to the AJSA.
  9. Welcome Clobtrotter, i'm new here myself. Currently playing Hearthstone beta while avoiding to temptation to use real money on cards.
  10. My vote would be for Planetside 2, but I did not vote as due to work commitments I am unable to promise to play all the time. Anyhoo up the Angry Army
  11. Added my 4 digit code to the op, and sent friend requests to the folks who have posted so far. Just went 6 and 0 in arena, then lost 3 in a row. Well back to daily's and grinding for another arena run.
  12. Anyone in the Heartstone beta, my battlenet tag is Monsterheid#2458 if you want to do battle with me. TBH i don't buy cards, i only play to get gold for arena so my decks are quite limited. Anyhoo up the Angry Army
  13. Due to steam sales i have a sh*t ton of games to complete, but the two i really want to get round to are x-com before the new expansion goes on sale (ie steam sale aka cheap) and dishonored.
  14. SPACE MARINE!!!!!!!!!, That is all.
  15. How are you my mate.