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  1. Seriously??? Ok now has come the time to unsub to him. A fucking lootcrate unboxing??? Joe is a sell out end of. How people can keep defending him is beyond me. STILL no controversies vid!! Ok he wants to do vids on film reviews and board games thats fine. But an unboxing vid of lootcrate?? And only because they have backed his channel! Yeah screw that. The fans should always come before companies and they clearly no longer do as far as Joe is concerned.
  2. Doesnt work like that. if you go for a refund the day before it expires you simply get a fund equal to what 1 days worth of xbox live costs.
  3. Really so why did he make this very forum/webpage only to have nothing to do with it afterwards? On another note when is the conspiracies vid coming?
  4. Yay makes me happier i pre-ordered the special edition.
  5. Well i want this game NOW!! and i bet it never see's an EU release.
  6. Wait executions are easier in anime fighters then street fighter 4? Lol No they aint there is no shortcut system in most other fighters like there is in street fighter 4. And Daigo has been getting worse year after year he is maybe just burnt out on sf4 so may make a comeback on 5.
  7. I have to wait till payday
  8. I dont really understand. A game cant be overhyped its impossible. You decide your own interest in a game based off what you see. The only person that can overhype a game is the person wanting it. I personally only generate my own hype on the game based on the type of game it is etc. Anything else waits until i have the game in my console.
  9. Oh wait Capcom made a fighting game that doesnt work right? What a surprise (sarcasm) Street fighter 4 was a good enough hint they cant do an online fighting game. Hell all the beta's for street fighter V didnt work right. I learned my lesson years ago and stuck to Guilty gear and Blazblue. these games require skill (mash buttons and you have no hope of winning) and they work right off the bat. Just a shame not many people seem to play them anymore.
  10. I have accidentally shot people loads of times (normally while shooting at a rogue) and more often then not i get away. There is sooo much cover to hide behind. And besides shooting someone else while rogue isnt the best idea if you didnt mean to go rogue in the first place.
  11. Im personally loving it so far. Sure the beta gets boring because once you get so far thats it (obviously). Only gripe i have with it is that there simply isnt enough mobs to fight against while your just running around. And your saying the rogue counter shouldnt go up if you kill more people? Why? You made the choice to shoot someone so your the aggressor if you shoot someone after that rather then running away until the counter reaches zero then too right you should stay rogue for longer.
  12. What i do love though is if someone took one of Alpha's vids for example and did their own version in the exact same way etc then tried to earn money from it you can bet your ass he would slap a claim on it. Yes it is about money etc and if someone has done the work to earn that money then some chump just copies it and tries to do the same then why shouldnt they have a piece of that pie? You dont want anyone to put a claim on your vid? Simple stop using their material.
  13. Its Blazblue chronophantasma. Great game! Dont think you can get guilty gear xrd as im sure its a psn exclusive.
  14. Thats my point AJ added OJ and Del as regulars to the vids the show creates. OJ helps out on many review vids etc and del just simply seems to be there on the film review vids and nothing else. My point was is there are many games that come out that people would love a review of but being as busy as he is AJ just doesnt have to time to review them all. Hell thy could call it a pump up OJ review! Stuff nearly writes itself.
  15. Ok this isnt for complaining about lack of reviews etc. But if Joe is really busy (as mentioned in his angry joe plays vid) why not let other joe do some on his own? I'd personally like to see him do a few reviews on his tod and on the plus side it would allow Angry joe abit more time for other stuff etc. Thoughts?