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  1. I think Weidman will be the new face of the middleweight division after this. The first time he was winning before the KO, and the second time he was winning before the freak accident. He beat AS twice in a row AND is undefeated for 10 fights. There is no cause to argue his legitimacy.
  2. A playable version of Skyrim on the PS4 for Sony players.
  3. Couch co-op isn't as dead as people here are saying it is. Yeah, the PS4 is a little short right now, but they're short on good games period ATM. Next-gen transitions are always exciting and boring at the same time because of the lack of games. Give it roughly 6 months and there will be plenty of uses for a second controller.
  4. Am I the only one who's thinking people are gonna over-react to the ability to kill zombie children?
  5. I won't feel sorry for Rockstar either if this lawsuit is successful. Unpaid overtime and uncredited developers...either the money stays with one ass or goes to another in this lawsuit.
  6. Oh wow...this one is a hard one for me. I grew up playing NES, SNES, N64, and PS1. Yeah, I was spoiled...and I have good memories stemming from all of them. I'm too young to remember NES too much besides the fact that I played it. The rest are good contenders but I'd have to say N64. It has one of my favorite retro games of all time, Zelda OOT. I was also a pretty anti-social kid with autism, but I managed to get a lot of guys (and even a girl! lol) to come over with Mario Party and Smash Bros. So N64 wins for me.
  7. At the heart of this, this is fox news trying to put the stomp on video games, so that their precious guns get protected. The funny thing about games vs. guns and violence is that while they blame each-other for violence, the gun industry pays video game designers to feature specific guns in games, and video game designers sometimes give money to the manufacturers for licensing. They yell at each-other in public, but behind closed doors they're best butt-buddies. EA is no longer paying for "licensing fees" in an attempt to push freedom of speech, but Activision still gives "special thanks" to certain manufacturers in the credits. I'm not sure about ghosts, as I'm not wasting my money on that, but they've done it for a while. EDIT: The best part about this is this issue has nothing to do with guns. Fighting games might be blamed, but that is one of the least popular genres of video games in the first place. Whatevs...
  8. She hasn't released a hit in a while (by hit, I'm not including her hit-and-runs), so she needs to get that drug money somehow.
  9. He said it pretty well around the 33 minute mark. Microsoft was so focused on DRM and always online (both adding and then removing those features) that they f*cked up a lot of basics. I also blame Kinect. Seriously Microsoft, drop that thing already.
  10. If you guys recall, I posted an earlier topic on a PS4 deal going wrong in Florida. Well, in San Francisco IT HAPPENED AGAIN, but this time the scumbag managed to pull off the heist successfully. Here is the kotaku article: http://kotaku.com/man-shot-dead-over-ps4-sale-1474721790? Here is reviewtechusa talking about it: The saddest part about this is, as Rich says in the video, the availability of the next-gen consoles is now ever-increasing. Even if you were some crazed video game addict, there would still be NO POINT in doing this. I hope the guy who did this gets caught.
  11. They are merely publishing the game. There is a difference between publishing and developing. Whether the game is good or bad has nothing to do with Microsoft.
  12. Ever since I recently became smart enough to start renting I almost never purchase single player games. I just run through them in a few days then never play them again, and $60 isn't worth a few days of gameplay. In your situation Guythatloverock, I wouldn't get the next version. If you really wanna see the difference in graphics, just watch some graphics comparison videos online for a few minutes, and move on with your life. Not worth $60 to graphically upgrade a single-player experience you've already finished.
  13. I'm happy to see in the poll that almost all of AJ's viewers are more educated than to eat the BS Spike's VGAs try to feed them. Then again, we're smart enough to listen to Joe, and not the bribed-up reviews of IGN and Game Informer.
  14. That's true. In fighting games there's no need for group tactics and the like. However, it can serve its purpose. If we get good enough to get in there and swarm the top of the tournaments, guys are gonna wanna join up with the Angry Army and practice with us, hence gaining us the popularity Joe wants. The popularity of the game can be a con though. As popular as it is, the level of competition is very high, and it'll require more hard work and dedication to get up there than any other fighter (and most games in general). Someone who was just getting into the game would have to basically cram half a year of dedicated (20+ hours a week) practice into the game to so much as blip on the community's radar. With the Ultra Street Fighter 4 update shaking things up in a few months, I think this is the best time for us to get started on this.
  15. I can show up for PS3. In the future I'll also show up for 360 but my bro is borrowing that console ATM.