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Nasty Note

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  1. Nasty Note liked a post in a topic by Saigonrice in For MMA fans: Anderson Silva got his leg destroyed. Ouch!!!   
    I think Weidman adapted pretty well, and I also think he would've had a good chance of winning efen if Silva's leg didn't snap. Sure, Silva's clowning around gave Weidman more breathing space than you'd want your opponent to have, but the guy pulled his weight.
  2. Nasty Note liked a post in a topic by Gone in For MMA fans: Anderson Silva got his leg destroyed. Ouch!!!   
    I was going to make a thread about this but didn't know if MMA was popular enough.
    That was a nasty break but fantastic counter by Weidman. Silva had hit him with a few kicks in the first fight so it stands to reason he'd defend them better this fight. Those kicks have been a main part of Silva's offensive for a long time, never thought i'd see his leg snap like that.
    Personally I think Silva is done now. He's 38 now and he hasn't looked impressive in his fights against Weidman. People said it was a fluke when Chris knocked him out in the first fight but he dominated Silva in the first round of this fight, severely dominated him. If the leg hadn't snapped, Weidman was still looking good for the win.
    People have come back from broken limbs before and come back but it took them a year or two to get their form back and confidence in that limb. Silva's had his time, one of the most impressive title runs to date. 6 years with 16 consecutive victories. 
    I'm hoping he leaves it there and doesn't try and come back. He won't be the same fighter he was and we've seen legends try and come back before and just embarrass themselves (yes Ken Shamrock, i'm looking at you).
    Still pissed that Rousey beat Tate though. I was so hoping Rousey would get knocked down a peg or two, she needs it. 
    People call her the best female MMA fighter but she hasn't gone against Cris Cyborg or Cat Zingano yet.  
  3. Nasty Note liked a post in a topic by argetlam350 in Last gen games on Xbox one/ps4   
    Dark Souls II. Might not be out yet but it is so far only available on current gen and PC with no plans for next gen.
  4. Nasty Note liked a post in a topic by Shagger in Is next gen short of Local Play?   
    Local play pretty much died with seventh gen. Need for Speed is pretty much the eighth gen version of Burnout Paradise, a one player, open world, racer. Microsoft, Sony as well as publishers don't want local multiplayer. Why sell just one console and one copy of a game for four people to play on when you coulds sell four consoles and four copies of the game, right?
    This is easily my biggest gripe about modern gaming. Online is cool and everything, but it was never meant to replace local multiplayer like it does today. Games like Need for Speed, Burnout and I'd even say shooters like COD should always have both a local play mode and an option to play online. If they don't, it's a con.
    The only area's of modern gaming where local mutiplayer is still alive is on sports games and fighters and that's why I think these genres are so important, but I would't exactly be shocked if even that ended someday.
    At least I still have my N64. THAT was multiplayer the way it should be
  5. Nasty Note liked a post in a topic by ViralBunny in Activision's Desperate DLC for Ghosts (Wolf skin)   
    Every pound/dollar/euro keeps a franchise going, by franchise i mean bonuses for execs..
  6. Nasty Note liked a post in a topic by Glaice in Activision's Desperate DLC for Ghosts (Wolf skin)   
    Now you can reskin the MP dog into a wolf for only $1.99! 
    Lame, stupid and pointless. What happened to having trivial shit like this as an unlock, not greeDLC?
  7. Nasty Note liked a post in a topic by DirtyDMan in Four Have Reached Level 100 on PlayStation Network   
    Hakoom, one of the more prolific and visible trophy hunters in the PlayStation Network, just broke through to level 100—a rank that requires a user to win some 30,000 trophies. Three others have also breached the 99 barrier, thought to be the limit when PSN instituted trophy support back in mid-2008.   Hakoom gets the publicity mostly because he runs a “trophy service” in which he helps folks win hard-to-win trophies—i.e. by playing the game for them—in exchange for money or PSN cards. Naturally, that opens him to accusations everything he does is a sham and he’s cheating somehow (the common allegation, which Hakoom steadfastly denies, is that multiple gamers are playing on his account.) In the e-peen demimonde of achievement/trophy hunting, where everyone better than you is a liar or has no life, and everyone worse than you is an idiot noob, this is all par for the course.   There are three other 100-level PSNers out there, also accused of being “cheaters” by one of the third-party trophy sites monitoring gamers’ progress. Hakoom says he was banned by the same site over a personal grudge. So who knows what the agenda really is there. (Indeed, this site currently lists 46 players at level 100).   But at least four accounts have level 100 status officially conferred by PSN. That’s not in dispute: Go to the PlayStation Network’s official site and search for the IDs Hakoom, warfigher [sic], DevilsProduct666 and nub_1983; all are level 100. This is a hell of a large accomplishment, considering how each level’s XP requirement increases progressively.   As Hakoom pointed out on Twitter, 180 points are given for a platinum trophy (won by earning all trophies offered by a game), 90 for each gold trophy, 30 for a silver and 15 for a bronze. It takes 880,000 points to get to level 100. Hakoom says it took 1,900 days—more than five years—for him to pull this off. That’s a lot of gaming.     http://n4g.com/news/1413989/four-have-reached-level-100-on-playstation-network   I thought I was doing good at Level 20.. I guess I was wrong... I just dont understand who would pay someone to get them a trophy? 
  8. Nasty Note liked a post in a topic by Qnz917 in When Microsoft get's a new CEO the XBOX division maybe sold or spun off   
    I don't see a brand that sold 2 million consoles at 500 dollars in 18 days being dropped
  9. Nasty Note liked a post in a topic by Hawko in Battlefield 4 is amazing!!!!!!!   
    Graphics Should never Sell a Game EVER and the guns there are Some new ones not tons a nice set of shiny gadgets and Updated Vehicles that look different Camos should not sell it Char Customizing should Attachments have been Expanded but not to a oh look what i can do aahh look what this can do ohh And Still holding down the Left Trigger Aiming and Firing with the Right trigger is not Enhanced Gunplay there really is not much you can do to Extend or Enhance Gun play other then buying a Oculus Rift with a Hold on controller Gun with high Feeling 
    Is it Fun... F Yea it is fun to play, but its got the same feel as COD:Ghosts and Medal of honor, same Copy Paste BS with More people to kill some new maps and more then likely there gonna bring the old ones back that People played tons on JUST like COD. Edit Forgot Halo
  10. Nasty Note liked a post in a topic by DestinyDecade in Youtube becoming more Anti-User   
    Well it looks like you guys know Angry Joe is pissed. 62 of his videos got ID Claimed. Man this is pure and utter BS right there.
    *waiting for Angry Rant and suits up*
  11. Nasty Note liked a post in a topic by FugitiveUnknown in Youtube becoming more Anti-User   
    Wait. I'm a Canadian. I shouldn't make posts like that. 
  12. Nasty Note liked a post in a topic by Legolas_Katarn in Youtube becoming more Anti-User   
    I love TotalBiscuit more every day.
    "Fair use is what we swing back with after being hit in the face, what we need is something that stops this to begin with. The burden of proof should be on the accuser which it is in pretty much every other form of law on the planet."
    "Let's just be reasonable about the whole thing and apply a little common sense to it."
    "Right now it's the PR friendly move to come out and say, yes we are totally ok with that, which is actually giving us a nice little list of developers and publishers who aren't ok with it and anyone who is not on that list, well, if you are looking for publicity, if you were looking for promotion then anyone not in a safe position like myself and under a manager partnership is going to be going elsewhere and that is going to hurt you, there's no question about that."
    "People are not going to our channel to watch your game, they are going to our channels to watch us play your game and it could very easily be somebody else game."
  13. Nasty Note liked a post in a topic by IDSpike in Youtube becoming more Anti-User   
    Which goes to show how misguided and out of touch they are.
    They don't realize that these videos do far more good than harm. If you're game is good and people see that because of a favorite youtuber, they end up buying it when they otherwise may not have. Even if the game is bad, if a youtuber covers it, there will be people who will buy it out of morbid curiosity just to see how bad it really is.
    It's just really disappointing that these big companies are making youtubers the enemy rather than realizing the benefits they provide.
  14. Nasty Note liked a post in a topic by -slowbro- in Youtube becoming more Anti-User   
    youtube now = titanic...JUMP FROM THE SINKING SHIP
  15. Nasty Note liked a post in a topic by Bytrine in Youtube becoming more Anti-User   
    Well, you know, the reason Youtube is doing this is because they're probably getting hassled by MANY game developing companies and publishers about reviewers using their content.
    And quite frankly, it'll easily back fire on those companies and corporations because, for me, I watch reviews on Youtube to help me make a good decision in purchasing a game. Not only that, these game reviewers (such as Angry Joe), are helping these companies make game sales for free. Assuming the game is actually good because if not, then I can see why they would want to throw a cover over it.
  16. Nasty Note liked a post in a topic by God Revan in Youtube becoming more Anti-User   
    NOTICE: Videos will be placed within Spoiler Tags to reduce page loading times.
    Recently today, Youtube started to institute a new algorithm system that will periodically and constantly be checking up on your videos for copyrighted material. What this means is that you're not getting a Copyright Strike but what will happen that your video with any kind of copyrighted meterial will be flagged as "Matched Third Party Content" by Youtube, not the copyrighted owner or company, YOUTUBE THEMSELVES. Right now, people that make transformative and creative work with Lets Plays or video games or movies or reviews are ALL subjected for review no matter what by a machine, not a person, a machine....I'm fucking serious. As of right now, if your videos get "Flagged" by this system, you no longer have any kind of LEGAL OWNERSHIP RIGHTS to your videos and/or content.

    You are given the opportunity to dispute the claim but unfortunately Youtube gives you no explanation, which violates 512(f), nor any time table of how long this will take. They also have NO RESPONSIBILITY WHATSOEVER to follow up on the disputes and can just leave it in limbo. This violates sections 512© and 512(g) if we use the interpretation of 512 by Lawrence Lessig founder of creative commons in Lessig v. Liberation Music Pty Ltd. Also if you have Ads to monetize your videos, they are stripped away and given to the copyrighted owner. Your video stays but you make no money.

    I have left this video on the bottom since this person, DarksydePhil expected this to happen and has given a much more detailed explanation. Please watch this entirely and hope that Joe sees this as well.

    Update 12/10/2013: Publishers and Developers have caught wind of this problems and are confirming that it's not them making the claims and are helping youtubers clear things up. Its is GOOGLE who is making these claims. Here's a video of DarksydePhil showing everyone on how to get monitization back on videos once the claims were released. ALSO provides more information on whats happening with the Content ID debacle.

    Update 12/11/2013: Capcom, Naughty Dog, Deep Silver, and other studios have publicly come out and announced that they are NOT behind the Content ID Matching in Youtube, but Google themselves. Although other companies such as Nintendo are either staying silent or taking advantage of this situation to fill their pockets with money. But you want to know whats THE WORST OF ALL? The Record Labels and 3rd Parties companies that made background music or anything in relation are what is slandering, defaming, and screwing with Youtubers and their creative content. Watch the video below for more info. Best part is at 14:07

    Update 12/12/13 3:14 AM- Joe's Angry Rant has come up and he goes to town on Youtube's ass!

    Update 12/12/13 8:36 PM: Total Biscuit gives his take on the current "Youtube Copyright Blitz" that is hampering the transformative, creative and imaginative work that content creators are going through

    Update 12/12/13 9:23 PM: Andre, better known as the Black Nerd goes on explaining his take on the Youtube problem and wants people not to blame Nintendo after many media outlets take his Tweets out of context and assume he was talking about Nintendo. Watch the video for more.

    Update 12/13/13 4:20 AM: Basically the first and ONLY person on Youtube that had the balls to say this to a Publisher[or someone who claims to be a Publisher] to take him to Court! DarksydePhil obtained a Copyright Strike from "Sega" on his last part of his Binary Domain Playthrough. He initially disputed the claim with a counter-claim and instead of the usual response, he got a Strike instead of a reinstate claim. Watch the video because shit seriously got real. We finally MIGHT have someone to become the medium of finding out if Video Game Playthroughs/Walkthroughs fall on the Fair Use Doctrine.

    PS. Spread the word of this video in specific. Spread the word to the gaming outlets so they can see that someone is standing up against corporate bullshit and to stand up against flawed systems!

    Update 12/13/13 3:51 PM: Main post updated. Joe comes back more relaxed and gives his input on what is broken and how it needs to be fixed. He also explain additional points about Ad Revenue with Record Labels. Watch for more info.

    Update 12/13/13 11:10 PM: DarksydePhil comes back with nothing but good news for everyone. ID Content Matching is slowing down but apparently there seem to be bugs in the system that aren't sending Emails to the users as its supposed to. Also Sega personally contacted Phil and are looking into his Binary Domain video.
    PS. Personally...I was hoping they would take DSP to Court because we SERIOUSLY need a legal precedence whenever Lets Plays are fair use or not. It could still happen though. If it does, I wish him luck.
    Update 12/14/13 11:00 PM: In a big 180, DSP has nothing but bad news and informs that most of the Record Labels that are reporting are from UMG Studios and APM Studios. Also shares that he wouldn't complain much because he's in the minority because of the near 25k Videos he has uploaded, only less than 500 were Content ID'ed. He also expresses his feelings to those that edit alot, even mentioning Angry Joe. That people like him that work so hard, do deserve the money they earn. In addition, gives Youtube and Google another kick in the ass. Watch the video for more information.
    Update 12/15/13 9:30 PM: Great News everyone! A way has been found to bypass the ID Content match against 3rd Party Music Companies, EVEN getting Blocked Videos Back up. Although I must announce that this trick works ONLY for videos that are under 10k Views. Over 10k Views will error out. This is amazing! DSP explains and gives a walkthrough of on how you can get Monitization back on your videos with 10k and below. And apparently Youtube was AWARE of a way to help Content Creators to remove these ID Content claims but decided not to tell anyone and let them suffer. Watch video for more information.
  17. SgtMerrick liked a post in a topic by Nasty Note in Lindsay Lohan lawsuit against GTA 5   
    She hasn't released a hit in a while (by hit, I'm not including her hit-and-runs), so she needs to get that drug money somehow.
  18. Sigma081 liked a post in a topic by Nasty Note in Thoughts on the VGX   
    I'm happy to see in the poll that almost all of AJ's viewers are more educated than to eat the BS Spike's VGAs try to feed them. Then again, we're smart enough to listen to Joe, and not the bribed-up reviews of IGN and Game Informer.
  19. SgtMerrick liked a post in a topic by Nasty Note in Lindsay Lohan lawsuit against GTA 5   
    She hasn't released a hit in a while (by hit, I'm not including her hit-and-runs), so she needs to get that drug money somehow.
  20. Bimpy782 liked a post in a topic by Nasty Note in Lindsay Lohan lawsuit against GTA 5   
    I won't feel sorry for Rockstar either if this lawsuit is successful. Unpaid overtime and uncredited developers...either the money stays with one ass or goes to another in this lawsuit.
  21. Nasty Note liked a post in a topic by xevious21 in Badass movie fight scenes thread. Enjoy the awesomeness.   
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5FhiKvUrtE8&feature=youtube_g data_player best final fight ever!
  22. SgtMerrick liked a post in a topic by Nasty Note in Lindsay Lohan lawsuit against GTA 5   
    She hasn't released a hit in a while (by hit, I'm not including her hit-and-runs), so she needs to get that drug money somehow.
  23. Nasty Note liked a post in a topic by hornedturtle in Kids to play Mature/Adult games? - Angry Poll!!   
    Not all kids are the same. Not all kids use the mic. It should be up to the parents to raise there children and decide whar content is best for them
  24. Nasty Note liked a post in a topic by ViralBunny in Lindsay Lohan lawsuit against GTA 5   
    i didnt know you could copywrite the "dirt scumbag trashy tramp" look, that Lindsay sure is a business genius for doing that....
  25. SgtMerrick liked a post in a topic by Nasty Note in Lindsay Lohan lawsuit against GTA 5   
    She hasn't released a hit in a while (by hit, I'm not including her hit-and-runs), so she needs to get that drug money somehow.