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  1. This isn't a very old easter egg, but it is the one I hope will come true the most. In The Last of Us, when you are in the toystore, there is a "Uncharted" boardgame. I want that boardgame... GIVE ME THAT BORADGAME ND!!!
  2. 1: I'm a lootwhore, which is why I get mods to increase carry weight in games like Fallout and Skyrim. I don't really see this as much as cheating, as I see it as saving me from spending 30 minutes on running back and forth with stuff. 2: Always like to sort my inventory, if the game don't have a sort inventory button. I'll do it myself. 3: Always reloading in FPS ot Third PS games. Which got me in trouble so many times in Payday 2. 4: I tend to start a game, then try another game before finishing the first one. Annnnnnnnd I forget to get back to it, or a new game comes out that I want to play. Leaving many games unfinished. 5: I also have the problem with doing so many sidequests that I forget what the main story is about in games where that's possible.
  3. I did pre-order the Collector's Edition of the game, not because I wanted to pay a lot of money for something that looked pretty, but because I was actually expecting a great game. The graphics still look great for me, but much more important than the graphics however, the game is freaking FUN to play. There's lots off loot, huge world to explore, different skillset builds to try out, which might make it interestin to replay to try out different things to find what works best for you. Besides, there WILL be a modding community for the game, just wait a little and the graphic improvements you want will be modded. I for one is not disappointed at all, I'm having a blast.
  4. It's pretty easy actually, people buy CoD, so they make them. I don't care about any of the games, so I'm not gonna sign a petition to stop them. But you probably have more success convincing people to stop buying the games, rather than EA stop making them. But still, if there is a lot of people who enjoy the games, why take that away from them? CoD players are gamers too, you know... Sort of.
  5. I wouldn't mind a Rage 2 either. But Fallout 4... Is a MUST!
  6. I love Grandia, need to get this one tho. Hopefully they have Grandia II on PS Store too.
  7. I do believe that too many games are overhyped and can't deliver on their proimisses these days, which might have something to do with Witcher 3 not getting more pre-orders. Also, if a game is known to be bad or have something being bad like a combat system, I also think people want to see that change before actually starting to trust those games with pre-orders. But personally, I have my collector's edition pre-ordered and I'm pretty damn hyped for the game. I think it's gonna be awesome.
  8. Invited.
  9. That's the great thing about platforms, people prefer different type of games on different type of platforms. So having the options is a good thing.
  10. With all the remastered games lately, it wouldn't suprise me if Skyrim got a PS4\Xbox One remaster too. Might also be a Rage 2.
  11. Sign me up bro. PSN ID is to the left.
  12. Uncharted 4 is delayed til 2016 tho. Bummed me out a little bit, but hopefully the game will be better for it. I also have a pre-order for Tekken 7 at GameStop, not sure when it comes out tho. Square also announsed that Tri-Ace is developing Star Ocean 5, but that's probably late 2016 or early 2017. But still exciting.
  13. I don't buy into the PC master race crap at all. But I'm getting this for PC. It's all about different type of games being enjoyed more on different platforms for me. Some games I like on PC and others on console. But Witcher is PC for me.
  14. I suck at the game, but I'm all for it.
  15. Nerdgasm incoming... *drools* Nuff said...