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  1. Lets be fair, Tony Stark is just as crazy if not more so.
  2. So there is a little kid outside with diety level wishes using his magical notebook that lets him completely re-write all of reality every few seconds and nothing at all can stop him. That world sounds a billion times more dangerous to live in then the dystopian futures everyone else has listed. The only way that would be fun is if your the only person holding that notebook and no one else gets to have one.
  3. Probably because the retailers know their products will go on sale within the first 3 weeks of release for 10-20% off or more, and 20-40% off a month later. On some of the most popular PC titles you can shop around and find $5-10 off deals sometimes before the games even been released. I think they understand that the biggest profit cuts come from people who are patient so they push for as much cost as they can get people to pay that first week or two. The profit cuts later from sales dont hurt as much when you start at 60, which is why most games see a deluxe edition for 10 dollars more and some preorder exclusives so people pay that higher price rather then wait a month and pay half of what the company would get. In addition to that the publishers and developers would see some high backlash from brick and mortar stores if they sold the digital online versions cheaper, and they cant afford to lose the support of retailers since thats the majority of sales.
  4. I feel like the far more interesting fight would be Batman in an Ironman suit vs Tony Stark in an Ironman suit. It makes the rules of the fight even and changes the dynamic of the question being asked. Because then the question becomes: Does Batmans combat prowess win out over Tony Stark's technical expertise?
  5. I feel as though the holy church of the flying spaghetti monster is not properly represented by this poll.
  6. I feel like if a game designer is going to have mutliple main characters in a game that all do some form of combat next to you they should be controllable if player 2 suddenly picks up the gamepad so he can take over for the AI. It doesnt have to go full on split screen or require multiple consoles. Older games let you do this even though player one drove the camera connected to the hero. Final Fantasy 6 was a great example of 2 players in a single player game without it affecting the story or even changing the game to accomodate it.
  7. Id like to see a Zelda game where Link isnt the hero, and Zelda has to go save him from Ganon instead.
  8. Beyond Good and Evil. Ubisoft claims to be making a second one, but they have been saying that for 6 years now, and the original is over 10 years old.
  9. Id say Assassins Creed, the combat gameplay doesnt ever feel like its changing even though they keep moving the setting, the time, and the protaganist. I just stopped buying them after the 3rd one. Id also say Final Fantasy became overrated after game nine. Everything up to nine was great and then they hit that ps2 era with ten and it just started tanking in terms of both story and engagement.
  10. Slayers is the best anime. Followed by Ghost in the shell, attack on titan, then Tenchi
  11. I havent purchased EA software in over a year. Not since the simcity disaster.