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  1. I just found this out and hopefully it will get around. I usually buy my games from either Amazon or Best Buy both offer 20% off for members. Best Buy usually wins out because if you pre-order a game you get a $10 best buy credit for a future purchase. It does not appear they are offering that anymore...none of the upcoming titles since For Honor and Ghost Wildlands, Mass Effect will have the pre-order bonus. Kind of a bummer I really liked that deal. It was worth putting up with the dummies at Best Buy,
  2. Absolutely...I would love to see more of this storyline, and it felt more like the "MOH" series(medal of honor)...I know that there is a small portion that liked those games I for one one both of them...
  3. I agree with that....I was not excited about the game especially after that shit show Black Ops Series and COD Ghost...I play mainly campaigns and don't really care for the MP part of it. I do believe with the multiple releases of the FPS this holiday season really hurt them as well....They need to bring back the demo games of Xbox days...seems everything is pre-order but you can't test the games out anymore..
  4. I just finished playing the campaign and fell in love with the voice acting, the storyline & game play....This was a great improvement over this developers last game which was COD Ghost...I am not really a MP guy but I do play the BOT MP so I am not bothered with trying to find rooms or deal with campers...I love the MP BOT maps... I am just hearing things because a lot of people did not like this game?? What gives??
  5. Nice job and nice research!! I agree with you it's a scam. I also wanted to bring attention to this as very few people know about this.
  6. Not a scam?!?! Itried attaching a photo from game stop but its too big to attached...You get a steel box indicating that a game would be included, but is not...so they give you the steel box but a digital code??? Also Titanfall was $249.99 and you at least got a physical game with it.
  7. Hey fellow gamers, This was brought to my attention and I wanted to share this with the community. The $249.99 Collectors edition does not come with a physical copy of the game but a damn digital download... I am strongly against any type of digital download that cost face value...There needs to be a steep discount for a game that is digital only. There is plenty of saving from the gaming developer/distributor due to no shipping costs, fuel, box store cost, storage...etc... A digital new release game should cost no more than $30-40 dollars and far less for an AA or less title. I will be buying the standard edition of the game. I will not buy the limited or the collector's edition. (I tried to copy the links to the post but I was unable to do so and I hope the pictures are large enough to show....please if you have a clear picture of the front of the collectors please add it to your post and of course sound off...its been awhile since I posted on her and I wanted to share this with everyone!!) ***** Update....MS has set up a website to "exchange" your digital code for a physical disk....what a scam!!
  8. Is it me or when every time I turn on my xbox its telling me there's an update pending??? I am talking large files that has to be downloaded and install....WTF?!?!
  9. I just turned 35 and I have 2 kids under 4 and I feel that this game and future releases of this title are a young man's (girl) game....I don't remember the last time I felt betrayed by a developer for making last changes to the game... I don't have the time or the energy to play pvp to try and get my character up....I just wanted a sic story line to play as I like gaming but to me its like playing a mini movie. As we all now there was no story to this game...and you need to play with at least someone else to get through the game... I know people rag on COD but at least its a decent if not good story...
  10. Is anyone still playing this game..i haven't played in a few months and might go back and try to get Gen 3....am I wasting my time...does anyone play anymore??
  11. It's been a few weeks/months, but EA stepped up and sent me a replacement Titanfall statue!!! Not sure yet if I will just keep in the box or put it back on display in my home. Respawn was no help at all and did nothing to try and help resolve their statue or point me in the right direction. EA just earned some points in my book!!
  12. I am currently a Gen2 level 47 and I think that's it for me...Watch dogs, Saints Row4( had to wait till it hit $20), walking dead(360 telltale) and coming in July Sniper Elite v3....I will hang on to it maybe and won't trade it in..
  13. I had a little down time from my work from home day and played a little during the lunch hour....it takes a very long time for a game to fill and that god damn start timer takes forever to count down and people start leaving and then it resets...Please Respawn add a ready button to the damn lobby...no one should have to wait 90sec or more to have a game start... I feel this game is dying...
  14. I am playing Xbox1 version