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  1. I found this RTS engine on the Unity asset store for $60. https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/templates/packs/rts-engine-79732
  2. There is a Spreadshirt for Angry Joe merchandise but that particular shirt isn't there..... maybe it will be added later?
  3. I am intrigued by a lot of the ideas and possibilities, they get me for the first time really excited about where this could go. In that final sequence it's finally revealed that mother was Faye, a giant. It is also revealed that the boy is Loki which is why I'm guessing they kept all the information about the mother hidden until the last minute because "The boy's" identity would have been given away since he is the product of God and Giant. There is also an ominous picture at the end with the prophecy that Atreus will ultimately kill his father and Kratos... Doesn't react. It's already stated in the final battle with Baldur that Freya "Will rain down every agony. Every violation imaginable, upon you. I will parade your cold body, from every corner, of every realm, and feed your souls to the vilest filth in hell. That is my promise!" Will Freya turn Atreus against his father in an attempt at the ultimate revenge and insult? There is another intriguing possibility that's been floating around the interweb that Kratos is Tyr. It's mentioned in the lore that the battle between Jörmungandr and Thor is so shattering that it traverses time and space. Tyr is known to be a God but a friend of the giants and by extension an enemy of the Gods of which it's very clear that Kratos is, as well as being married and a father to one. Maybe Tyr is a persona that Kratos comes back in time at Ragnarok to try to broker a peace to prevent Armageddon but would ultimately fail?
  4. Well, it's been a few weeks since this phenomenal game came out with many tidbits and aspects of the game worth discussing. I think it's about time we had a spoiler thread where those who have played can discuss this game as well as the franchise as a whole without worrying about spoilers. Naturally, if you have not played through the entire campaign yet and intend to do so do not read anything beyond this opening post. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!
  5. I just got news that the full game will release on GOG and steam on May 31st. Unfortunately, due to issues with multiplayer support the Console versions won't release until later. I've been playing the BETA as well as other early tests and demo's for a while and I'm super excited for the release of the main game!
  6. The actual game is never going to come out..... it will be in alpha forever and/or until the money dries up. Just informing you to save you any potential disappointment.
  7. I've noticed she does allot of stuff with Brad and Phelous.
  8. Not officially confirmed but this appears to be exactly what is happening (Remember NOT confirmed so take with a grain of salt): COD: Battlefield: https://venturebeat.com/2018/04/18/dice-battlefield-v-battle-royale/
  9. There were a lot of complaints about mismanagement back then and many producers left ThtGuyWithTheGlasses as a result. This stuff surrounding accusations of sexual assault, misogyny, and some other things have all only become public recently, not to mention they frankly couldn't have responded to the situation much worse if they tried to. You can check the links and videos posted earlier in this thread if you want to know more. I'll just state for the record despite that there is considerable testimony from many former Channel Awesome contributors allot of it is speculative and not proven.
  10. It's not fair to blindly apply that stigma to every person associated with the company, not even the former producers who drafted and/or contributed to the document are doing that. That's like saying that each and every single individual who served with the Axis powers during WW2 is guilty of war crimes which is simply not the case. Responsibility ultimately with the individuals for their actions and/or negligence.
  11. If Doug Walker or that asshole Mike Michaud have left Channel Awesome and/or the company has disbanded you'd think there would have been some announcement by now, I think they are waiting for the thing to blow over but it's not happening. It's such a shame and disappointment. I've been watching Doug Walker and I've enjoyed his as well as many of the other of CA producer's content for a long time, now the whole thing just feels dirty and dripping with disdain. I'd be one of the first to come to their defense on this but, I cant. It's clear that there is got to have to be some major changes over there but it might already be too late. In the meantime.......... FUCK IT!
  12. Welcome to the Army!
  13. If you had asked me 3 weeks ago I'd have told you I was a huge fan of Channel Awesome....... Now I dunno what to think........
  14. I don't think Battle Royale is going to fall off the cliff anytime soon, the next Battlefield and possibly COD will likely include their own BR modes and it will probably start dying after that. As for the "Next Big Craze" It's anyone's guess. There are a couple of team-based objective multiplayer games like Skull & Bones later this year so that style might get popular again or maybe the ever popular GTA V sandbox style of multiplayer will get a refresh with the release of Red Dead Redemption 2. Most of the games that seem to have the most hype at the moment are single player like The Last of Us Part 2, God of War, Spiderman, Cyberpunk 2077, Death Stranding and so on. If I was clairvoyant and could see the future I probably wouldn't say it! I WANT MONEY!!!!!!!!
  15. Well, gamers will tire of it eventually and then there will be something else that comes along to start another trend. Not that I have anything against the genre it's just what inevitably happens.