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  1. Well actually it is getting some traction in the US. US House of Representatives Member for the State of Hawaii Chris Lee along with representatives of parental, religious and gaming communicates releases this statement regarding the predatory gambling practices of EA and other game publishers. A number of YouTubers have made videos responding to the situation here and in Belgium as well. Here is a couple of examples: Sid Alpha YongYea I'm glad that official government bodies are FINALLY starting to listen, but the gaming community needs to keep the pressure up for 2018 to be the death of the lootbox.
  2. I haven't seen Spiderman Homecoming yet so I can't really comment but most seem to enjoy it: As for X-Men, I know this isn't exactly chronological of release, it's just my own personal order of what I did or didn't experience. I liked the first one (far from a masterpiece but enjoyable), X-2 was okay and I didn't like The last Stand. I skipped Origins Wolverine because I heard it was terrible and I couldn't get into First Class. I know lot's of people like it but aside from maybe Gambit it just didn't grip me, It felt like a train line of cameos setting up for future sequels and that was a bit mis-cast in some places. With the reboot falling mostly flat for me after that I just never bothered until Deadpool and Logan (debatable whether Deadpool at least should really included in this list) but from what I understand they weren't really any better expect then the earlier movies for maybe The Wolverine. So yeah.... for me at least this franchise has averaged to be..... well kinda average. So to be realistic I don't see how Fox losing the licence could ruin anything at this stage and it would solve some other previously mentioned licencing problems if they did. I still think Netflix would be the best people to licence it to because aside form maybe Iron Fist they have just been throwing out hit after hit lately including some Marvel franchises like Daredevil, Jessica Jones and The Punisher. So if the license for X-Men were to move form Fox I think that would be the best bet.
  3. There has been the occasional hit like Logan and Deadpool but let's be honest..... most of the Marvel based material coming from Fox has not been very good from a (mostly) lackluster series of XMen titles to the truly dismal Fantastic 4 Reboot. Would these Movies improve if licence went back to Marvel/Disney...... possibly but it's certainly not guaranteed. This is not the only problem that Fox having the licence has created, like the XMen being left out the Latest Marvel vs Capcom and their is no doubt that they would have been included if Marvel had the licence. So overall...... I think it would be better if the licence was back with with Marvel or at least leased out to someone else like Netflix who have been putting consistently better Marvel Material.
  4. We have enough gambling simulators on the market already.
  5. That's a good point actually..... I remember in Mirrors Edge you could see your and a part of your body when you looked down and that was developed (by DICE) more than 10 years ago yet this is still so rare in modern shooters.
  6. I just re-installed, a pain in the ass but it worked.
  7. I haven't played in a few days but it was working fine for me the last time I tried, I'll check it later. EDIT: Now that I have reclaimed my UPlay account from some Dutch dope addict I'm now having this issue to.
  8. To be honest I didn't really get into Stranger Things when it first showed on Netflix last year. Not that I thought there was anything wrong with it per se but it just didn't grip me. I watched like the first episode or two and after that I just never bothered. Then my brother convinced me to binge watch Season one and two last weekend and now I cannot for my life figure out how the hell I manged not to get into it! I was absolutely blown away this time! Well developed characters, fascinating story, excellent writing and of course tons of geeky 80's nostalgia to gorge on. I think the thing that impressed me the most was the quality of the performances, everyone (and even their pets) are just perfect! I've even watched some of the documentary material like Beyond Stranger things as well as interviews, panels and so on and I makes me feel really bad about myself.... can these fucking kids at least try not to be adorable, funny and super talented for once?
  9. One little thing worth noting about the PC version is that in order to change the settings you have to start from the launcher menu, the settings menu is not in game leading many to think that the settings are locked but their not.
  10. I had considered maybe jumping back on board on this one for the campaign stuff, but I've heard that aside from some interesting French resistance espionage stuff that it's actually not that great. Maybe when on sale for dirt cheap in maybe a year or two but certainly not right now at anything close to full price.
  11. Dawn of the Samurai and Days of the blade might not look like they play that different, hell Days of the Blade might even look a little better since it boasts some very impressive graphics for the time but trust me, the experience of actually playing them is night and day. The biggest problem with Days of the Blade by a country mile is the camera. It's a automatic tracking camera in both games but in Dawn of the Samurai you have a wide isometric view giving you clear shots showing whats in front, behind and on both sides of you which is good thing since (in both games) you are often surrounded. In Days of the Blade however it's mounted way closer and lower making it borderline impossible to see anything but what's directly in front of wherever way the camera has decided it wants to point. This camera angle is fine for something like a third person shooter where you actually need to see into the distance but here It's pointless since there is no ranged attacks and up close it causes nothing but problems. There is a classic example in the very video you posted, if you skip to around 18:50 you'll Notice he's playing as Benkei fighting on a bridge. A few minutes later he's playing as Yoshitsune backtracking across the same bridge but the camera is still pointed towards the door so he's running in almost completely blind to whats to right in front of his face. It might not seem like that big a deal and it wouldn't be if only happens occasionally but it is continuous in this game. There is some circumstances where you might be fighting a larger boss where it as well as other obstacles will constantly disappear to prevent the camera from being blocked by it. They also tried to compensate by including a minimap but there is no indication of which direction the camera is facing on it making it often even more confusing. It's clear that they knew that they fucked this up and addressed it buy cutting corners instead actually fixing it. There's more to complain about like the Kamui mechanic being changed from timing based system to a shitty QTE and the horseshit story but I don't wan't to derail this to much so I'll stop here.
  12. These trailers do try to throw curve balls sometimes, we don't know the context or even (at least for sure) if those shots are part of the same scene at all. If he did attack her then it would support the "she's decedent form a Sith" theory.
  13. Oh fuck don't remind me! The first Genji was an underrated classic but by god the second one was barley playable garbage!
  14. Yeah I agree, I think this will be something a more realistic. Although I am getting mixed messages from the limited press material that we have. Sucker punch have described it as a 3rd person stealth action game which is a bit of a contradiction for Samurai, Ninjas are the ones you would associate with techniques like those. They couldn't beat the soldiers (including Samurai) that they were fighting against in a fair fight so they didn't fight fair, something a Samurai would never do because it would be considered dishonourable. It's still early days but if they want to do stealth I'd hope for multiple playable characters with different attributes and fighting styles like they did with Infamous Second Son. For a game where you play as a Samurai the "The way of the Ghost" doesn't really add up for me.