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  1. I see your point but I think more productive to actually explore and discuss issues like this rather than hide it under the carpet, which is effectively what censorship does. Media including games is an effective way to do that without harming anyone. By drawing attention to the issue it makes people aware and encourages victims to seek justice. Let me give you an example from my county, in the UK over the past 4 or 5 years there has been allot of Historical Child Abuse cases many of which involve perpetrators from various Religious Institutions, Government organisations and Corporations may of which are years even decades old. Some of these a perps are now dead or so old that they will die in prison years before their time is up, in other words the victims never truly got justice. If it happens now they are much more likely to come forward sooner and have a much better chance of getting justice and that is thanks a large part to education and media. Obviously there are certain games that certain people shouldn't be playing because of their age or sensitivity to certain issues, but that's what ESRB/PEGI/BBFC ratings are for. Consoles and PC clients also have parental controls available so that parents can restrict what type of content that their children can access and it's not exactly hard to briefly look up a game or it's rating and draw some reasonable conclusions, so if your a parent and your kids play something unsuitable you have nobody to blame but yourself. The only thing it doesn't tell you is whether the game sucks. There are some games which are rightly banned but in most cases it's because of politics, over-sensitivity or legal nonsense. Looking at this random top 10 and I'd have to say that Rapelay (number 6) is the only one that I think was banned for a legitimately harmful content. This is something that in my opinion governments need to ease up on and give consumers the choice instead. I'm sorry if I went a little of the post I originally responded to but I guess I had more to say, thanks for reading.
  2. Well with hindsight he obviously made the wrong choice but he had no way of knowing that the game franchise would be such a success. He had the choice of playing it safe or taking a risk and I don't blame him for playing it safe. Besides the success of the games have almost certainly increased his book sales substantially especially outside Poland.
  3. Maybe the script was written in this........
  4. By "Netflix Original" what they mean is it's prduced by Netflix themselves and is exclusive to the platform. It's not released in theatres, followed by DVD/Blu-Ray/digital purchase then Netflix like most other movies. It's just how Daredevil is a "Netflix Original" series, they're not saying they created the the Original character's or story it's just a slogan identifying it as a Netflix production. There is no need to get so worked up.
  5. So it's finally here........ and probably copyright claimed by the archaic assholes of Nintendo Japan by now (I've already downloaded the video just in case). The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild angry review. Is it worth buying a Switch or dusting of your WiiU for? Angry Joe rides for Hyrule as Other Joe "Swtich's" gender........ again to find out!
  6. If I had to guess right now I probably say 6 but who knows.
  7. Well I'm already convinced that Shadow of War, just like it's predecessor is going to suck. But the reasons I hate that game that mostly revolve how you play as an invincible billy badass moron against dumb as fuck AI are what most people seem to like about it so fuck knows!
  8. I'm staring to get the feeling that maybe this has been rushed a little.... maybe..... Oh who are kidding! They fucked it and it's HILARIOUS! Once the sex scenes get uploaded I'll offload and then I'm done! Joking aside I know it's only snippets but it seems uncharacteristic of Bioware to misfire on things like dialogue and animations this badly, one character fires her weapon while holding it BACKWARDS! Glitches like the pop in can be fixed through patches but there are many other things that can't, at least not anytime soon. This is pretty embarrassing, and I really feel sorry for anyone who was looking forward to this.
  9. Why is it Australia is so fastidious out this one thing?
  10. The reason why I'm harder on digital content is because it has no real value, this kind of stuff (while I agree is overpriced most of the time) does. Microtransactions in AAA games, even ones that aren't PTW are the worst and I will always shit on them because they intentionally make the game less enjoyable or more of a grind unless you pay a fee and that is wrong!
  11. .....and that's a bad thing because....... Think about it for a minute and not only does it make sense to give the option of buying without the game but it's actually BETTER for consumers because it gives them choices. It gives the consumer the option of buying the collectors edition early (which you usualy have to do because they almost always sell out), WITHOUT having to comit to the game early. You can choose not to buy the game and just the collectibles for display or a present for somone. It gives the consumer time to read reviews for the game and sell the collector's edition stuff to someone else if they decide they don't want it. They can choose which platform they want it on later if one gets a better port or pick up the game cheaper digitally or used. What would you prefer? That the publishers force you to buy the game with it day one before you gave had the chance see any critical feedback?
  12. If I were a big fan of the series I would consider pre-ordering, hell I'd have probably ordered the collectors edition (which is actually pretty cool).... ......But I'm not really that big a fan so I'm waiting for reviews. On top of that I already have Zelda, Horizon Zero Dawn, Gravity Rush 2 and I'm also considering NieR Automata so I'm pretty much fully booked until the summer anyway. It's the same argument I'd make for pre-ordering any game, If you KNOW your going to play it and accept the risk that it might not be as good as you think then by all means go ahead. I know most people take a very cynical view when it comes to pre-orders but I'm OK with it. Nobody has the right to tell you what you can and can't do with your money. To be honest you don't seem really that enthused so in your case I probably say no, but like I said it's your own choice...... and risk!
  13. I've been playing Zelda allot the last couple of days so I guess I'll share my initial impression. You've seen the reviews and all the 9's and 10's it's been getting, so I guess it's no surprise really that the game is fantastic! For starters the map is ENORMOUS At 360 square kilometres. Just to put that into perspective The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is 41 square kilometres and The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is 218 square Kilometres! With the exception of MMO's and procedurally generated games like No Mans Sky and Daggefall the only game I can think of that has a bigger map that this is Just cause 3. This is the starting area. Comparable in size to a hold in Skyrim..... ...... And this is he map zoomed out! It's not like they have sacrificed features, density or verticality to achieve this either, it's packed full of towns, enemy camps, wild animals, shrines, mountains, valleys, foliage and everything! There's plenty to do to in terms of side quests, gathering materials, hunting, cooking, and so on. So far I've spent much of my time visiting the shrines and "Ubisoft" towers which unlock fast travel locations. You can also tame and stable wild horses which are obviously useful in a map as big as this. The combat is fun to and in the typical style of a Zelda game. You can equip a bow, shield and a variety of melee weapons some of which are more like tools such as a torch. You can also equip Runes which give access special abilities like using a magnet to move metallic objects and produce bombs. The thing that really impressed me the most is how good the AI is for both enemies and NPC's. At one point I came across a couple of women who where out in the woods gathering supplies and cam under attack and I could hiding behind trees and calling out for help. The enemies will pick up loose weapons and shields and kick bombs you have placed back at you! With all that being said..... It's not going to take my number one spot for this year......... Some might call blasphemy for saying it but I actually think the recently released Horizon Zero Dawn on PS4 is better. Despite all the great things I have to say about it does have a few grating annoyances that keep it from a perfect score in my opinion. The first thing is travelling can be a real pain, I frequently find myself just simply trying to get from A to B and there is a cliff, valley or some other environmental object in my way forcing me to either go the long way round or abandon my horse and climb and it's irritating. In almost every console game I have ever played with a 4 button layout on the right has the bottom one for enter on a menu and the button on the right for back, but in this it's the opposite and it's difficult to get used to. The weapons in the game have a limited amount of uses before they wear out and break which is common feature in many games like this but here it happens WAY to often. It's like everything is made out of glass, you'd be lucky to kill maybe 3 enemies with one weapon before it breaks so you are constantly having to switch to another one or pick something else up to continue fighting. The most annoying thing by far for me the drop mechanic. You can pick up weapons with one button push and equip them easily from the quick menu just fine. However, when all 5 (yes, only 5) of the weapon/tool slots are full and you need to drop something to free up the slot it is a pain in the ass because you have to open up the main menu, navigate the main slider to inventory, shift the secondary slider to weapons, select the item you want to drop, open up the sub menu, select drop, move a couple of steps away so you don't pick up the wrong item then finally pick up the item that you want. Why the hell they have the equip feature in the quick menu but don't have the drop is baffling because you'r doing this ALL the time and it's extremely irritating. Well those are my initial thoughts, thanks for reading.
  14. We have switched over to Discord for communication. If you haven't already download DISCORD and you can join our server through THIS LINK. Welcome to the Army!