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  1. As a game it sounds very similar in concept the hugely underated Brütal Legend, but with a more serious undertone: Well I loved that so I'd be down for something like this!
  2. It's a point score of how much work the CPU is doing. I wouldn't worry to much about the score, as long as the test completes.
  3. It might be because you were running the Open GL, which is more a graphics test then CPU one but it's not that important. I'd recommend running the CPU test just to make sure the overclock is stable.
  4. For free software your always going to be making some sort of compromise whether it be a watermark, limited trial, video length cap or whatever. If your serious I'd just buy Sony Vegas or something.
  5. Welcome to the Army!
  6. Making those internal components out of steel to address a problem that very few people get is a really dumb idea. Your standard controller would end up costing upwards of $150, would be far to heavy, have an increased risk of electric shock and might actually make the very issue your addressing even worse since the hard steel components would wear out the plastic ones their attached to even faster. I think the current line up of standard PlayStation and XBox controllers are the best we've ever seen. Inevitably you'll get the occasional defective product but unless it's a consistent issue then there's to redesign the whole line.
  7. Most people will stay away because #FucKonami and the few that don't will populate the servers for probably a week or two before they get sick of it. This "game" is a complete waste of time.
  8. Ok, first if (if you haven't already) I want you to install some temperature monitoring software like Real Temp and Cinebench for testing. If you want you can run a test before you overclock to see how much it changes. I'm going to walk you through a very basic overclock. First you'll need to get to your BIOS by restarting and hitting the appropriate key when prompted, it's usually DEL or one of the F keys. and you should see something like this (yours wont be exactly the same as mine): As you can see the CPU frequency is displayed, if you look through your BIOS settings there should be an option to increase the CPU core multiplier of sometimes the frequency itself. In my BIOS it's under the Extreme Tweaker Tab and I increased the CPU core ratio from the default 36.00 (3600MHz) to 39.00 (3900Mhz): Your default speed should be 3400MHz, it's best to Overclock in increments so start with a fairly modest increase from 3400MHz to 3600Mhz. Then save changes and restart. You can verify what speed your CPU is running at by going into the BIOS again or through the performance tab in the Task Manger: Now I want you to start Cinebench and the temperature monitoring software. Run the CPU test and keep an eye on the temperatures. If the temperature doesn't run to high (I personally wouldn't let it get higher 80 Celsius, 70 if you want to play it safe) and the test successfully completes you'll know that it's stable at the frequency that you have selected. Repeat the process upping the speed incrementally as long as the test completes and temperatures are acceptable. I cant say for certain if 500W will be enough but if it's not the system will likely hard crash and switch off.
  9. I agree, I think kids would have more fun and creative stimulation going crazy with Lego, Crayons, paint or pretty much anything. Not to mention the price tag is absolutely ridiculous!
  10. The PS4 Pro isn't really worth it if you already have a PS4, not even for VR. I would recommend a PS4 Pro if you don't already have a PS4 since the Slim model is complete waste of the planets precious resources.
  11. Nobody here is Angry Joe's personal keyboard warrior. Even if that was the case I spent nearly £400 on a console, accessories and the game and it was a massive let down. Do you really think I'm going to give a shit if an Angry Fanboy starts whining about my opinion?
  12. Hi everyone! We all know there was some fantastic games in 2017, so much I'd be willing to call it the best year for quality games that we have had for a long time. This however does not alter the fact that it had more than it's fair share of bad games, disappointments, controversies and some seriously shady business practices that ruined what cold have been some solid releases. Rather than doing separate topics for these I've decided to amalgamate these into one, so post your list of games for whatever reason had you saying to yourself or out load.. Fuck This Game! Allow me to make a start (in no particular order): FUCK The legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild! Possibly not going to be a popular choice here but someone has got to say it. This game is overrated, annoying and tedious with the vast majority of it's many shortcomings passing through the filter of the gaming media and even independent YouTuber's underplayed or even totally ignored. Don't get me wrong, it has aspects of genuine brilliance in the combat, the intelligent AI, shrine puzzles, it's numerous in game mechanics, the ingenious level design and in amount of freedom it offers. However at other points it also one of the most frustrating and least fun gaming experiences of my entire life with it's overly fragile weapons, seemingly randomly spotted difficulty spikes, the needless necessity of having to travel back to specific points in order to level up, the stamina gauge, the fact the huge map seems to have been specifically designed to make the simple task of travelling from A to B as tedious and difficult as it can possibly be. For me at least in looking exclusively at the game itself this is 2017's greatest disappointment. FUCK Middle-Earth: Shadow of War! Riding off the subject games that I am unable to understand why so many like them so much we have the sequel to critically acclaimed but in this ones humble opinion FUCKING GOD AWFUL Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor. Yet I can comfortably say without even touching it that this follow up..... is even worse! Not only does it not seem that any of issues concerning the story, laughable stealth detection and lack of challenge have been addressed, (I heard some say they are even worse) but Warner Brothers Interactive decided to play the ultimate card in corporate smut and re-package the Nemesis system into a glorified gambling simulator. Thanks to the introduction of lootboxs you can pay your way into making Tallion and his army even more so the bunch overpowered jackasses than they already were without even playing the fucking game! Even honest attempts by the developer to pay tribute to a late colleague were left dripping with the disdain of corporate greed. I know now that this Middle-Earth will never be what I was hoping for. FUCK Life is Strange: Before the Storm! Now I already wrote a full review of this so I'll keep this brief. If you thought that going forward with such a well received new IP without the support of the original developer would be a mistake or that a prequel to a game that had such focus on player choice would be DOA when we already know what is ultimately going to happen.... then you'd be absolutely right. With less interactive gameplay, downgraded production with story and writing that plays out more like an amateur fan fiction than a legitimate prequel and what you get another huge let down in 2017. Full Review here: http://angryjoeshow.com/ajsa/forums/topic/39559-life-is-strange-before-the-storm-episodes-1-3-crabby-review/ FUCK Destiny 2! Here's the skinny on this one at least from my perspective. Despite it's issues I enjoyed the original and had every intention of paying this. However, during the open BETA for both PS4 and PC I was plagued with technical issues that as far I know almost nobody else seemed to suffer. In hindsight it almost seems to me now that this was a sign of an ill omen and I stayed away.... and thank fuck I did when you consider everything that has happened since. From players being banned for using totally innocent software like Discord or MSI Afterburner, locking players out of base game content unless they bought the first expansion, Bungie secretly capping XP gains to encourage players to spend more real money in the Eververse, designing a seasonal event to make it impossible to get every limited time item in the Eververse unless you gamble for it among so many other controversies that would even make EA blush! There's to much for me to even go through here but I'll leave a link to YongYea's YouTube channel if you want to learn more. It seems that Bungie have lost their drive here and don't really seem to care anymore. YongYea, YouTube FUCK The Life of Black Tiger! One the worst games if not THE worst game of 2017, not to mention one of the most confusing. I guess it's not that surprising that asset flipping trash made it as a freebie on mobile. This piece of shit truly stepped up to the plate by not only managing to get on the PlayStation store, not only charging $10 for a "game" that was originally free, not only getting activity promoted by PlayStation on their official YouTube channel with a trailer that (as you can see) is still there to this day but that very Trailer uses music directly stolen form JackonTC's piano cover of "Next to You" from the Anime Parasyte/Kiseijuu.... HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!! How the hell did Sony allow this to happen! It truly beggars Belief! FUCK Star Wars Battlefront 2 EA! Well..... Well.... Well..... What more is there really about EA and their magnum PR disasterpiece that hasn't already been said by every gamer, journalist, members of the pubic and even government officials that hasn't been said already. To quote Hawaii House of Representatives member Chris Lee "It's a trap!". I could go on and ranting and raging as much as anyone about EA's ludicrous and greedy decision to include a Loot box glorified gambling system a AAA Star aimed at children. I could go even further in that they made it infinity worse by tying Crafting Parts required for progression as well as Star Cards that give players significant in game advantages to the Loot Box's making it a Pay-To-Win system. The truth is though.... I actually want to thank them! The swift and decisive retribution of the gaming community got the attention of the media at large and now legislators all over the world are looking in to regulation for these in game Casino's all because EA took a step to far. It's more possible now more than ever that we may get a day when every copy of Overwatch, Fifa, Need For Speed Payback, COD WWII, Forza Motorsport 7, Destiny 2 and all the other gambling simulators of the world could be re-classified for sale to adults only and removed from most stores. If that happens be rest assured that I will be there at the closing time penultimate to that day watching them being removed from shelves with a cold beer in my hand and big fucking smile on my face! If 2017 was "The Year of the Loot Box" then thanks to EA 2018 might very well be "The Year the Loot Box Dies!" There's more games I could cover here but I don't want to be a whole hog so I'll stop there. Thanks for reading!
  13. Well I've taken some time to think about it so now going to share my top 10 games of 2017. I'm going to start with a few Honourable mentions. There were so many good games this year and these and inevitably some of them I didn't get a Chance to play or didn't play enough to merit an inclusion but possibly would if I did. These include but are not limited to: Wolfenstein 2 Prey Super Mario Odyssey The Evil Within 2 Persona 5 Resident Evil 7 Cuphead Now on with the Top 10 List! #10 Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (Switch) What? Only number 10! To be honest I kinda grudge including this one. As much as I give it credit on it's scale, ambition and fun combat it's also one of the most hair pulling and frustrating games I've played all year. Certain aspects of it are ingeniously designed and expertly crafted but each one of those there's another that pisses you the fuck off! It just made the top 10 best but spoiler alert..... It's also going to merit a place in my top list for most disappointing. #9 Road Redemption (PC) What's this.... a GOOD Biker game! This is a game that is just classic old Skool fun! If you remember Road Rash on the good-old SEGA Genesis/Mega Drive then this is one for you! It's got all the bells and whistles form both a game of that and the modern era with a multitude of weapons and bikes, Track design featuring jumps shortcuts, up to 4 player split screen as well as online multiplayer, tons to unlock and no microtransactions! I've also heard rumours that a publisher of Henti Porn games is looking make an X-Rated version..... so I guess we've that to look forward to! #8 Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age (PS4) Oh! Another "Remaster"! Yeah this is technically a bit of cheating since it is a remaster of a game that came out 10 years ago but I fell it merits inclusion in my list because they actually made measurable improvements to what I already considered one of the strongest games in the franchise. The inclusion of the Zodiac job system which previously only appeared in the Japanese version alleviates the majority of the problems with the initial release without adding a load of unnecessary fodder like they did with Final Fantasy X/X-2. This is a remaster done right and It was just announced that it is coming to PC next month so if you missed this one there is no better time to try it out. #7 Tales of Berseria (PC) Psst.... The chick on the cover art is almost naked in this! Don't tell anyone! In many ways this is your standard JRPG affair..... but I mean that in a good way! This is the sixteenth entry in the long running tales series but his is the first one I have played and I'm not even close to finished it yet. It's a game I've been meaning to get back to since I built my new PC because I really enjoyed what I played of it so far. The combat is fast, The art direction is great, the characters have a ton of charisma and the story despite a rather generic plot is still a lot of fun. I'd love to give a full opinion once I get further through it but for now, it's a thumbs up. Assassins Creed Origins (PC) Yeah it's good game but.... BUY YOUR OWN COPY! My experience of this game has been dented a bit because some weed whacking cheapskate form the Netherlands hacked my UPlay account and completed the game for me! I however will hold not it against the game itself which is actually.... pretty fucking cool! The two year break has certainly done this franchise some good with an improved combat system that feels more weighty, the production values are top notch and the AI is far more competent than in Syndicate. The only Assassins Creed better than this one is Black Flag and that's saying allot. #5 Sonic Mania (Switch) Sonic, Sonic, Sonic....Sonic Sonic..........SONIC! Allot of you are probably gonna think I'm crazy(er), but this is by far the best game I played on my Switch this year! Yep, this throwback to the classic 2D side scrolling Sonic games is more fun than Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Mario Cart 8. I guess it shouldn't be that surprising since this is and most likely always will be where the Blue Hedgehog is at his best. It's also helped along by the fact that every detail from the graphics, music and sound have all been so loving re-created that a less informed gamer might not be able to tell the difference. Not to mention it has arguably the best level design in any Sonic game to date with a mix of both classic and fresh new ideas. It's multi-platform but the Switch is by far the best place to play this in my opinion but regardless this is definitely worth your time. #4 NieR Automata (PC) I'm all about dat ass and so are you! Another one those game I REALLY need to get back to. As a player but a long way from a fan of the original I was pretty sceptical about this release. So it was great relief to see a follow up that took all the interesting concepts and great gameplay ideas and put them into a project that they actually.... well.... finished! This is a classic example PlatinumGames (it is apparently is one word, shrugs) doing what they do best with creative ideas that it's predecessor couldn't follow up on and created one of the best games of the year. The first game was an under-cooked roast that gave you stomach pains this is a where you ask the waiter to pass on your complements to the Chef..... and you've completely forgotten you sitting in a hooters!. DAT ASS!!!!!!!! ............. Ok, so moving onto the top 3. #3 Gravity Rush 2 (PS4) More Flying Ass... ah... I mean Catsuits! What to say about this game? Well it's pretty much like the first, except bigger and better in every way! This is the title that got PlayStation of to a riot year of quality releases and Sony first party studio's pulled no punches this year. I love everything about it form it's visual style, much improved storytelling, lovable characters, excellent missions, fabulous gameplay and truly ingenious open world design that will leave you just fucking around in for hours! The developers took full advantage of added power of the PS4, adding substantially to the game while still preserving the charm of the original PS Vita release. I for one cannot wait to see what these guys do next, as long as it's still skin tight!...... Oh fuck you NieR now my head is permanently in the gutter! #2 Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice (PS4/PC) Ok, serious game dealing with serious issues... all you have is not think about 2B's ass for 5 minutes....... I've been a big fan of Ninja Theory since they launched Heavenly Sword on PS3 back in 2007. Since then they have become renowned in their big budget AAA commercial releases for their combination of fast action packed gameplay and their storytelling which focused heavily on motion captured cutscenes and cinematics..... all of which were legitimate reasons for any fan like me to get VERY worried about this release. The developers went solo without the backing of a major publisher for this project leaving them with a tiny fraction of the budget. Among other things they had to abandon their own hi-tech Mocap studio and produce almost the entire thing in a tiny London flat. Ninja Theory set out to do what few thought could truly be done. A lower budget independent title with AAA aspirations in terms of quality and production tackling the difficult and taboo subject of mental illness head on and yet still be digestible enough to be an entertaining game and commercial success..... BUT HOLY SHIT THEY DID IT!!!!!! What they lacked in resources they more than made up for in creativity, ingenuity and bravery which resulted in 2017's true underdog darling. With a skeleton crew of around 15 to 20 people using motion and performance capture equipment assembled from parts you could buy yourself from Amazon they delivered a game that's not only interesting in concept but spectacular in terms of quality. The visuals are creative and stunning, the gameplay is engaging and the sound design including Melina Juergens performance (who is Ninja Thoery's YouTube Video Editor) blows it out of the park winning 2 VGA's. It's not a long game and it doesn't have much replayability either but by making the best out of what they had Ninja Theory have manged to impress me more than any other developer this year, so much so I bought this game twice! #1 Horizon Zero Dawn (PS4) Let's just get this out the way.....The game is called Horizon: Zero Dawn, the main character is called Aloy, we all know both these names are silly but the game is fucking awesome.... GET OVER IT! Some consider Guerrilla's first attempt at an open world game to be derivative, that it's essentially a bowl of common ingredients to this genre and then being sold to customers as if it were the all new all hip Horizon: Caesars salad. To tell the truth that is kind of what it is, except it's garnished with flames the waiter is a robot dinosaur! It came out around the same time as The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and that was the game I expected to consume me. Ironically not long after playing Zelda I went back to this...... and I've barley picked it up since. In terms of both visuals and gameplay this is one of the best designed open world games I have ever played. Not only is it fucking beautiful but it's dense and the PS4 is able to run this engine extremely well. The story is fantastic and it's all supported by superb voice acting from everyone especially the lead played by Ashley Burch. The way that the back story of this world and Aloy's past tie together is so clever and it only get's more and more interesting towards the end. Aloy is a fun and likeable character who often employs allot of sarcasm and a sense of humour. As I mentioned the gameplay has allot of derivative elements but these are executed brilliantly so that combined with it's original story and enemy design the game still feels fresh. Like for example the so called "Walking Ubi-Towers" that not only add a legitimately fresh twist on the idea but they differ from each other with each one presenting a different environment, obstacles and/or enemy's to find your way around. Combat is fucking intense as well and you'll employ skill, strategy and preparation in order to survive. Especially if you are playing on one of the top tier difficulty settings and even more so on the Frozen Wilds DLC, they should have named this expansion Get Ready to Freeze and Die....... Allot! On the subject of DLC Guerrilla and Sony seem to have fucked this up because apparently they made the complete game. Sold it as a complete game with no season pass, microtransactions or DLC already made aside from a couple of throw away pre-order bonus'. THEN they started making the DLC and sold it several months later at a reasonable price while still making improvements to the base game at no extra charge. Not to mention it's a single player game, a brand new IP, female lead and diverse cast of characters yet it was still a commercial and critical success?...... It's almost like they made a game rather that a games for service platform.... and it worked....... funny that! So Horizon: Zero Dawn is my game of the year for not only being a title worthy in it's own right but for not caving in to the usual commercial pressure to squeeze as much money out of their consumers as possible. It helps to prove ultimately that we were right! Thanks for reading and have a happy game time in 2018 2B has nice ass bye!
  14. Well 343 have already pretty much confirmed that we shouldn't be expecting any news HALO 6 anytime soon let alone a release. Which I find a bit strange when you consider they have already had a long break since last years Halo Wars 2. I would at least expect an announcement this year but we might not even get that. Is HALO still worth playing? It's kinda hard for someone who hasn't really played HALO very much to say, I was on PlayStation 2/3 throughout HALO's earlier years. I do think 343 are capable of making a solid game but maybe HALO and in fact most of XBox's flagship IP's are getting tired at this point. I feel that what XBox really need to with thier first party studios is allow them to take some risks on some fresh new IP's like Sony did with Guerrilla. That's a classic example of a studio that was stuck in a cage for so long working the same Killzone FPS franchise for years but when Sony allowed them to spread thier wings and try somthing different we got this: For all know this might even be exactly whats happening but we don't know! I really want to see XBox do better this year because 2017 was a dud for them.
  15. I think their starting to make a comeback.