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  1. Sounds fine to me.
  2. THIS BETA IS FUCKED!!!!! I cant even make it through Homecoming, every time I reach the Plaza the game breaks. I made a post HERE yesterday if you want more details, I just tried again today the same thing is happening. Am I the only one with this problem?
  3. Not as bad but far from ideal. The problem with older FX series is that the IPS rating (Instructions Per Second) is very low. The quad cores in particular weren't very favorable even they were new. In your position I would consider changing the CPU along with the Motherboard and RAM a higher priority than the GPU right now.
  4. I had my first experience of the Open BETA today on PS4 and it went something like this......... I am not kidding! I don't know if was just server issues due to high volume, if I was just really unlucky or if the netcode (possibly even the whole game) is fucked beyond belief but the sheer volume of bugs and connectivity issues made it impossible for me to even get past the first stage! This is my own personal account so your experience may be different and for your sake I hope so but be warned! You want to play this BETA.... be prepared for the following image to be be burned into you retina! Fuck you! My internet s perfectly fine.... IT'S YOU!!!!! To start with everything seemed fine. I watched the cutscene and progressed through the level and everything seemed to be functioning like it was supposed to until I got to the Plaza where all hell is supposed to break loose as you battle waves of Cabal with Zavala..... instead ALL HELL BROKE LOOSE!!!!!! Constant connectivity errors forcing me restart at the beginning of the section, not that it mattered much because Zavala and the Cabal wouldn't load in! The whole place was completely empty! uhhh....... hello? After several minutes of repeatedly loading the section seeing ATTENTION over and over the game eventually gave up and sent me back to orbit forcing me to restart the level again. In my second attempt I reached the plaza again it seemed to be the same problem until a couple of other players arrived. Then Zavala and waves of Cabal FINALLY began to spawn. At first it seemed like the game was now working but after a while the other two players left while the waves where still coming and my ghost nor any of the other characters were talking or pushing me forward...... that's when I realised the fucking quest was broken and the Cabal were now infinity spawning in. So that's when I just said fuck it and started moving forward but then........ ......and back to orbit!!!! So I made a third attempt...... just to get through the introductory mission the game was now completely broken! All the enemies, NPC's and even some other random objects and obstacles like doors failed to load and I was just running through an empty map until....... ........ BACK TO ORBIT!!!! At this point I pretty much said fuck this! I have never seen a BETA or even an early ALPHA in a state as bad as this! Bungie better fix this shit and fast!
  5. Well a couple things. First of all the CPU is weak so if you put a 1070 in that it will bottleneck badly, let alone 1080 or a 1080 Ti. So I would upgrade the CPU, RAM, and motherboard first. Second you need to strongly consider if you really need 1070 levels of performance. I personally would only recommend a GTX 1070 if you have a high refresh rate G-Sync monitor for high frames at 1080p or gaming at 1440p. If you aiming for 1080 60fps then a GTX1060 or a RX 470/570 is more than enough. So to sum it up I would focus on the rest of the system investing the money were considering for a GTX 1070/180/1080 Ti on that. Even if you have to wait and save a little longer for the graphics card you will be MUCH better of in the long run trust me. I've created an example build with a Ryzen 5 and RX 570. I'm not saying BUY THIS but it might be a good starting point for you to tailor to what you want in terms of performance and budget. https://uk.pcpartpicker.com/user/Crazycrab/saved/K7QTWZ
  6. You don't need to answer this publicly if you don't want to but are you ACTUALLY 24? If the details on your Microsoft account don't match up with other things including payment details then certain age restricted features might not be available to you since they cant verify that it is actually you. For all they know you could be a 12 year old using daddy's credit card to buy R rated movies from the store. Like Shagger said check your account details, if they are accurate and you should be able to access age restricted features without any problem then call customer service.
  7. Heretic
  8. Try resetting the PC, this will re-install windows but keeps your files intact, you may need to reinstall or update some apllications after the reset but that's it. Instructions for Windows 10.
  9. How much memory do you have?
  10. Exactly the reason you shouldn't be trying to justify Star Citizens "progress" in comparison to these when they haven't even been announced.... You hypocrite! Well if it's the engine that's the problem then maybe they should have used something else? Honestly no, but these guys who took the time to develop their own engine from scratch and it is out right now! Are you freaking kidding! It's a full bodied open world RPG that AS I ALREADY EXPLAINED used a brand new engine and assets developed from scratch. Star Citizen has been in development for longer than both these examples and has only a bloody Alpha to show for it! It's not even complete and most likely never will be.
  11. Ok, I've debated with myself whether to call you out on this but the more I think about it the more hypocritical it really is so here we go..... For starters NONE of the of the games you have listed there have a confirmed release date, Beyond Good & Evil 2 was only just announced, Cyberpunk we know is still in development by a credible developer which Roberts Space Industries sure as hell isn't and the other two are not confirmed to be in development at all! So with all due respect you have no fucking idea what stage any of these games are at and in the case of two of them even exist. On top of that you have flat out lied saying that this project has used assets and development tools entirely of the developers own making as an excuse for all the delays when it (as I have proven) is simply not the case. Dozen's of games used the CryEngine (on which the new Lumberyard is based) since it was first developed for the original Farcry, are they all first person shooters? Hell fuckin no! So don't give me your bullshit excuse about "re-writing" parts of the code to adapt their ideas because that is what developers do as part of the basic process! Here's an example of recent game that actually DID use tools and assets 100% produced by the developer including the engine from scratch. Despite being a full AAA console release form the infinite pocket of Sony Computer Entertainment this had a smaller budget, smaller team and has been released as a complete product in a shorter space of time. I know you going to attempt to give another popular excuse of "Star Citizen is so much bigger". Well first of all barely a third of the fucking "game" even exists! Even the next Alpha it's still less than half of what the full game has promised. Seriously...... Why the hell you are you applauding this project's lack of progress instead of being pissed as hell I will never know!
  12. Exactly! I was only about 7 or 8 years old at the time and the SNES version is the most unforgiving and as a result the most fun version to date in my opinion.
  13. Ok calm the ham!
  14. To true, Kingdom Hearts 3 is just around the corner and I wouldn't be at all surprised if we get Kingdom Hearts π after that!
  15. Best: Final Fantasy X This was my first Final Fantasy experience and it got me hooked. Worst: Final Fantasy XIII Probably the most crushing disappointment to date.