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  1. Not the biggest Tekken fan but this one looks promising. I just hope it has enough content at launch.
  2. Honestly, I was hopefull of course but that's a better reception then I was expecting. Yacuza 0, Gravity Rush 2, Nioh and now Horizon Zero Dawn all geting a generally good reception Playstation is really rocking them out right now.
  3. Reading some of the more recent steam reviews it seems like most of the issues have been ironed out but I cant really say for sure since I don't have it myself.
  4. No! They didn't fuck it up! In order to fuck something up you have to actually make an attempt!
  5. Even with big (or bigish) productions to get a channel as big as Joe's takes years if it ever happens at all, unless you get very lucky and land a big viral hit. Most bigger YouTubers (including Joe) have also have contacts and affiliates from and other sources like Channel Awesome (formally TGWTG). Just keep doing it as a hobby and don't let yourself get stressed out about views for now. Your editing and filming skills will improve over time. There's certainly people on this forum that could give you advice, you could even try applying for the AJSA Stream Team if you want.
  6. in that case......... Welcome to the AJSA!
  7. That doesn't work automatically, you have to use the link feature and then post the link URL and text into the box.
  8. If you just post the URL it should embed automatically, It then gives you the option to display it as a link if you want to. For example if I wanted to post "Join The New Angry Army [AJSA] Now!" from Joe's channel I simply go to his Channel Page, right click the video, copy video URL then paste it HERE > Hope that helps.
  9. Note I haven't done any research here, these are my thoughts and ideas going in blind. I'm also talking in general and not just about XBox. I hope to see something good from Microsoft, I want to think that all the cancellations that they have been doing lately have been a sacrifice for something huge aside from the Scorpio which is obvious. I'm expecting Halo 6 but I hope they can bounce back with some new games after what was a "not great" 2016. I guess we'll have to wait and see, I feel that Microsoft Need to take a risk with something a bit different. From Sony, I'm not really expecting much. I think they played most of their big guns through last year but they might still surprise us. If we get a release date for God of War, Detroit: Become Human or some more info on Death Stranding that would be sweet. From UbiSoft I think we'll probably see an announcement for the next Assassins Creed after their break from the franchise which I'm actually kind of interested to see. Other than that just trailers and maybe a new Need for Speed or Tom Clancy or something. Two major tiles in The Fractured But Hole and For Honor come out before before E3 so they might have some momentum going in. EA will almost certainly announce Battlefront 2 with a campaign and various other shit that the first game clearly should have had. I'll let others speculate on what else might be there because EA mostly lies beyond my scope of interest. The only game I'm really that fussed about is Mass Effect Andromeda and that will already be out by then. Form Activision we'll obviously see another COD because we always do, maybe Destiny 2 but I actually kinda doubt it. Beyond that I really don't know, after last year they need something to pull people back in badly! I expect (although personally don't really care) to see WB officially announce the Shadow of Mordor sequel. I might consider it after release if someone who's not full of shit confirms the stealth is not fucking busted this time! Square Enix are currently making a big deal about Final Fantasy's 30th anniversary so we'll probably see something about that and/or FFXV DLC. Also the next Tomb Raider, this new Avengers project that Crystal Dynamics are working on with Marvel and Kingdom Hearts 3. 2017 could be a decent year for them. Also Nvidea....... ANNOUNCE THE FUCKING 1080Ti ALREADY! There's no point in padding it out, we already know it's coming! That's about all I can think off, I might add more after some thought.... Chow for now!
  10. In your half arsed google you only looked at headlines didn't you? In actual truth you have no clue of the development cycles at any of those titles. Most of the relevant details were explained in earlier posts but you clearly didn't bother to even read those before writing this cynical half-arsed crap. Get a hold of the facts, then a life and try again.
  11. I'd love to see a new Onimusha game but I don't see it happening. They had a great opportunity with the 3rd one by casting Jeon Reno's likeness in the game but it wasn't even him doing the voice acting aside from a brief but at the start in French. Which is fucking stupid because we all know he could speak English well enough but they used somebody else! I don't really consider Nioh an alternative because there is certain mechanics that really annoy me in the "souls" style of games. In particular the one that forces you to go back to a save point in order to spend the "souls" you have in order to upgrade (to the best of my knowledge Nioh does this to). If you don't you have to make it back to where you initially died....... WHY NOT HAVE THE ABILLITY TO UPGRADE AS A MENU OPTION YOU CAN ACCESS AT ANY TIME! Instead your forced to run back and forward like a headless chicken fighting the same eninmies over and over. It doesn't make it "more challenging" as the fanboys claim, it just makes it more repetitive and annoying.
  12. ps plus

    Well to be fair on the people that bitch about it the paid DLC in LBP3 is a little....... excessive. I don't see it as mutch of an issue as a PS+ game but I never would have considered buying it at the time it came out. Not a hero looks cool though! It's a better than average month.
  13. axf

    ^ He is a dick Welcome to the AJSA!
  14. FYI: I don't believe a word of this crap but for the sake of the joke I'm going to pretend that I do. $1000? I'd have my nudes leaked. I mean should anyone really be embarrassed about people discovering that their penis looks like a penis?
  15. PSN ID: crab666 PS4 and Vita (Also have a PS3 but don't use it much) Currently playing (on and off) Final Fantasy XV, Gravity Rush 2, Prvovidence Poker, Borderlands: The Handsome Collection, Destiny I'm already on and active but figured I'd re-post anyway because I'm crabby!