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  1. It's a Microsoft exclusive title so there will almost certainly be an XBox digital version and Windows 10 PC "Play Anywhere" version, it's a shared library across both platforms. Just like Forza Horizon 3, Re-Core Gears of War Ultimate among others.
  2. The Forza Franchise has had a few decent games out but albeit for those and one or two other exceptions the racing genre had been pretty dry lately.
  3. I think you might be overeating a bit. It's the content of the series itself that matters, not the box. I've not seen it myself but according to reviews it's very well produced and authentically portrayed. To describe this as "lazily researched" based just on an image on the box art is jumping the gun quite, at least watch it first. Could they have used and image from World War or taken a sill shot form the documentary? Yes they could have. Would it have been better? I'd say probably yes but I really don't think it's as critical or insulting as your out to be. As someone who considers the TV License to a dated, fear mongering, unfair, overpriced, criminalising tax on the British public that nobody has any good reason to pay for anymore....... meh.....
  4. Honestly I expected this, I always thought that announced 2017 release date was a bit optimistic.
  5. I'd just post it here the same topic but you could post it in the RTS section if you wanted to.
  6. I like the look this! Fun, colourful and an objective you tend not to see in these types of games. Good luck!
  7. Remember that XBox One/Windows 10 exclusive open world RPG Scalebound that was cancelled back in January? Well it's fair to say that many of us where looking forward to the Platinum Games developed title and were very disappointed and a little perplexed at Microsoft for cancelling a game right at a point when they're getting trounced by PlayStation in terms of exclusives. But recently Microsoft renewed the Trademark for Scalebound and a user on Twitter under the handle X-Rays claims to have the inside scoop and has been posting that Microsoft has contracted another team of developers to revive and/or finish the project. It needs to be made clear that these are only rumours at this point but I really hope this is true because I want to play this game and Microsoft badly need more exclusive I.P's for their platforms. The Know and ReviewTechUSA discuss this below.
  8. This game might have had a chance, it could have corrected all the errors made in the launch the first time around. Until fucking Blizzard got involved! Now Activision will get away with whatever microtransaction fueled bullshit they want because everybody ignores the fact that Blizzard are the masters of the art! Instead of completing raids, strikes and PVP events to get the best gear you will now just be able to pay for it! After all it was Blizzard who somehow managed to make the gambling RNG crap acceptable with no negitve repercussions from the gaming community at all! In any other game that would be deplorable but it's Blizzard so it's OK! Unless of course it's not OK then all the blame will be placed on Bungie and Activision. What a great deal this is for Blizzard! They can be a greedy as they like without it so much a denting their reputation! INGENIOUS!
  9. It's been a while but I know I was only able to access one area the first time I played. It's the area that Shagger described and it was at the start of the game, there was no choice.
  10. As Ranisel pointed out I was talking specifically about Demon's Souls which GENUINELY is just linear corridors full of cheap death traps. There are many that don't feel the same way and that's fine. The latter games and most of the others that have since come out in the same style have put more of the focus on combat, blocking, evasion correct use of items and so on and thank fuck for that! YOUR the one that needs to learn more respect pall, especially if you think me or anybody complaining about a game being cheap, grinding or repetitive like this is just the product of me being bitter because I suck at it. I have an opinion that I expressed, it doesn't mean I'm appointing myself "supreme judge of what's challenging and fun", in fact I didn't say anything insulting or degenerating towards the fan base at all.
  11. I completely agree. For me their is a difference between difficulty and challenge, you make a game challenging and it naturally becomes more difficult but making a game more difficult doesn't automatically make it more challenging. Stealth is my favourite style of play because I find challenge of using my wits and not getting spotted much satisfying more satisfying than charging in like Galahad. I'd say that Thief: The Dark Project is the perfect example that offers an additional challenge in this style by offering additional objectives or by getting you to play a different way, like not killing anyone forcing you relay more on stealth like the developers intended. It feels cheap when games that just simply shuffle numbers like health or damage to re-balance the difficulty. Sure it makes the game more difficult in that you'll die more often and it will take longer to beat but ultimately the actual gameplay experience is exactly the same so the challenge is the same. For example in Metro: Last Light the Higher difficulty settings not only effect health and damage but you also get less resources like ammo forcing you to be more efficient and make every shot count. In Call of Duty (I'm not intentionally picking on COD here, there is tons of games that do this) cranking up the difficulty will give you less health, more enemy's that do more damage but you ultimately play it the exact same way. The thing really drives me nuts though is games where you are forced to die and try again until you find the right solution through trial and error or just get lucky. Like Demon's Souls where all your doing is repeating the same sections until you get to the next cheap ass death trap and then have to go back to the start and repeat it again. It's difficult yes but to me that's a fucking insanity test and not a challenge and it's same story with Outlast II. On the opposite end of the spectrum you have something like Shadow of Mordor which (at least in my opinion) is way to easy and for all wrong reasons! The AI is so dumb especially when it comes to stealth detection and hordes of enemies can easily be killed by using the same combat finishers over and over. This is another situation where changing the difficulty does not effect the challenge because regardless of the difficulty setting the AI is still stupid and the same spamming tactics still kill everything almost instantly. I generally find that the harder difficulty settings are the more immersive and enjoyable way to play but if you just want to experience the story line then I don't judge any who plays on lesser difficulties. My point that you can even on lower difficulty still get a good challenge without it feeling cheap.
  12. Motion sickness if fairly common in VR but not on a normal monitor/TV. What kind of display is it in terms of size, refresh rate and so on?
  13. Given the picture you posted I'm guessing you use if for music?
  14. Don't worry, we don't bite...... although we have been known to lick! Welcome to the Army!
  15. To late and you kind of answered your own question......... It's clear that everybody is already getting their shitty, wallet raping ideas from Blizzard. I'm sick of Microtransactions... COMPLETELY! It seems like every multiplayer game that have comes out lately is a half-assed cash in full of this crap. I haven't played a multiplayer, or at least the multiplayer section of a game in a while and not I'm sure I ever will again if this trend continues!. I will give this game a little more slack in that (if it is as they claim) it's not Pay to Win or a fucking retarded RNG lootcrate lottery that forces you to pay or play over and over like a dumb gambling goblin. However this level 20 boost, morphing, shaders and cosmetic adjustment crap is STILL annoying. If I'm going to spend the extra money I rather just go to a simple storefront, throw a couple of quid at the stupid Adam West Batman suit and just play it!