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  1. Sorry....... can't resist!
  2. The point I'm trying to make here is that almost all the major publishers are hosting their games exclusively on their own clients which is at best inconvenient and really scummy at worst.
  3. Well as a Linux shouldn't you be worried more than most? It's already very difficult if not impossible for you to buy new games form certain publishers like EA, Blizzard, Microsoft Ubisoft and now Bethesda who have all joined the club of publishing their PC games on their own clients and not Steam. The problem is only going to get worse especially if those clients don't support Linux which as far as I know most don't.
  4. I agree in principle that the removal of Steam's monopoly being a good thing but It doesn't seem to be happening in a way that benefits the consumer. It's more forceful and controlling rather than opening the market and I don't like it. They are not setting themselves up as competitors to Steam like you could say GOG is, they are cutting them off so the consumer has no choice but to buy directly from them.
  5. I'll admit I joined steam and by the same extent "modern" PC gaming late in the game. However on the current experience of my previous PC, the current Laptop I'm using and the undergoing high end custom watercooled PC that I am currently building I'm a little worried about PC gaming and on Steam. Twas once the case not so long ago that nearly all games could be bought through Steam....... but no more...... EA games have now to go through Origin........ (Well consider EA as a rather low benchmark here) Ubisoft games (at least some) now have to go through Uplay. (of which every complaint you hear is 4 years out of date, when I was offline for a month Uplay was the only client that worked!) Activision don't have an exclusive client and don't need one! In an ingenious move they now publish though...... .......Blizzard THE company to go to when you don't want the fans to blame you for anything! Not even when you release a greedy ass, time limited loot crate, RNG based, fee to play gambling simulator! Hell I just got a code for Quake Champions but had to make not one but two new accounts to claim it! One from AMD for the code (since I bought a CPU from them) and then from Bethesda.net to actually download the client and play the fucking game! Let's face it, it's only a matter of time before the likes of Square Enix and WB follow suit here. All the games from these publishers will be exclusive to their own clients before to long. Steam is doomed with the except of it's own and inde productions. I'm sorry If I was a little ranting and sarcastic here, but this has been bothering me for a while. Steam is not a godsend, never was and publishers are taking notes from Blizzards book and realising they can make more money without it.
  6. I'm not hyped for Anthem...... In fact I feel like I barely know anything about it. I wasn't on the hype train for Destiny 2 either although I did have allot of fun with the first one. When I tried the BETA it didn't really seem to work properly for me. I might pick up either Anthem or Destiny 2 at some point but not both.
  7. Since you have a PS4 and seem to lean towards story driven 3rd person action games Horizon Zero Dawn is a must. I'd also recommend Tomb Raider and Rise of the Tomb Raider if you haven't played those yet.
  8. Welcome to the Army! Joe doesn't really frequent this website and only a handful of Council Members and have any contact with him. It's the Commanders that run the community.
  9. I'm going to be honest here and I do think that this expectation of game journalists being good at games is a wrong one, (I'll explain why later) this particular example is an issue and why I feel it is case dependent. For example Life is Strange is a story based game where the gameplay is based on dialogue choices, there is clearly no skill involved at all and its still an engaging and even challenging experience. A reviewer may like this game or not but the skill level is totally irrelevant. Nevertheless it is definitely worth noting that someones opinion about a game is influenced by the difficulty and that can be a case by case scenario. For example I HATE shadow of Mordor because I played the game a certain way. This being the seemingly intended way by interrogating enemies, finding out weaknesses and exploiting them. As a result my experience was a piss easy bore fest where is was much more fun for those who chose the more "difficult" route by charging in like Idiots! In that game it was the ones that played smarter that got punished..... It got rave reviews...... but at least for me it fucking sucked. I would expect a game journalist to be competent at the game they are playing at the skill level that the game requires in order to beat the campaign. For an online competitive game you should check more skilled players who know more about balance and so on. This is one particular game where the critic didn't get a hold of how the game is supposed to be played and that should clearly be taken into consideration..... but shouldn't that be taken into consideration for ANY game review in that case? A game journalists opinion is no more or less relevant depending on their individual skill, it's their recollection of the gaming experience. It's whether that particular journalist's opinion based on what they are telling you as well as their skill at the game in question is ACTUALLY something you consider relevant as a consumer and for me this varies greatly depending on the game. Would I expect a critic to have at least an average amount of skill when reviewing something Overwatch.... Yes. Since that is the competitive market that it plays to and other aspects like the non-existent story and the lacklustre graphics are much less relevant. The relevant aspects of criticism applied to something like Rise of the Raider which an offline action RPG designed to feast the eyes and immerse you it's it's world, story and characters and so on are elements that are not relevant in Overwatch like the skill level of the critic much less relevant here. To sum it up, read/watch MULTIPLE reviews! Never take just on or even two journalists word for it and look for consistent patterns.
  10. Ok, I know that this is an old topic but it has been a suspiciously long time with no product and I have just found a video that may explain exactly why........ This is and always was a scam, or at very least a failure. To think I was at a point one click away from backing this........... I feel sick.
  11. I thought it was allot like ARK Survival with naked people....... It's doesn't actually seem to have that much to do with Conan really!
  12. xbox1x

    It's a limited "Day One" edition of the new XBox One X. A new version of the XBox One that features a more powerful GPU, better cooling higher capacity/faster RAM.
  13. On the subject of Nintendo breaking it's "family friendly" character, I just found out THIS is coming to it! I know it's not exclusive to the Switch (PS4 and PC to be more specific) but still! This would hell awkward to play on the bus!
  14. Yeah and they almost exclusively full of crap to! Me I like it simple, here is a selection of game(s) and/or DLC, this is the price, buy or don't.