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    Gaming ( OF COURSE!!!) Art, Music, Anime, Comics, Collecting way too many models mostly into geek orientated stuff :P
  1. This is the new and improved Fanboi podcast! been working on it for a while now check it out fellow AJSA members! heres some info about this cast we shoot the shit about anything gaming related that's on our minds most notably: The Resident Evil franchise: By Barry Burton's beard! can this classic series be saved? plus Capcom's stupidest moves of late. The Elder Scrolls Online: Nick and Dii discuss the good, the bad and everything inbetween since playing the Beta. The next Tomb Raider game: what should the future hold for the series? and Nick gets reminiscent of Lara Crofts of old. EA dungeon keeper: plus a ton of other stupid business decisions that have been going on in the gaming world as of late. Sonic Boom: its more than just a roided up Knuckles game. Feminism VS Games: We touch on a touchy subject here and give our blunt as hell views on the whole argument. Flappybirds: ..yeah Flappy fu*king Birds Demonising Video games in the media: you've read the reports cringed at the media's take on gaming now we go balls deep into the whole Media VS Gaming aspect. Fable Anniversary: Dii gets a bit raged up over the Fable re-release and all its glorious glitches. please let me know what you think input is always welcome thanks people
  2. Id be happy to see this series continue even if its a new hero or a different timeline who knows what the creators have thought up this time around but all in all bring it! XD
  3. Hey fellow war mongers ive been so happy and grateful for the views and new subs due to my Outlast Nightmare difficulty playthrough i had a few delays due to working on a podcast so i thought id upload both parts 4 and 5 as one big meaty scarefest for you guys please check it out and feel free to hit that like or sub button if your liking my videos! my podcast will be up and online later today thanks again to everyone whos been checking out my channel i truly appreciate it Retro Ranter http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WYTAlxaU8U4
  4. oh man thats cool of you thanks alot also i love your profile pic XD
  5. thank you man glad you like
  6. i couldn't agree more XD
  7. Part 3 of my outlast playthrough after getting my YouTube back in shape im damn happy to be making videos again and am really hoping you guys are enjoying these playthroughs please feel free to subscribe to my channel ive got allot more content on the way fellow AJSA members also this video has a little rant aimed at Sony so be sure to check that out too http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y9L-W2Uiq_g
  8. yeah activision did kind of kill the Crash games and made him look terrible after reading that i think im with you now they can keep those movies far away i mean Eragon...*shudders*
  9. They should just go about making all Sony PS1 platformers into movies its not like Crash Bandicoot doesn't deserve to be back in the spotlight or anything!
  10. Heres the second part of my Outlast PS4 play through i hope you guys liked the first part and find this one just as enjoyable once again prepare to see a grown man weep WARNING: Extremely bad language (Horror games make you say the worst things) XD http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4eLW4mdUKKg
  11. Its been a while since ive been on the forums been working on my YouTube account anyway heres my first play through of outlast i hope you alll enjoy please feel free to subscribe and so on WARNING: this video contains Bad language, Multiple counts of taking the lords name in vain and one very bad Stewie Griffin Impression http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2nqWK7pgRb8
  12. I really did love the Legacy of Goku games i wish they would make a DragonBall game like that for consoles or pc im bored of the fighting games now
  13. Yeah i did thought the Hulk was badass in that movie and that's damn awesome! haha that hulk voice sounds like the original cartoon version
  14. Thank you so much! erm well there are probably many different ways of doing a comic style what i did with this one was sketch it out then ink it on paper after that id scan it into Photoshop and do the colouring and fill in any gaps in the inking im not very good at explaining the how to so i do apologise but your welcome to pick my brain lol i think if you have a drawing tablet for your pc that helps a ton i used to have to work and edit by mouse but the tabs are brilliant mine only cost £20 pound too other than that to get this old school comic look just use bold lines and colours that blend pretty well anyway i hope this helps and if you design any characters and upload them feel free to post a link id like to see how you do your style thanks again for the compliment
  15. so ive had my PS4 and im amazed by it its an amazing console currently im playing Battlefield 4 which is the best shooter ive played in a long time im loving the next...now gen? already. so PS4 owners Xbox One owners what do you think of your new console and its games so far?