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  • Birthday 10/21/1988

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  1. anyone that wish to play please use this link https://t.co/PSZQOxusKY , It will help you and i to get cool stuff, Thank you
  2. Well some Trolls earn themselves a lot of hate, i for one want to punch them
  3. it seems am an Earth Dragon
  4. have to say the Skyrim DLCs were good, Shame it only get 2 .5 DLCs
  5. vash the stampede from Trigun Love & Peace and Kamina from gurren lagann If you can't Believe in yourself, then Believe in me who Believes in you
  6. i like Both, but am more PC do to $$$, look at it this way, Yes Computers cost more at 1st then a Console, but a PC can be upgraded but you have to pay around $500 for a new Console each time, while i have to just buy more RAM, and G-Cards, and with sites like New Egg, i can walk away with a great deal, But a Console, you can't play old games, can't be Modded, etc
  7. am Christian - Baptist, and truth be told, i prefer to let people do there own thing, as long as I am allowed to do mine, and not being rude about it
  8. well if your going to make a sever, get Mods, like IC2, Buildcraft, Thuamcraft 4, Ars Magkica, open blocks, there all out on 1.6.4
  9. Warfames is a great game, i started the game when it was in beta, but stop do to no one to play with, but i would love to play with other poeple and would like to join an AJSA Clan in Warframs if the game is Supported by the AJSA anyone who likes Warfarmes feel free to send friend invite, the name is Otaku1988 in game, am a lvl 22 Mag (max level for frame is 30)
  10. am a big Final Fantasy fan my self, 7,8, 10, and 11 are my top favorite JRPGs, also i played a lot of Tales of Symphonia, but am also a big fan of Armored Core, Assassins creed, and Metal Gear, Elder scolls, Fallout, Metro, etc
  11. o for PC or other?
  12. i do like JRPGs a lot, but i do love games in General, and that is why am just called "Otaku" in Japanese Otaku us like a Nerd or likes something a lot, for example an Anime Otaku well likes Anime, also a Gun Otaku likes Gun, and so on, Also to Kris-knight, am in Naples FL
  13. Hello I am Otaku 1988, you can call me Otaku for short if you wish, am a PC Gamer, but i have a PS3 as well for more casual gaming I like a good mix of games, from Battlefield, To Skyrim, to Xcom, etc Please note, i will be updating my profile, so this is my intro and test post to see what it looks like, thank you for understanding