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  • Birthday 04/11/1994

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    I like art and stuff.....yeah thats pretty much it lol. im a pretty decent gamer im not the best but im pretty good. i like to draw and i love to design armors for different types of characters. i dont play my ps3 that often but i do play on steam and on smite alot. if ya wanna add me on smite my names GamerLuna7 and im pretty good lol, just you know if ya want to that is.
  1. its not really worth the price tag it currently has i say wait for it to go on sale if you dont wanna feel like you got ripped off after you play it. its an idie game so itll go on sale soon when the steam sales go up again. but if you really wanna play it then buy it.
  2. the pc port was pretty bad and that right there was a big "alright i think thats enough" moment for me. i was debating getting it but nothing was pushing me towards buying it. i mostly wanted to see how the dog was in the game and meh im not really impressed by it. i watched a good portion of a lets play on youtube (pc version) and all i saw was bug issues and thing that made me cringe. lots of people say that its "fun" but i dont really see the fun in getting killed by someone across the map when you are running towards them at 1 mile an hour. if i wanted to die alot and feel successful when i win id play demon souls or dark souls. if i wanted to have fun killing other players id rather play smite.
  3. the first thing i did was try out all the different classes to see what class and race i liked playing as. i usually got up to about level 10 before making my decision. then the next thing is leveling up or finding other people who are also leveling up and teaming up with them as well. if youd wanna get more conferable with the game youd might wanna change up the keybindings so you can have a easier time. also a thing that is very helpful is learning to craft early on. i didnt learn how when i first started and i got screwed in the late game when i really needed help leveling up. oh and explore EVERYTHING. the game is very beautiful and its not at all a hassel to get the things like waypoints and viewpoints. but remember the game can get really challenging in the later game if you dont have anyone to back you up so be prepared to lose some bronze repairing your broken equipment. Hope this helps.
  4. My names cerberus and its so awesome to be apart of the angry army! im a pretty decent gamer and have been playing video games pretty much all my life. im very honorable and honest about things. im also pretty generous as well i usually give things away or buy people things if i have the money to do so. I have a deviant art as well if youd like to know it just let me know and ill let you know lol . im really good at drawing in pencil and if youd like a commission let me know what and id be happy to help! anyway i hope we can have some awesome fun with joe and i hope to see all you guys sometime in the near future.
  5. Destinys gonna be so cool! oh theres gonna be a beta soon too so i cant wait for that! although ill be playing on ps3 and not ps4 :I
  6. ive actually seen some gameplay and stuff on the two best friends channel, the sw1tcher on youtube. they seemed to have mixed feelings but hey i think it might be alittle better to understand when it hits the states.
  7. SOUL REAVER! i grew up with that sheit lol and i loved the hell outa legacy of kane. if they make it for ps4 id probably cry.....well not really cry more like smile and stare at the wall for a few minutes.
  8. seems interesting enough to check out atleast if anything.
  9. Ill probably get a ps4 controller but its gonna have to be for the computer if anything i dont really have the money to spend on a ps4 i even had to cancel my lauch date pre order which really sucked. i hope joes having fun with his though.
  10. Sony is usually really good with the way that they treat their consumers when stuff like this happens. if its a huge problem and leads to people wanting their money back or wanting something outa what happened then sony will do something to calm people down. like they did when psn went down and they gave everyone a bunch of stuff to make up for it. its sony they will always find a way to make it a great experience.