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  1. Maybe we should look at it from another point of view: How much is your budget for building your new PC? Do you already have components that you want to reuse? Though upfront I'd say you'll want to use SSD instead of HDD for gaming. Try Corsair. Kingston will do as well. Keep the HDD for saving data, run your system and games on the SSD. You'll see there is much improvement there already.
  2. I like it. Especially the filter Only thing that bothers me: in the adds/promotions I don't seem to recognize anymore whether a game is "pre-purchase" or if its actually out Maybe thats just me.
  3. Uninstall it again... cuz its gonna be buggy as hell. Take it from me: wait a month or two after launch, before buying it. Keep in mind, ported games usually have their issues at the start.
  4. Awww, you know me... I like the sniper limit. Even more in HC. Whether being the sniper and having to face less of em, or being foot soldier/cannon fodder, its fine. But when you think of it, it doesn't really matter. An enemy team, consisting of mostly snipers is actually esier to beat than a well mixed one. Get up close and personal and dp that SOB In the end it matters whether your team knows how to handle snipers and not how many of em there are.
  5. BF4 Dawnbreaker: It is a highly "3d" map. Having buildings super high, allowing for sniping, nice cover forchoppers and a pain in the ass for jets (i love flying jets on that map). Forcing the two teams to face each other but still allowing for flanking and camping - provided one team just neglects to cover its flanks or checking the roofs from time to time Also the tunnel underneath is a nice addition allowing infantry to simply ignore vehicules on top. Second Assault Caspain Border: I like the fact that they stuck to the levolution of BF3, having the pieces of tower scathered all over the place. Also it was my favorite map in BF3 - having a nice balance between infantry and vehicules. Solid work on both the maps and the extension itself. Had me going there again after that desastrous launch. China Rising Silk Road: Wheter in normal (Conquest) mode or in Air Superiority, this map rocks. Its fun as hell to play no matter what you're in. And in AirSup - lets be honest, the mode rather sucks, but this map makes it almost ok to play. Naval Strike Wave Breaker: To be honest, I didn't like this expansion very much. The 4 maps didn't vary enough in my opinion. But if I have to go for one, its prolly Wave Breaker, due to the fact that I can get into the game, rush indoors and spend the game time in the bunker, not having to bother with the shit outside. Dragon's Teeth Propaganda: Remember what everyone hated about Metro and Operation Locker? Being forced into two tunnels having no alternative than to sit there as support firing down a tunnel granade spamming the shiznit or runing around as medic and get a bazzillion revives per match! Now you got Propaganda (guess Dice has to make such a map every fucking expansion). They've learnt some lessons though it seems... Still a pretty straight map, though open, having a minimum amount of vehicules, and the freaking train giving cover and blocking the sides, allowing for pushes. AWSOME Also a shit ton of destryable buildings... Oh and even if your team is losing, you're forced back to your spawn: The game is still enjoyable, the map allowing for flankin the first cap point, having a lot of cover all over the place. By far this is probably the best map for BF4. Just sad it took em so long to give us a good, solid extension with a couple of good maps.
  6. Every poker game I play on Pokerstars Naa but seriously, sometimes it gives me high blood preassure. Couple of weeks ago I threw a 200$ headset at the wall cuz needed to get off some tension.
  7. SC-handle: PO3T
  8. Sounds like fun =)
  9. I wish there was such a button in RL too
  10. Thanks a lot guys. Stung I bit that I didn't see the students list right away rarely happens to me tbh. Appreciate the warm welcome. Already got my first lessons/coached session. I'm grateful for every bit of help I can get. Fortunately there's loads of video material on youtube... so am learning almost around the clock =)
  11. Steamname: po3t1985 Availability/Timezone/Server Location: around the clock (depends the shift I work). I live in CET/GMT-2 timezone. Game Experience: 50h DOTA 2. Ranked MMR: None Clearly I'm in need of as much coaching as possible When I'm available I'll be on TS.
  12. kk, added both of you. Gimmi till next week and I'll have a mic again the youngling will be at the ready =)
  13. Hi guys, Upfront: I know I could be writing this exact topic in the Steam discussions - but I'd rather prefer taking advantage of what this community has to offer, rather then teaming up with some stranger I'm pretty new to DOTA2 or any MOBA game for that fact. I've been practicing a lot against bots (level "hard") and have watched at least 100 hours of youtube DOTA2 coverage. Since I'm well aware that I still lack a lot of knowledge, when it comes to this kind of game, and I have been told online players react rather harsh towards noobs - I mean who can blame them, damn n00bs ruining their match - I've shied back from playing online so far. If any of you gentlemen has time and patience to spare, I'd love some coaching. Got TS of course (and as of next week my Headset will be working again ^^), am CET and spend at least 3 hours a day online -> I admit, I have no RL That aside, I'm a quick learner You can contact me here, on Steam or on TS (provided I'm logged in). Appreciate the help. Cheers PO3T
  14. Here's what I posted on Youtube: Hey there, Up to a certain point I even agree with you. It may be possible that our (me too) judgement is clouded by nostalgia and the desire to finally get another space sim. But that is exactly the point. People don't back the game to get this or that ship. They back the game cuz the wish for a good space game has been there - and been ignored by the AAA companies. It's being backed cuz a huge figure from this genre is stepping up and fulfilling the need - putting his name in the line of fire. Again: don't pay any money, if all you want is a ship. Wait thill the game comes out to get a ship. Pay money if you want to back the game/idea/Chris! Don't propagate payment for product. Advertise the idea and let people decide if they want to back that idea Cheers PO3T
  15. I've just had about enough issues with this game. At first you get constant crashes - drinving you close to insanity. Feeding you double-XP till you choke on it, in order to keep you in check, till they manage to fix the most serious of issues. An now this update: I got to manually fucking update my Punkbuster, grafics card driver reboot every freaking time to find out - once I finally managed to get back into the game - that DICE, EA or whoever seemed to see fit to reset all my fking settings. Seriously, I have enough 1st level support to do on my job - no need to fix shit like that once I leave the office. Solution: Uninstalled BF4 along with Origin. Fuck this shit. EA: this was the last game from you I bought. God help me, if I'd have the time and/or money I'd sue you too - for wasting my time!