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  1. haha vid is so true
  2. was I the only one that felt like AC4 wasn't Assassin's Creed for most of the game. Most of the game he wasn't even part of the Assassin's he was just wearing the Assassin's cloths the whole time for no apparent reason. the game should be called Pirate's Creed
  3. Either Bioshock Infinite or GTA 5 but leaning more towards Bioshock
  4. Battlefield 4 Rant
  5. As long as they keep making Zelda and Pokemon im all in
  6. I kno whats up with that game?
  7. I played every game from the main series I really wanna play X and Y but i have no money for a 3ds
  8. that was good haha
  9. FL Studio - Somewhat easy to learn, Has really good producers on its belt Afrojack,Sydney Samson, Avicii, And for the Hip Hop Trap producers its got Lex Lugar and Hit-Boy. Ive been using it for 5-6 years already producing Trap and Dutch House another good and really professional program would be Ableton Live.
  10. Monkey D Luffy he makes a lame power seem so badass
  11. The ONLY thing really good and really overlooked about the COD titles are the Zombie mode and maybe Extinction but that just started. The Multiplayer is just the same shit every game. it really feels like DLC's instead of full on Titles
  12. Superman had multiple writers just making up all these ridiculous OP things while Goku only had 2
  13. Fire! fire is my element according to the zodiac Aries - Fire
  14. This was hard Snake was close for me but I choose Master Chef, he did so many epic feats others came to mind for me though Link wasn't a good choice because it wasn't one guy that did all these feats it was multiple Links Ezio (which is the right way to spell his name by the way) did alot but like all Assassin's and charcters in the series are bound by historical accuracy (except the Past Civilization stuff) Kratos? he is kinda an exaggerated character in my opinion