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  1. Yeah, just gotta opt into Dev Build on Steam.
  2. The last campaign episode was released recently so there is a full campaign, not to mention ENDLESS multiplayer options between mods, custom missions and the new ZEUS module, which features one player as Zeus, the "game master" who can add units, vehicles, objectives, effects and tons of other stuff on the fly to create dynamic, unique missions. One second you're cozied up in a building planning your next move, the next the GM thinks you're taking too long and spawns a squad of enemy infantry down the street or sends a gunship your way. Harrowing stuff, played a few sessions with some Survival Operations fellas. I got the game when it was on sale on Steam for around $35 because I'm a cheap SOB, but I'd say it's a great value now especially with the free Zeus update and the finished campaign.
  3. Not to mention modern shooters don't have the focus on teamwork and authentic weapons and tactics that mods like PR and sim games like ArmA, which for me is important. I don't play any multiplayer shooters anymore because of the emphasis they place on the individual with unrealistic, ridiculous customization and rewarding those who succeed by giving them more of an advantage over the already disadvantaged. With a game like PR, any advantage or disadvantage is player-driven and player-controlled, rather than the game handing me an airstrike because I've been doing well. BTW, I have recently joined the 31st MEU simulation unit in PR due to inactivity on here (finishing my basic training later this afternoon in fact), but if interest starts up here I will gladly split my time.
  4. Hunter exo, get my HK-47 on
  5. Oooooooh, North Africa. One of the less explored fronts of the war. Still waiting for a Winter War game though. Simo Haya, a Finnish rifleman, had something like 509 confirmed kills against the Russians during that conflict.
  6. I try to but even though I played the hell out of it on Xbox back in the day, I just can't have fun with it after I bought it on Steam out of nostalgia. Games like ArmA and PR have conditioned me to slow, methodical, tactical gameplay. Fast-paced games like Battlefield no longer appeal to me and it makes me sad :c
  7. Applied last night, just bought the Premium Edition on Origin.
  8. "Trent Reznor farting into a distortion pedal." Beautiful.
  9. I enjoyed the single player in MoH 2010, but nothing after that. My two favorites from the WWII series are Frontline and Allied Assault.
  10. That's awesome, might have hunt down a copy of CE...
  11. So I recently began playing through the SOCOM series on PS2 again, and in my search for similar games came across this upcoming PC project that was recently successfully funded on Kickstarter. It's a third-person multiplayer shooter focusing on teamwork in the same vein as the older SOCOMs. The idea behind it sounds promising, and it looks like they've got some dedicated people to back it up (including a couple of real-life former special operators). My only concern is that it will end up like the godawful mess that was Takedown: Red Sabre (seriously, that pissed me off, I'm so glad I didn't fund/buy it) by virtue of the fact that it is a Kickstarter project that might not get proper funding or that it might get rushed. For some reason though, I have a gut feeling that this development team is more dedicated and determined to create a playable, suitable product to help breathe some life back into the hardcore tactical shooter genre. Check out their site here: https://www.sofstudios.com/index.php?/page/index.html
  12. Thanks for posting this. I actually cringed when they mentioned the whole "mercenary" thing. I really hope they stick to the source material of a multinational counter-terror team, and I hope the old premise they had stays in some form. The political issues the game's antagonists fought for are still relevant, and would make for the first real interesting bad guys in a game like this in a long time, IMO.
  13. Started this thread after a moderator suggestion in the voting thread for PR. There seemed to be several of us who already played PR, but not much outside interest, and it is unlikely that any formal/official support for the game will arise. That said, even if just 6-8 of us form up and roll as a dedicated squad, we could all make some new friends and do some serious damage. I don't really have a group to play with in PR right now, I just try to look for people I know from experience are good teammates/squad leaders who frequent the same servers I do. I'm not always on at the same time as them though, so I frequently get stuck with people I don't necessarily know/trust. The PR community for the most part is more trustworthy, team-oriented and helpful than other games, but it's still hard to run with people you don't play with regularly. I'm hoping we can even just get a squad-sized group to change that. So, what I'm hoping to do here is gather everyone who plays/would be interested in playing (PR has a steep-ish learning curve but the community is very noob friendly, and though I will never profess to be more than an average-skilled player, I'm more than willing to teach what I know), find out how our schedules mesh, and hit the battlefield! If ya'll like, we can start by playing co-op (humans vs. AI), especially if we have a few new people, to get a feel for how we work as a team and also ease any new players we might have into the game, then hit the more populated Deployment (PvP) servers once we've got a solid, confident roster. So, if you're a veteran player or just an intrigued FNG, post here with your in-game name, a little about your experience with the game (if any) and let's make it happen! My in-game handle is Teapot228, no clan tag (yet...) If anyone has any questions about the game, again, I wouldn't call myself an expert, but I have been playing for many years and am always willing to impart what knowledge I do have. Anything to get more players for my favorite MP game! One last thing, I'm putting a link below to the PDF for the Project Reality 1.0 Manual. This 38-page document might seem like a daunting read, and a lot of the information might be a bit overwhelming, but trust me when I say that reading through it a few times (paying particular attention to infantry-focused things like kits and such) will make your foray into this new world MUCH easier. PR has a lot of small things that it uses to get around the aging engine and still provide some manner of simulation, and knowing these things before you, say, try to operate a tank or a mounted gun/rocket launcher will give you an edge and make you easier to train. That said, the best training is to get a good squad of people who are willing to help and just play. The game seems complicated, and it is compared to the average shooter, but you'll be surprised how quickly you'll pick it up provided you accept the advice and training of the veterans. And whatever you do, start with infantry and the Rifleman kit. Learn the basics of the controls and how things work, read the manual, then try your hand at armor, flying or advanced infantry kits. Medic should be the first kit you learn/try after Rifleman, because a good medic is worth 5 Rifleman in my opinion. MANUAL: http://www.realitymod.com/manual/pr_manual.pdf
  14. Since it seems like there's only a few of us so far, maybe we should agree to meet up in a certain server at a mutually agreeable time, squad up and see what we can do? I've got finals and other business to attend to but about a week from now I'll be available pretty much any night (and day, when I'm not working). I think I'll go start that thread that Calvinator suggested, in the FPS section of PC Gaming Central.
  15. It'd be a great alternative to the more run n' gun/sci-fi aspects of Planetside. There's been some debate on the PS2 forums about dedicated squad types and whether they have a place in such a dynamic game as PS2. I can say that that kind of thinking and organization is exactly how Project Reality is played, and some of my most memorable, enjoyable times have been when I was involved in specialist squads such as Combat Engineers, Logistics, Armor or Anti-Armor. The best part is how appreciative some players will be of you doing a good job. Hearing whoops of joy and outpourings of thanks over local mumble when my APC/IFV squad bails out a pinned-down infantry unit never gets old, and one of the most rewarding kits to use as an infantryman is the medic. Much like real life, NO ONE talks shit about the Corpsman ^___^