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Teapot 228

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  1. Teapot 228 liked a post in a topic by Litoralis in Arma 3 - VOTE PASSED   
    Server 1: http://www.gametracker.com/server_info/   Server 2: http://www.gametracker.com/server_info/   The RGG's Teamspeak server:     Most (if not all) of the Devs came from BF2:PR , PR:AA2 , or other 'less than milsim' Arma2 mod teams, .  Looks like we got to at least give it a try. Note to SgtRoss: These were the dev leads on PR:Arma2 .  
  2. Teapot 228 liked a post in a topic by ShaunOTEast in Battlefield 2: Project Reality   
    I suppose you could say that, but I think PR balances the gameplay and realism alot better than ArmA does and to me seems a lot less niche like and MilSim. In fact the devs have the principle of gameplay over realism whenever they add something to the mod. 
  3. cool breeze liked a post in a topic by Teapot 228 in Rainbow 6: Patriots ‘Had To Be Remade’   
    Thanks for posting this. I actually cringed when they mentioned the whole "mercenary" thing. I really hope they stick to the source material of a multinational counter-terror team, and I hope the old premise they had stays in some form. The political issues the game's antagonists fought for are still relevant, and would make for the first real interesting bad guys in a game like this in a long time, IMO.
  4. SgtMerrick liked a post in a topic by Teapot 228 in Why Do You Think Call Of Duty Sucks?   
    I personally LOVED Call of Duty 4 and the ones preceding. But especially 4. To me, it had the perfect balance with regard to weapons and perks (yeah yeah yeah the M16A4 was a cannon, but there was ways around it), with the little "quirk" of the three killstreaks to shake things up bit. Every gun had a purpose and was weak in an area another was strong. They didn't throw in 8 different rifles that all shoot the same round and try to give them wildly different stats. And then the game became just that - a game about stats. Which gun has an arbitrarily higher number in Criteria X than the others, only for it to change a week later because people bitched about it being "overpowered"? And I hate that. I miss just grabbing the G-36C in CoD 4 because I happen to enjoy the G-36 platform and being able to do well enough and have fun, without worrying about it being nerfed.
    It is my belief that CoD got too far up its own ass and tried to change/add too many things becuase of the pressure to deliver every two years (for each developer that is, I know they come out yearly but they alternate). Treyarch brought in the good ideas IMO, such as the "points" system for kit customization, etc. That said, I think it's just become too much of a "sport," something I personally don't like in my shooters.
    This is something I see trickling over into Battlefield as well, with most commentators getting WAY too analytical about guns and whining about things being "overpowered." Maybe it's just me, but I almost never complain about something that kills me too quickly. For me, the fun of these games is finding a way to get around the things that defeat you/piss you off. It's the challenge! So yeah, maybe that guy's assault rifle is a bit too powerful and he can reliably beat you in every fight. You know what beats his assault rifle? A 40mm at his feet. A SMAW. A tank tread crushing his puny bones. Your three squadmates no more than a few meters away ready to fill him with so much lead his 5-point damage difference won't matter.
    There's ALWAYS a way around problems (usually involving teamwork), and, going back to CoD, more and more shooters are beginning to place too much emphasis on individual "skill" and personal loadouts rather than teamwork and sportsmanship. It's about being the personal best, rather than helping your buddies achieve victory or even just having FUN. I know that not all games need to be tactical/cater to people like me, and I don't want them to, but before it was CoD and other games that had the fast-paced sport-like gameplay while games like Battlefield were a little more methodical and clever. I get nervous sometimes that my favorite franchises are changing for the worse in that regard (just look at the recent Tom Clancy games *shudders*)
    Sorry, guess that built up for a while and the question in the OP was an excuse. xD
  5. Teapot 228 liked a post in a topic by TheCalvinator in Battlefield 2: Project Reality   
    Here's a link to the thread for those who are interested.
  6. ShaunOTEast liked a post in a topic by Teapot 228 in Project Reality Battlefield 2 Players Thread   
    Started this thread after a moderator suggestion in the voting thread for PR. There seemed to be several of us who already played PR, but not much outside interest, and it is unlikely that any formal/official support for the game will arise. That said, even if just 6-8 of us form up and roll as a dedicated squad, we could all make some new friends and do some serious damage. I don't really have a group to play with in PR right now, I just try to look for people I know from experience are good teammates/squad leaders who frequent the same servers I do. I'm not always on at the same time as them though, so I frequently get stuck with people I don't necessarily know/trust.
    The PR community for the most part is more trustworthy, team-oriented and helpful than other games, but it's still hard to run with people you don't play with regularly. I'm hoping we can even just get a squad-sized group to change that. So, what I'm hoping to do here is gather everyone who plays/would be interested in playing (PR has a steep-ish learning curve but the community is very noob friendly, and though I will never profess to be more than an average-skilled player, I'm more than willing to teach what I know), find out how our schedules mesh, and hit the battlefield!
    If ya'll like, we can start by playing co-op (humans vs. AI), especially if we have a few new people, to get a feel for how we work as a team and also ease any new players we might have into the game, then hit the more populated Deployment (PvP) servers once we've got a solid, confident roster.
    So, if you're a veteran player or just an intrigued FNG, post here with your in-game name, a little about your experience with the game (if any)  and let's make it happen! My in-game handle is Teapot228, no clan tag (yet...)
    If anyone has any questions about the game, again, I wouldn't call myself an expert, but I have been playing for many years and am always willing to impart what knowledge I do have. Anything to get more players for my favorite MP game!
    One last thing, I'm putting a link below to the PDF for the Project Reality 1.0 Manual. This 38-page document might seem like a daunting read, and a lot of the information might be a bit overwhelming, but trust me when I say that reading through it a few times (paying particular attention to infantry-focused things like kits and such) will make your foray into this new world MUCH easier. PR has a lot of small things that it uses to get around the aging engine and still provide some manner of simulation, and knowing these things before you, say, try to operate a tank or a mounted gun/rocket launcher will give you an edge and make you easier to train. That said, the best training is to get a good squad of people who are willing to help and just play. The game seems complicated, and it is compared to the average shooter, but you'll be surprised how quickly you'll pick it up provided you accept the advice and training of the veterans.
    And whatever you do, start with infantry and the Rifleman kit. Learn the basics of the controls and how things work, read the manual, then try your hand at armor, flying or advanced infantry kits. Medic should be the first kit you learn/try after Rifleman, because a good medic is worth 5 Rifleman in my opinion.
    MANUAL: http://www.realitymod.com/manual/pr_manual.pdf