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About CeWolf1900

  • Birthday 09/23/1997

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    linka421 (also) Auyo
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    Ljungsbro, Linköping
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    Games, Flying, History, and much more.
  1. Yes, nothing more to say
  2. I tried to add "TheLordMagus" but it sais there is no one by that name, my in game name is "Auyo" if anyone want to play I'll hapilly join you.
  3. Hello there! Welcome to AJSA.
  4. Hey Stalkin,
  5. God day! welcome to The Angy Army!
  6. Shogun 2 's "Blood and Goore" was great, looks awesome together with "Fall Of The Samurai". Sad that it isn't alredy in the game
  7. God dag, and welcome!
  8. Hello Luuk!
  9. Sword art online, you gotta love the nerve gear!
  10. Mega hyped! It will be amazing!
  11. I love "Dark Souls" It's hard but ones you get your head around it it's really fun. The multiplayer system is a pain though.
  12. This topic is under the wrong forum, please do not comment until it's moved to the general forum. thank you.
  13. Infinity blade III - Any thoughts? Worth the money? Anyone played Infinity blade III? is it worth the money or is the serie watered down? I played the earlier games and I think that the first one was best, nothing realy wrong with the second tough. Does the 3rd one play good on the phone? Is it larger then the others? Let me know I really want to know if it's woth picking up: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/infinity-blade-iii/id610003290 Thanks! -CeWolf1900
  14. Hey you guys! Hello everyone, Im Anton. Nice to finally have joined the army! Looking forward for lots of fun. I play all sorts of games, for example: CoD Word at WarGuild Wars 1-2Assassins creed seriesElder Scrolls seriesTotal war seriesDark soulsAnd most new releases that seem interesting. Im from Sweden in a village called Ljungsbro, I have a dog and a cat. I am studying to become a web designer and eventually my dream is to become a game developer. Nice to meet you! -CeWolf1900