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  1. If you wanna play some Call of Duty:Ghosts send me your gamertag and i'll add you. Thanks!
  2. gamertag=batboy746
  3. I noticed after i set everything up how i liked it with the audio and picture when i turned it on each day the audio would flicker in and out. I had to unplug the hdmi out and plug it back in each time and it would work. I did a search on Microsoft and found that they recommend after making major changes to unplug the power for 30 sec. then plug it back in. Presto! No more audio problems. Also what might affect it would be the wrong settings for what you have. Worked for me.
  4. Looking for friends to play Battlefield 4 with. Anybody? Anyone at all?
  5. Everyone relax. I heard it is just gonna be a Titanfall edition. No slim or anything different than we have now. They just have a lot of faith in Titanfall being the new thing to draw people to buy the Xbox One.
  6. There is a pic of the turtle beach adapter on their website. Looks just like the plug in on the mic that came free with the Xbox One.
  7. -Quick answer. Yes! An update along with adapters are supposed to hit in 2014. All should play audio right now but if its bluetooth it will take some updates for the chat to work or the adapter for the controller coming in early 2014. If you have a headset that works with 360 you should get audio just fine so says SteelSeries, Razer and Astro. Turtle beach that receives optical connection should get audio. I have the Turtle Beach's PX5's. Which has both optical connection and bluetooth connection. I haven't had time to try it yet but i will tonight. I'm at work now and it dawned on me to do some research about this. Just wanted to share this with you guys. Also is there anyone using a headset? If so please state the Model and how it's doing so everyone will know. I will update this tonight when i try mine out. Thanks! -Just went to turtle beaches website to look at the PX5 and it says it is compatible with the Xbox One. Maybe a firmware update I have to do. -Looked a little deeper about my PX5 and being compatible. Looks like because i have optical connection from the back of the console i can plug in my wireless transmitter to give me audio and for the chat i can use the Kinect. Makes since until the adapter comes out in early 2014. Turn my tv volume down so its quite in the room, blast my headset and the kinect mic should pic me up on chatting. That will work until the adapter is out i suppose. Just have to see if it really works or not. -Pic of the adapter on turtle beach site. Looks like plug on the free mic that came with the Xbox One. -Also when the adapter drops i have the bluetooth adapter that i used with the 360 and it should plug right into the adapter and i can be back to normal with wireless chat. Not bad. Just sux i gotta wait for the adapter. That should've been offered at launch. Oh well -Here's the link for the bluetooth 360 adapter that should plug into the Xbox One adapter when it is released. http://www.amazon.com/Turtle-Beach-Bluetooth-Adapter-Xbox-360/dp/B005J37I4Y/ref=sr_1_5?ie=UTF8&qid=1385318583&sr=8-5&keywords=xbox+one+adapter+headset If you wanted to have wireless bluetooth for chatting and gaming. Might work. not sure -The Xbox One has no bluetooth. It has Wi-Fi Direct which in my opinion will be better for headsets. Let me explain. Wi-Fi Direct can carry more data wirelessly than bluetooth can. I have a Wi-Fi Direct Pioneer stereo that came out new this year and the audio sounds amazing compared to bluetooth. It has a fuller richer sound then when i stream with bluetooth. Yes it will suck buying new headsets but the sound should be amazing compared to other wireless units. Plus no more interference like with the wireless headsets with 2.5 ghz transmitters that people have now(which i'm sure they will continue to make but just know Wi-Fi Direct is better). Should result in perfect crisp sound. People will complain and say that its just Microsoft milking money but this actually will improve the wireless experience. Plus with the adapter you don't have to buy a new headset if you don't want to. Microsoft says the hold up on new wireless headsets is going to be because makers will have to change their wireless to Wi-Fi Direct or Xbox only campatible Headsets. It will be sold has only for Xbox One but it will be using Wi-Fi Direct. I personally will try and get by with the adapter stacked with the bluetooth adapter i already have(link above) until Wi-Fi Direct(Xbox One) gaming headsets come out then drop in price. Trust me there's a sound deference. Ps4 has bluetooth but will only connect to made for ps4 products only. Not just any old Bluetooth can connect. If the Ps4 does not support Wi-Fi Direct that means Xbox One will have better wireless audio quality than Ps4. Thats a good thing I think. I'm happy with it.
  8. I also took auto detect for the hdmi off and put it on hdmi 1080p. I also turned the DTS surround on and it sounds awesome
  9. Through the auto set up it excluded communicating with a receiver which I have. So i thought crap. Gonna have to use the remote. if you push start and go to setting you can configure a receiver in and it works to control the volume for the receiver instead of the tv. Yeah! Lastly I noticed when I watched tv the quality didn't look as good as I remembered. So I went back to the settings and under display Changed the bits from 23 or 26 to 36 I believe. My tv viewing quality seemed to increase. There's also more choices you might can play with but that's all I did. Also I have BF4 that I'm playing. So anyone with it hit me up. Gamertag= batboy746
  10. right now the one thing on my mind is getting the Xbox one in the mail from Amazon Friday. I took off work to hopefully play BF4 all day long. Weeeeeeeeeeee
  11. Found this thought floating around about a possible ceo -former Skype CEO Tony Bates will end up as CEO -- or perhaps co-CEO
  12. On a bright note -There are two excellent analyses that you should read if the possibility of a spin-off (or kill-off) strikes a resonant chord. Peter Bright at Ars Technica opines that Microsoft shouldn't hire any CEO who wants to kill Bing and Xbox -- and he gives a host of good reasons why such a move would amount to cutting off a 'Softie nose to spite its face. In the specific instance of the Xbox, Jason Evangelho at Forbes projects a fascinating future without Xbox, where Microsoft moves its games to Valve and Linux-based SteamOS.
  13. Found this in a article. -Elop would kill Bing and Xbox as a Microsoft chief executive and go "all business" by developing Office for as many non-Windows devices as possible. -Office is one of Microsoft’s best-selling pieces of software and main revenue-spinners. -during the last fiscal year Office minted $20bn – the most of all products in Microsoft’s Business unit. -Elop is reported to be willing to consider ending the war against Google by ending work on Bing, the search engine that has cost Microsoft billions of dollars in R&D. -Elop would consider selling healthy businesses such as Xbox "if he determined they weren’t critical to the company’s strategy". -One Wall St analyst this week reckoned sale of Bing and Xbox could improve Microsoft’s earnings by up to 40 per cent during its current fiscal year. -Xbox, the matter is whether the games console can match Windows, Office or Server & Tools to become a fourth earnings pillar for the future.
  14. -Elop’s thinking comes from his handling of Nokia’s mapping and location-tracking software, which is considered a valuable asset, said the people. Rather than use the software to differentiate Nokia’s phones with features such as reliable turn-by-turn driving instructions, he made it into a standalone software business called Here. The product now powers the location services in some Amazon.com Inc. devices. Maybe he wants to make Xbox a stand alone company. Cut it off from Microsoft so Microsoft Doesn't have to figure in xbox into its yearly earnings. Which would cause Microsoft to grow and investors to invest in a newly reformed growing company.