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  1. Rapter24 liked a post in a topic by Akruzhael in Games over 10 years old you still play.   
    I have been playing a lot of old games recently. I beat Fallout 1 & 2 and Morrowind not too long ago and I play Doom every now and again. I love watching Resident Evil and Silent Hill on Twitch too.
  2. Akruzhael liked a post in a topic by argetlam350 in (SPOILERS) Is it just me or did Augustine have a point?   
    Nope I can't see her as a hero since she still tormented the other conduits she captured. We know this from Hank, Fetch, and Eugene. Doesn't matter what she did to make Delsin a hero, which I doubt she planned on doing at all in the good ending. She never was protecting the conduits, if she was protecting them then she wouldn't of tested them. Okay maybe in her twisted mind she was but from the backstory of the prison we got, it isn't a pretty place for conduits and despite what she thought, she was torturing them and manipulating them for her own gain rather then protecting them. It's easy to see that Hank, Fetch, and Eugene hated living in the prison because of the experiments they were put through.
    So nope, I don't see Augustine as a hero at all, nor do I think she planned to make Delsin a hero, merely that due to his choices up until that point made the people side with him over her, realizing she was using fear to control the people, making them think conduits were all evil like the government had begun seven years before but with Delsin showing the compassion that he had, similar to that of Cole, they realized once more that really conduits were no different then them and could even be more human just like Cole had been to sacrifice his life to save millions.
  3. Conor liked a post in a topic by Akruzhael in How long do you think this gen will last?   
    I'm thinking 6 years, just because everything sees to come out faster and faster, so I assume the same for the consoles now. But 6 years is still a good time to be quite honest, anything over is like dessert.
  4. Conor liked a post in a topic by Akruzhael in Did you buy InFamous: Second Son?   
    I have played them all so far and I bought Second Son.