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Everything posted by Walrus

  1. you do realize this was also the company that brought us the sim franchise have some respect, its a tragedy seeing the shit dev time and resources the newest sim city got and the road maxis went down. RIP to my childhood, RIP to that mall sim, and more specifically RIP MAXIS
  2. I would hate to live in the FF7 universe because of all the bull that happens
  3. The only thing I liked that came out of the entire Popcap/EA relationship was garden warfare, but even that wasn't THAT great.
  4. More reviews being pumped out in 2015, I like it.
  5. hey theres me in my veteran texan-angsty teenager face
  6. Hey guys, Walrus here. I know that we are mainly an online community, as it's easier to get together this way.. But have any of you guys been to a tournament? When you arrive, you get a gut feeling. I don't know how to explain it, but you usually get this feeling if you're playing on a team. You get the feeling that you have to win this for your bro next to you. What I want to bring up today is the AJSA tournament scene, or lack there off. As you know, the Fighting game/FPS has many tournaments ranging across the countries. There are tons of gaming clans who send reps to go fight for them, for that shiny trophy that the group can spoil with praise and show off in jest. So let's cut to the meat of the topic, where does the AJSA stand when it comes to events like tourneys? I think it would be cool if we had some SF, Tekken, and Smash Bros AJSA reps out there kicking ass and making names. Seeing how this community is really large, I don't think its impossible. So what do you guys think, should we go to tourneys under the AJSA clantag?
  7. gr8 b8 m8 8/8 is overused but it works i guess
  9. Same here. As long as the game isn't shrouded with one dimensional women, and the whole entire meta of having a big sword. also add some magic too whydontcha? guy holding a book laughing> guy with a sword laughing
  10. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oc_9r4wifFc Basically this will be Payday 5 lol. Also some Darker than Black themes?
  11. Yes, I actualy have a survival expierence from that. When I was 12, me and my other 2 cousins (same age) and my little cousin (9 and spoiled) went to universal. Our parents went out to a fancy restaurant that night and said they would pick us up around 10, and we went there at 6. After we enjoyed the rides we walked out of the park. We were starving, and I mean starving. We had just enough to buy the overpriced pretzel, and the water. Our little cousin drank all the water and ate half the pretzel when we weren't looking, and we basically split the rest of the pretzel between three people. About 2 hours later, we begin to question if they were really gonna come for us, but as we started to see the light....... we saw a familiar car. Got on that shit, parents were there, we got food at the house. TL;DR, Never bring your small cousins to universal.
  12. Allright, so lets make this clear. I've always loved Nintendo games, but the Wii made me have a love/hate relationship because of all those garbage 3rd party titles. But now, here in the soon to be golden era of new games, I think it's time to put the list of the hypest games for me in 2915. 1.Story of Seasons (3DS) This game is basically harvest moon with the name changed not to get copyright from Natsume. My waifu from Two towns is coming to this game, and their seems to be alot of cool features. Also being translated by XSEED, which is always great because they leave nothing out of the English version. Ready to farm! 2.Legend Of Zelda (WiiU) Let's be honest here, LoZ is one of the best franchises as their isn't a single bad game in the series (well besides the CDIS but they don't count.) and every new installment has a great soundtrack, story, and puzzle solving madness. They also said this is open world but not open world, which kind of reminds me of Wind Waker. I'm ready to save Hyrule again! 3.Monster Hunter 4 (3DS) This game is like a lucky small-town buisness. Everything starts out slow, but soon enough you have somehow managed to make it to the big leagues with everyone else. Not to mention, using a big dumb sword to kill a Dragon the size of MT. Everest is just cool man. Not to mention, one of the best CO-OP title games in existence. I'm ready to collect again! 4.Splatoon (WiiU) Not gonna expand much on this one, just looks cool I guess. Ready to spray! 5.Shin Megami Tensei- Devil Survivor Break Record (3DS) Oh dear, another SMT game on my list. This one is said to have remastered visuals, a new night, and so on. This might quench my thirst before SMTXFE. Ready to survive! So, what are your top fives for 2015 Nintendo Games?
  14. If we play competitive then never just do omega stages. Thats boring lol Throw in something like the animal crossing stages, that are neutral, and the duck hunt stage, which is also ok. Basically any stage where you can't walk off/get killed by the stage. Oh and PAL doesn't work, its NTSC I believe~
  15. Speaking of Smash Bros Tourney, How bout that Project M eh? We could organize a bracket and netplay Project M
  17. So far, on my hype list of 2015 I have. 1.MGS5- The Phantom Pain (HIDEO KOJIMA MAXIMUM OVERLOADDDDD) 2.Persona 5 (Waifu-Dungeon sims fifth installement, get hype for life lessons) 3Jstars-Victory VS (only hype because gintoki included :V) 4.Witcher 3(the epic conclusion to the story spanning a decade) 5.Resident Evil Revelations 2(the first one was a great return to the survival horror roots of the franchise and the sequel looks good!) What are you're guys top 5's for 2015?
  18. I think theres a counter to the lizardsquad called @FinestSquad. Pretty sure they saved christmas as i recall.
  19. id reck yo azz with mah boi toon link and mah girl lucina But seriously, this sounds like a good idea. Maybe you should reach out to one of the higher-ups and ask
  20. I reluctantly finished halo 4 on all difficulties. For some reason it was easier because everything was just more powerful, and not to mention the AI isn't amazing, at least on my game anyway. I really wish I could go back in time and not buy the collectors editon ;_;
  21. You make alot of threads about what people like and dont like maybe this is a plot to take over the new world! But on a serious note, yeah, I did enjoy it. My favorite parts from the first season are when they do the episode recaps and it makes it seem like a soap opera.