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  1. Consider a game with more flexible Meta.
  2. I hate everyone equally.
  3. Amazing. Time to be matched against 5 tryhard idiots every fucking game. EZ POINTS AA not even kappa.
  4. I wish I would get coached by Thrower.
  5. Well with this buff you would... No, I am not doing that, that is like too easy.
  6. I would say that every single point of mana he burns should be transfered into gold or stats for him.
  7. If you would play on China servers... They wait there even for two hours if someone disconnects.
  8. I thought that after being here on the AJSA forums you would learn not to argue with Americans by now.
  9. It doesn't do shit DOFR... It's just there because people were mad at getting "non-english" speakers in the games. So Valve added it there. And everyone is still complaining that it doesn't really work, which is true. It's just a preference, not a rule. Your thing that you can't change it: It's not a design from Valve, it's just something fucked up at your end. Mine works correctly.
  11. I wish we had some like... ya know... cool and intelligent officers and stuff. That would be great.
  12. I can playz 1v1 mid only I gud I train very gud heros I 1k MMR pls go go I betarer tahn rtz
  13. Since nobody decent plays team matchmaking, sure you can get it. Hard is really good. It's a big difference than being limp.