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  1. Think I might just separate from this community. I'm a nobody, but hey, I tried it on, and communities don't really seem to be my thing. Angry joe is a fine fellow, and I do enjoy his content...however this debacle really sort of...irks me.
  2. This is all very weird and I don't see the point in it... Nintendo is very odd, and this is coming from a devoted fan of them.
  3. More than likely it's focused on Lets plays. "Hey! They're playing our games and people are watching...LET'S TRY TO CAPITALIZE ON IT!" Yeah, low blow from my favorite company... I did take a look at it, and honestly, there are a mario games that really "Matter" I say...though the ones that matter to THEM are the only ones that can be used for it. Too bad Bayonetta 2...too bad...
  4. QUESTION What about a channel that may have Some Nintendo related videos on it, but do not use then primarily for the most ad revenue? I must be very light hearted...I enjoy Nintendo games, and more than likely I'd still make videos of their games and such along with other stuff I'd play, even if I had to use this system of theirs. Though it still makes me wonder how some of these other fellows aren't having to deal with some of these issues, as there are other youtubers like ProJared, Chuggaaconroy, Nintendocaprisun... I could go on, Who have their games primarily as their channel content, and yet either have not been taken down or stopped. This whole system is VERY confusing...
  5. I'll play games with ya on PC.
  6. My grandmother was a gamer. She loved RPGs and more specifically: The Final fantasy series. She had every single FF game that came out in America, and I watched her beat them multiple times. Hell I think she beat FF7 about 5 times from as far as I can remember. She was also a fan of the Legend of Zelda, and I remember watching her play ocarina of time. She always favored the look of the blue tunic... too bad she's gone now...but hey! I still have her PS1 and her SNES. Some sacred keepsakes of mine~!
  7. Just wish I could adapt to Keyboard and Mouse controls. I'm getting my ass hammered hard because of it.
  8. ...bring it on.
  9. You know what? I like battlefield 3 a lot more than 4. Something about it feels a lot better (Even though since I'm not used to PC, I am getting my ass handed to me.) I feel like a total noob though XD but I'm loving every second when I manage to get somethin good goin on.
  10. http://www.gamespot.com/articles/huge-ea-origin-pc-game-sale-starts-now/1100-6424391/ I see BF4 for 30...I might want to try that out... Though I've heard punkbuster is a b*tch
  11. you LIE
  12. I think it's fine for the tone of the game tbh....
  13. Well ,this thread got a bit lively in some regards. I am going to focus more on my PC, HOWEVER, like I said before, I'm not getting rid of my consoles. I know the pros and cons of each, but they both have something to offer me.
  14. I should have clarified on something. It usually only happens when I'm playing a graphically intensive game. It happens on Far Cry 3 whenever I play it. It also happens at High RPMs when the game is going. I used precision X to raise up the fan speed a few times where Far cry 3 would be, and it does not click at all.
  15. SO...first I talked about my fans not spinning...that was MY fault for not reading directions. However, now I have another problem. When I was playing far cry 3, I could hear what sounds like an extremely fast clicking sound coming from my GPU, and I'm assuming it's coming from one of the fans. Is this the case of actually having a faulty card or would there be something I could do to fix it myself?