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  1. I've looked at the tutorial in the roll20 site. It was confusing as all getout.
  2. So, I'm looking to get a game of Deadlands started in the Powder Springs GA area (I prefer face-to-face meet ups because I can't make heads or tails of roll20). For those who don't know, Deadlands is a wild west setting with supernatural elements. The year is 1877 (though the setting has been moved up to 1882 as of the latest major campaign), and the civil war has just reached a cease fire. California was hit by a massive earthquake, and the survivors found a new superfuel that has brought about a whole new science that seems to defy the laws of reality at times. Rumors of monsters are ever present, and it seems that some of them are more than just stories, though the Union Agency and Texas Rangers would have you see things differently. And magic seems to have become a real and true thing, as gamblers have found a way to gamble for arcane power. If you are interested and live in the Powder Springs area in GA, please post or send me a message.
  3. Just thought I'd ask who else besides me plays games like Skyrim and New Vegas modded, and if so, what games you play modded and what mods you enjoy.
  4. Jesternario I've been playing since closed beta (correction: I played once on closed beta then had to wait till I got a better computer to play again) and am eagerly waiting for next week.
  5. I play LoL and Inifinite Crisis, and I've just started with Smite. Let me state that the worst thing in any of these games will be the community. I had heard horror stories about games like Counter Strike back when I played Team Fortress Classic, but that is nothing compared to the MOBA community as a whole. It's as if the gaming community as a whole dumped all of their poor sports and they went and started their own game community where they could be poor sports in peace. It's ridiculous. Despite this, however, there are good players in the communities. I do my best to be a team player and to stay positive and polite (espeicially polite) when I play. You'd be surprised how doing just that lightens the mood and helps the group morale. Meanwhile the tryhard barking orders and blaming everyone for his/her failures gets yelled at and ruins the game for everyone. League has a report/honor mechanic, and they're working on a mechanic that will punish players who are caustic to the community, keeping them out of ranked until they receive enough honor to overshadow their reports in standard play. I personally don't report unless someone has shown themselves to be a real jerk (which isn't often for me), and I don't honor unless someone earns it (which is rare, but far more common than the first one). I also congratulate the other team for a good game, and if we lost, and congratulate them on the victory. This has quite often gotten everyone to start being better sports at the end of it, and gotten me a lot of "honorable opponent" votes, but I do it because I honestly try to make the community as a whole better with my attitude. If I don't, know one else will. In fact, we should all do this. I hearby right now ask every member of the AJSA who plays any MOBA, regardless of what that MOBA is. Please, show respect to everyone, even if the rest of your team were jerks and tryhards and seemed to throw the game, even if you just had a bad run and hate yourself and the world afterwards. EVEN IF THEY PLAY A DIFFERENT MOBA THAN YOU. Please, PLEASE be respectful. At the end of the game, congratulate all teams. put no one down, and stay positive. It IS just a game. The world will not come crashing down if you admit to yourself that you could do better next time, even if your team won, and that the other team really did play a good game. If everyone in the ASJA start treating folks this way, there are enough of us who play that it would make a huge difference, and maybe we could begin the long process of cleaning up this caustic MOBA community we play in.
  6. Without a doubt, you MUST get the Unofficial patches on Nexusmods. They fix a lot of what Bethesda couldn't be bothered with. SkyUI of course, as mentioned by others, is an excellent resource for keeping your inventory organized. If you like playing as a vampire in the Elderscrolls, but have issues with how it's done (feeding resets your abilities? really!?) Better Vampires is for you. It allows you to customize how the powers work and gives a whole lot of new ones. I think it even has a version for if you don't have dawnguard. If you are looking for a whole new questline after all the official ones, Wyrmstooth is an excellent choice. Professionally done, adds a whole new location, heck, it's practically a whole new DLC. There are a few others I use that I can't remember the actual names of right now (magicka sabers, better maps, and several weapons and armor mods). Just search for the mods you are interested in and you can easily find them.
  7. To be honest, I have no faith in NC Soft and honestly think they have some issue with super hero MMORPGs. It is entirely reasonable in my mind that they will wait until City of Titans (or city of heroes if they are allowed to rename it) is about to come out, then pull the rights to the IP, forcing CoT to cease production. I hope I'm wrong.
  8. To be honest, I will withhold my judgement on the current two active MMOs until such time as City of Titans and Heros & Villains finally come out.
  9. So I just had my first match as a jungler in PVP. I played Warwick, and though I didn't have an idea WHAT I was doing, I did alright. Went 18/17/21, which considering it was my first time ever jungler, and I was playing a Warwick versus a Lee Sin, is a pretty decent spread IMO. I didn't just go "I'm gonna jungle!" Two of us wanted to be support, and I capitulated and took the last role, so I guess you could say I fell into the role during that match. I know I didn't do as well as I could of, by far I could do better. So I'm asking my fellow members in the Angry Army on tips on how to become a better jungler. I'm am NOT asking for lists of builds. I just want to get that out there. Giving a person who barely knows how to play the role a list of items and saying go is amount to giving a hobbit a knife and saying "go slay that dragon over there." They may know the general idea, but have no idea why they should, nor do they possess the technical knowledge on how to do it. I'm asking for general tips, anecdotes, and lessons you have learned in your time as a jungler. Make it entertaining and give me something to go with as I watch videos made by Stonewall008 so I can learn well.
  10. So, my computer died recently, and though I have a new one, it was an entire month before I got it. I just thought I'd ask what folks do with their time when this happens to them, and how they deal with the fact that they don't have a computer. Anecdotes and tangents welcome.
  11. So, rage quitting. We've all seen it, we've all experienced it. It's cost our team the game when it happened, or sometimes you just have to fight that much harder to pull through. It's even happened to you. Folks don't like to admit it, but EVERYONE has had a moment where they're all "F THIS CARP!" and just leave a game. And though you try not to, it happens more than you like to admit. What I want to know is, what's the worst rage quite instance you've seen happen? I also want to know how you personally deal with situations when YOU rage quit. Once you get out of the game and are all pissy about what just happened, what do you do afterwards? Okay, discuss.
  12. I don't have the game, so I wouldn't know, but are you capable of making your own weapons and armor like several other MMORPGS? The best stuff is usually that which you create yourself.
  13. So, just a fun little sharing post. What is the craziest or funniest thing that's ever happened while you were playing in a first person shooter multiplayer match? Some clarification. I'm not asking you to share the most awesome pwnage you've ever done. I'm not asking you to share some story of horrible failure or rage-worthy moment that happened. What I am asking is that you share random events that have happened that had nothing to do with the actual game. I'll start. Team Fortress 2. The day before the Engineer Update. I was on a payload map when someone yelled "ENGI HOEDOWN!" For those that don't know, the taunt for the default primary weapon of the engineer is for the engi to start dancing. Well when the guy yelled this, everyone switched to the engi class and started dancing. Someone even started playing hoedown music. Your turn...
  14. That was kinda the point of the topic. To make you remember good times.