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  1. The main story is too short for any meaningful play. I like the story. Since I played Peacewalker, this is getting me excited but knowing it is so short takes the fun away. Sure the side missions are cool but they don't mean anything in the big picture. Peacewalker had these side missions too but they are limited with the PSP technology, VERY limited. Here, reusing the same level for the side missions is fucking lazy. The CQC isn't quite as fluid as in previous games, it's more like a twitch reaction. They just changed too much of the control scheme. And nothing against Jack Bauer, but I don't understand how we have Snake talking like David Hayter and suddenly talking like someone else. It just doesn't fit the character.
  2. I've beaten the main story, which is good, but short and a lot of cutscenes were in the trailers and pre releases. I just personally think GZ is really lazy because the side missions are the same as the ones in Peacewalker where they reuse the same levels in the story mode. Peacewalker has an excuse where it's a PSP game but GZ is a full console game. It seems utterly lazy and repetitive to revisit the same base over and over again. By the 2nd side mission, you would know where enemies might spawn to take them out or avoid them. I got only mild enjoyment on the side missions. I can't chose my loadout or how Snake looks. MGS4 has the octo camo, and MGS3 and Peacewalker had different camo swaps. GZ is sorta like Splinter Cell or the older MGS games. When it comes to gameplay again, the weapons feel weak when shooting at people. It takes too many bullets to drop a guy with the assault rifle and the silencer degrades too fast compared to previous games and don't give me the realism excuse there cause I know for a fact real life suppressors don't degrade like that. The one little nit-pick that bothers me is how Snake holds his rifle or how when he's not holding it. What is keeping it on his body? There should be a sling attached but it floats off his body. We're on the next gen here and you're telling me Kojima's team doesn't have the know how to render a sling and have it move around when Snake moves? Bullshit. In previous games when you have a weapon equipped, Snake is constantly holding it.
  3. Here's my 2 cents of the game. I really want to give this game a high score but I can't. It isn't a bad game. I loved ever second I get to play as Snake again. This is post Peacewalker, so I got all the references and reunited with characters from the previous game BUT...there's a lot of half ass laziness in this game that is inexcusable. Peacewalker is a PSP game. It is limited to the technology of the PSP so we get to see a lot of narrow and reused sets in missions. Apparently in Ground Zeroes and hinted in Phantom Pain, this seems to be the case as well. Now the entire map is big and open for us to approach it however we want, it is the same damn map over and over again. It doesn't make sense in the context of the missions. Why would I go back to a base I just blew up in a previous mission. It seems bullshit to call each of these side ops Pseudo reenactments of events because that's just another word for too lazy to give us different maps. Game play is good, though the cover mechanics needs work. There is an incredible lack of customization in weapons like in MGS4. Weapon choices apparently is more like FPSs where you can only have 2 types of weapons. Now I don't bark up realism with the other games. In MGS4, I got to carry ALL the weapons with me everywhere. It broke the game a bit because I had too many guns, but I loved that aspect of MGS. Also where is my knife? I can clearly see Snake having a knife but not option to equip it? All in all, my issues with this game is mostly why did Kojima have to build it separate from the main game, the level design, and how it is a bit restrictive
  4. I am both excited and apparently cautious. I've never been cautious of a Metal Gear series product. I've bought almost everything Metal Gear related, except Revengence but mostly because it isn't my type of Metal Gear game. That's different. I am cautious because they decided to split 5 into 2 different games and apparently Ground Zeroes is practically a 2 hour demo according to Kotaku. Then there's the response from Kojima about the length, justifying on why it's so short. Another reason is the rumors of some retcon in 5 and that has me a bit worried about continuity Also I am a gun nut. I love guns and I love how with each passing generation of games, details are getting so realistic and Metal Gear has always been very cool with the guns shown. Very detailed but the guns in the trailers of 5 are leading to me scratch my head in confusion. Why are they all not real guns? Sure they look like they are real guns but a lot of the details are changed. It was reminding me of Resident Evil 6 and how all the guns in that game were mostly fictional hybrids and the series up til then used real weapon designs saved for a couple. This makes me think about production behind the scenes.
  5. The only thing that works with the reboot DMC is the controls. I'd rather have an entire game about Nero, the kid from DMC4 and no Dante than this reboot Dante. He's got no flare or style. He looks like a strung up crack addict and at first is too "bro" with Vergil. I hate the entire premise. It's basically saying the corporations are demons....oh very subtle....as subtle as a train wreck...on a boat
  6. My two new favorite openings of this year http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KttpUvA4eoA http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B3q8Yzp6eGU
  7. For me, it started with X-2. I was ok with X despite Titus being an annoying, everything else was mostly tolerable, but X-2 was just...WTF. I didn't play the MMOs so 12 came next and it was...Stars Wars meets Final Fantasy meets Judge Dredd. Seriously, one of the characters is a Judge, framed by a brother and sent to the desert and even spouted about the LAW. I liked the PSP Crisis Core FFVII but I think they've lost their direction
  8. Final Fantasy VII, not some shitty ass steam port
  9. I'm not looking for big innovations but more as small tweaks. For me, it's all about details in a shooter.
  10. Looking at the trailer, I wonder how Greyjoy is going to get fucked up this season?
  11. Thanks but I'd keep my real guns, thank you. Cool though, rubber band machine gun for your inner man child.
  12. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UQQ9ySdQ5Qs